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Miley Hits Bottom

Some people saw Miley's twerking buttocks as signs of the death of our culture, but I suspect the fact that people are looking to pop music for signs of the death of our culture is a sign of the death of our culture. The crappy poems in the New Yorker that no one reads because they're so crappy are signs of the death of our culture. Miley Cyrus on your television set is a sign that the channel button on your remote control is broken. Or maybe it's a sign that you've fallen asleep. Which is a sign that Miley Cyrus is on your television set. Which, for all I know, may be a sign of the death of our culture but I'm not sure because I was watching something else.

There have been many people who laughed at the many people who laughed at or disapproved of Miley. They argue that she is a top recording artist and is making millions of dollars wiggling her bottom, so there. It's a good point when you come to think of it. I mean, who knew women could make money wiggling their bottoms? Why didn't anyone think of that before? And why stop with that? This could create a whole new business model where women strip naked or even have sex with people for money! No, really, I know it sounds outlandish but this could be the next big thing! We could call it...  Money-Sex...  no, wait...  how about...  Screwing for Dollars...  no, that's not quite it...

Well, never mind, give me some time and I'll think of a name for it.