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Tragedy Strikes — And Leftists Shame Themselves

What these lefties reveal in moments like this — and they reveal it again and again — is that human beings — real live actual human beings with individual lives and desires and dreams and fears — do not mean a thing to them. Not a thing. To them, the Aurora massacre is not about the dead and the mourning, it's about getting one in on the Tea Party! It's about getting their hands on the Second Amendment! It's about getting off a sarcastic remark! The victims and their families are just convenient stepping stones on the path to where they want to go.

I do not hear anyone on the right talking like this. This sort of moral vacuity is a product of the leftist philosophy -- a philosophy that does not understand the worth of individuals, that does not conceive of each person as being a point and purpose in and of himself. We're all just theoretical pieces in the puzzle of their perfect world. Never mind that we may not fit where they want us to. If we'll just give them the power to push and push us enough, why, we'll surely snap into place and, ah, what a beautiful life it will be then. It's a way of thinking that deadens you to other people's pain.

Twelve people are dead. A six-year-old child. Ordinary guys with the hearts of heroes. Sons and daughters. Lovers. Friends. Is it too much to ask of these chattering elites that they refrain from grandstanding on our neighbors' bodies? Offer your condolences. Express your grief. Then shut your fat flapping faces. You're not going to improve the situation. You're not going to prevent it from happening again. You're not going to do anything but show yourself to be so much less than what, with all your power and wealth and privilege, you really owe it to us to be.


Thumbnail image courtesy shutterstock / Nejron Photo 

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