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A National Conversation About Complete Crap

Or if we're going to speak more generally about racial violence, could we include the attacks by black youths on Asian people? Could we include the Mexican mob's targeting of blacks? Me, I'd even be willing to include the abortion of over 13 million black babies in keeping with the genocidal racism of white Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. Or does it only qualify as racial violence when a Hispanic gets in a fight with a suspicious-looking black kid and we pretend the Hispanic was white and attacked the kid for no reason? After all, something must be done about such incidents or we'll have Hispanics presumed to be white all over the place and no suspicious-looking people will be safe!

Oh, I'm sorry, have I stopped making sense? Well, if so, look at it this way. Chris Matthews said recently he was "speaking for all white people," when he apologized for race relations in America. I feel I'm speaking for Chris Matthews when I fall face first on the floor and mumble gibberish until I pass out. Come to think of it, when I do that, I'm speaking for the entire mainstream media.

Because when it comes to race and the Trayvon Martin case, the president and his media lapdogs are talking absolute crap. So yes, let the national conversation about complete nonsense begin! Otherwise, we'd have to talk about why President Obama's appointee to the IRS used the agency to mess with tea party groups, or how our ambassador died in Benghazi. Then you might really start to see people lock their car doors when the president of the United States passes by.