The Unbearable Blindness of David Simon

I was a liberal once. I knew that liberal policy was wrong — but I also knew that conservatives were evil. Racist, sexist, uncaring, one step from Nazis. This was a religious truth to me. Well, of course it was. All leftists are taught this. That's how the left keeps you in the fold despite the evidence of your own eyes. Leftists do to their followers what the townspeople did to Jim Carrey's character in that movie The Truman Show. They teach them to fear and hate the unknown so much that they won't test alternative ideas no matter how bad things get. "Life in Liberal World may be a mess, Truman," they tell you, "but oh the horrors that wait for you out there in Conservative Land!"

David Simon's intelligence is being thwarted by this superstitious fear. Cowering inside the virtuous feeling of his leftism, he does not know what he does not know. If he wants to see up close the horrors that left-wing policies visit on the lives of the poor, he ought to try watching The Wire. It's all in there.