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Rape and Abortion: Dilemma or Demagoguery

It doesn't bother me that many people disagree with this. As I said, I myself think the question is so difficult it is beyond the scope of law and only the individual conscience should be trusted to decide it. But what does bother me is that leftists — by which I mean Democrats and their mainstream journalist Renfields — have tried to demagogue this into some kind of gotcha moment, akin to Todd Akin's ignorant remark about women's magic bodies containing a sparkly stopgap that prevents the whole problem. Read the articles: filled with wishful msm thinking about how Mourdock's remarks put the entire GOP on the defensive.

But wishful thinking is all it is. Mourdock's remarks in no way soil the Republican Party nor do they make him an extremist or a fool. The man is simply using his conscience to probe a dilemma. Hey, I think we should encourage that in our politicians! Who knows? It might even make them less stupid over time.

If we had a media that was fair and balanced — willing to, you know, do the reporting and let us do the deciding — Democrats would not be allowed to transform women's bodies into mere bludgeons with which to beat the opposition, nor to pulverize true moral dilemmas into demagogic kibble for their idiot base.

Well, I can dream, can't I?


Image courtesy shutterstock / ancroft