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Why I'm Canceling My SI Subscription

Okay, maybe in this example Oppenheimer's writing is just sloppy, shoddy, unedited, stupid and unsupported, but the rest of the piece really is sinister. Organized prayer is made to sound like a conspiracy. Statements like "Football corrupts its fans" are thrown out without any proof whatsoever. And then there's the fourth rate theology: "The Bible is clear that [God] preferred the loser." Mr. Oppenheimer has a PHD in American religious history so really, he might want to read the Bible sometime.

Well, I could go on, but why bother? I've chronicled SI's Lord-o-phobia before. And Oppenheimer is entitled to his shallow opinion. My point is only that it's not journalism, or interesting, or even vaguely worth reading. I would love to read a well-reported, balanced article about the problems of mixing faith and sports as I would be interested in intelligent debate about Title IX and whether the damage it does to boys' sports outweighs whatever good it does, if any, for girls. But you will never find that in SI today.

All you get here are leftists telling leftists how to think leftily about leftism. Which is a waste of everyone's time. Especially when what you're trying to do is find out about your favorite sport.

Screw em. Sports Illustrated officially stinks now. Cancel my subscription.


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