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Asking For It

As a result, young women on college campuses now go out on a Saturday night, to use another Pink phrase, "on a mission from the get-go." They have the express purpose of drinking to blackout levels then hooking up. They make the decision to treat themselves like garbage when they are sober and then proceed to hit the booze, presumably to shut down the inner voice of feminine modesty and self-worth. Under such circumstances, assuming the girl is awake and says yes, the young man who takes advantage of the situation is hardly committing rape or sexual assault or anything of the sort. Is he a gentleman? No. But then he's not dealing with a lady either. The entire situation is degraded and degrading. The guy's no more to blame for it than the girl.

Hey, I'm not sitting around waiting for the 1950s to return. The advent of safe, effective birth control really did change the facts on the ground and they're not going to change back anytime soon. When it comes to sex, conservative pompous assery and highfalutin moralism may make you feel right proud of yourself but they don't necessarily address the reality of people's lives or help anyone sort out the issues. The human libido is intense and complex. It outstrips, outsmarts and overruns every theoretical system that seeks to explain or contain it. That's one of the best things about it! Sex makes fools of saints and libertines with equal ease.

But one does not have to be a puritan to recognize that young people have been instructed out of their humanity. I think it's awful when young women treat themselves like meat. I think it's awful when young men treat them no better. But I don't blame one of them more than the other. Rather I blame the underlying logic of a culture that has lost its way.

For more on this, take a look at this powerful cri de coeur from Ricochet's D.C. McAllister.