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Dumb Jews

3. Obama is no friend to Israel.

It's insulting to think that American Jews care more about Israel than they do about their own country — they don't. But the lives of 5 million Jews in the Middle East should be of Jewish concern as should the health of a Jewish homeland. Against the fact that Obama has treated Israel's prime minister with disdain and disrespect, has been meddlesome on the issue of Jewish settlements, and has offered to give away the Israeli farm before negotiations with Israel's enemies even began, friends of the administration argue that Obama's behind-the-scenes practical support for the Jewish nation remains strong. There's some truth to that — though I'm not sure his administration could have survived any other approach. But Obama's appeasement of Islamism, his identification of Israel with colonialism, which he hates, his delusional notion that jihad is a matter of sporadic crimes committed by outlying individuals, and his resulting mishandling of the Arab Spring and Iranian nuclear threat constitute a long-term danger to Israel's existence.

Smart Jews know that Israel is important not just for their own survival but for the freedom of the world.

Jews who vote for Barack Obama are dumb Jews.