MSNBC and The Big Narrative Lie

But not to note the facts at all? Even MSNBC should be ashamed of itself — or perhaps they should be converted to conservatism by recognizing leftism's need to hide reality from itself!

The left wing complaint against Fox News has always been that Fox is biased toward the right. In practical fact, this means Fox runs popular shows by Sean Hannity and the libertarian Bill O'Reilly, and sometimes overweights the All Stars panel with conservative voices. But no one ever accuses news anchor Bret Baer of failing to show the world more or less as it is. Why would right wingers watch him if he did that? All of us sometimes explain away facts that challenge our opinions — but just pretending the facts aren't there? How can that be of service to anyone?

MSNBC's convention coverage would be hilarious if it weren't pathetic. Oh, hell, it's hilarious anyway.


Note: A lot of commenters are complaining that I called O'Reilly a libertarian. And yes, as I think it over, commenter RBJ's tag of populist seems closer to the mark. My point was that Sean Hannity is the only primetime show host on Fox who can strictly be called a conservative and whose conservatism fully informs his show. O'Reilly, as WF Buckley would've said, is conservative but not a conservative. All of which strikes me as pretty interesting when you consider the level of hysteria Fox inspires on the left.