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The Strange Case of Hitchcock, Capote and Toby Jones

But wait!!! Compare 2005's Capote, a very good movie in which the truly great Philip Seymour Hoffman brilliantly recreates and humanizes the author Truman Capote in a film that treats Capote as a troubled human being, who also happens to be gay. That film came out virtually at the same time as Infamous, a brutally bad piece of dreck which treats Capote as a gay gay person who's very gay and does gay things — as if once you get at a person's sexuality, you really know something important and revealing about him. And guess who gets stuck with the impossible task of elevating the Infamous material: poor Toby Jones, who does a fine job, but really doesn't stand a chance. Obviously it's unfortunate for him to have gotten caught in the lesser of two coincidentally simultaneous biopics.

So since these things tend to happen in threes, here's the question: what rotund, more or less bald genius is due for two more simultaneous bio-pics, one of which stinks because it over-emphasizes its subject's sexuality...  and is Jones available?


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