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My Response to the Comments on My 'Gay' Post

Finally, regarding the argument I DID make. It was this: when conservatives debate their various views on this issue, they might consider speaking with some sort of fellow feeling for their brothers and sisters who are gay. Like straight people, gay people don't just screw one another, they also fall in love with one another and pledge their lifetime troth and so on. If you think the state should treat those arrangements differently, that's fine, but make your case as if that's what you're talking about, not as if it's all a matter of which peg goes into which hole. I was surprised, and a bit discouraged, at how many disagreed with and were angered by what seemed to me a pretty simple expression of, dare I say it, Judeo-Christian principle. To me, that sort of anger seems to be rooted in fear: fear that if gay marriage opponents forgo rage, hatred and insult, the raging, hateful and insulting hordes of the left will overrun them.

Well, look, I get it: There's certainly no shortage of shrieking, oppressive uglies on the left. But hey, do you want to be like them? A man, believe me, can go a long way with just a good argument and the courage to stand his ground. That's why it's so much more fun to be conservative than a leftist! Almost all the good arguments are on our side. Almost.