The Zombie Dilemma: Should We Unite?

Gee, it's kind of like an allegory or something, isn't it? And while maybe it doesn't provide a definitive answer, properly understood, it might generate a couple of suggestions.

For instance, while it's proper for the survivors to discuss their various options, they should be careful not to injure one another, since all hands will be needed for the final confrontation.

Second, while you may disagree with the leader finally selected, there is no opting out of the fight, since your flesh is just as edible as the flesh of the guy next to you. "I didn't vote for him so I'm not working with him," is a prescription for certain death.

Thirdly, since the object of the moment is not to transform the earth into a flowering paradise but to make it through the night without getting eaten alive, perfection, whether in leadership or strategy, is not to the point. There's a time to talk and a time, as it were, to lock and load. Allegorically speaking.

And finally...  oh, let's face it, Mitt Romney's going to win the nomination and whatever else you may think about the guy, he's not a zombie.

At least, I don't think he is.

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