The Republican Who Can Win

It is not enough for Republicans to shrug these questions off. It is not enough to say "I don't know," or "that's irrelevant." The Republican candidate who can win is the candidate who can strike back.

The answer to the question "Is Barack Obama a Christian?" or "Does Barack Obama love America?" is the same: "That's a corrupt, biased, dishonest question and shame on you for asking it! I'll tell you what Barack Obama is. He's an incompetent ideologue who has driven this country into untenable debt and weakness. It's none of my business how he prays or what he loves." The answer to the question, "Do you believe in abortion in the case of rape or incest?" is "Let's ask the Democrat if he believes in aborting children because they're female — because that's legal in America. Let's ask him if he believes in aborting children who are viable — because that's legal in some states too. You feel a desperate need to kill the less than one percent of babies conceived in rape and incest? Fine. I give you their lives if you'll give me all the rest in return."

The answer to "Do you believe in evolution?" is yes. I mean, come on!

My point is simply this: America's news reporters are not slightly biased but good natured journalists trying to do their jobs. They are Democrat operatives trying to destroy the opposition. They should be treated that way. And the Republican who does that — and only the Republican who does that — can win the presidency.

(Thumbnail on primary PJM Website homepage based on a modified image. Photo on PJM mobile Website, AP Photo/Mary Altaffer.)