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But why should an actor think it's right to take a $20-million payday (or whatever) to make a $100-million movie touting socialism in the hopes of turning a profit in the free market? What sense does that make? Why should he try to sell us what he wouldn't buy? I have no problem with the guy sending his kids to private schools — I did too. But then why go around singing the praises of corrupt teachers unions and a failed public system you wouldn't use? Absurd. Good Will Hunting touts Howard Zinn's dishonest anti-American history book — while its stars live off the fat of the land. Why does that feel to them like the right thing to do? Or making anti-war propaganda while our troops are actually in the field in harm's way? WTF?

Some right wingers like to tell themselves that Hollywood types are evil or stupid or more dishonest than the next guy. Personally, I think that misses the more complicated point. I think you can get closer to the truth if you assume that Damon and Clooney are, in fact, good guys — guys you'd like if you met them — and then ask yourself what is it in human nature or American culture that leads them to live one way and sell and celebrate another.

What pried them loose from the truth of their own lives, the truth of their own hearts? It's almost a kind of madness, isn't it? That's what we're up against, that's our enemy, not the people themselves.