The Dreadful Wages of Feminism

Oh, wait. There's one reason. You get to talk filth in public. Witness comic actress Amy Schumer, who accepted Glamour magazine's annual trailblazer award by announcing that, because she had lost weight, she can now "catch a d**k whenever I want."

Now Schumer's a comedienne. It's part of her job to transgress a bit, so that's fine: whatever. The feminist idiocy only arose when's senior editor Kate Hakala sang Schumer's praises with this gem of insipidity:

Schumer is co-opting the language of objectification and giving herself sexual agency. In a culture where women still refrain from boldly talking about their sexuality in and out of the bedroom, and where women are hesitant to use typically male words.... Schumer's frankness is not only hilarious — it's empowering.

Co-opting the — presumably male — language of objectification. Oh, how ever-so-good for you! You've proved that a woman can be just as big a jerk as some men. Like Burkett, Hakala's idea of what makes men men and women women is so puny and misguided, it makes you pity her. You want to co-opt something male, darling? Write Hamlet. Invent an airplane. Charge into a burning building and carry someone out on your back. Don't talk like some boorish schmuck and call it power. It isn't even power when he does it. It's just weakness and insecurity masking itself as ill-mannered bravado.

The problem with feminists like this is they haven't got the hearts to be women, and they haven't got the brains to be men. All they can do is bitch, bitch, bitch. It's downright depressing. God keep us from living in the feminist's inner world.