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Dumb Jews

2. Obama appeases Jew-hating Islamists.

The idea that Obama is secretly Muslim is ridiculous. It is well-documented that Obama believes in the America-hating, racist form of non-Christian Christianity preached by Jeremiah Wright. I only wish Obama were Muslim so you could reason with the guy! However, his policy of apology and appeasement to Islamists is giving strength and incentive to a world-wide movement of jihad that has the destruction of the Jews as one of its primary goals. As a recent example: After terrorists murdered our ambassador and military men in Libya, Obama's people refused to call terrorism terrorism and instead blamed the pre-arranged 9/11 assault on a silly YouTube video. To avoid confronting the Islamists, the administration went so far as to pressure YouTube to remove the vid (YouTube courageously refused). And at the very least, the administration inspired (if they did not actually encourage) law officers to drag the filmmaker from his home at midnight for "questioning." Encouraged by this sort of puling weakness, Islamist protests have spread from Libya to more than a dozen countries worldwide.

Obama's failure to understand the nature of the Islamist threat has led to his bungling of the Arab spring. Despite his narcissistic belief that his personal life experience would help him reach out to the Muslim world, tension between Islam and civilization is on the rise. Even Obama's strutting pride at having personally killed Osama bin Laden with his bare hands is indicative of the fact that he misunderstands that the Islamist chant is true: "Listen, Obama, we're all Osama." Terrorism isn't crime; it's warfare.

Jews don't always have to vote for what's "good for the Jews." But Jews who vote for policies that encourage their own annihilation are dumb Jews.