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The Unbearable Smallness of Obama's Vision

What did bother me, though, as it bothered so many, was the Rose Garden celebration of Bergdahl's release. As if it were some happy days triumph to free five American-hating kill-crazy Islamist thugs in order to secure the release of a U.S. soldier who called the title of U.S. soldier the "lie of fools." Could Obama have thought our jubilation at this great victory was going to wipe away the stench of the VA scandal? Or (more likely, I think) that it would erase our dismay at the ruinous disaster-upon-disaster foreign policy of the man who was going to teach all us neo-con cavemen the meaning of smart power?

I don't have to list the clowns who've poured out of that Volkswagen. The Russian "reset" that turned out to reset the Soviet Union; the Syrian red line that wasn't there; the useless and costly surge in Afghanistan ending in retreat; the surrender of our victory in Iraq. And just wait till those Iranian nukes are up and running. How, one wonders, will the media try to spin that crap fest into a success?

Did Obama think we'd forget all that in our joy over this bum deal? Who does he think we are?

Ah, well, that's just it. Because all of this — the idea that Bergdahl's release was some kind of victory, the idea that a fake triumph would make us forget the mess and failure of Obama's actions around the world, that mess and failure themselves — all of it is the result of a lack of vision — or, that is, of a small, petty vision of what America is and what it represents.