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Steven Crowder Has Sex

As for me, I'm personally delighted for Steven because now maybe he'll stop badgering me with all those embarrassing questions. And as someone who did not follow the path he advises, and yet somehow ended up with, really, a storybook marriage that has now lasted approximately 472 years (for my wife — for me, it's gone by in minutes), I'm in no position to offer him experiential support.

And yet, I can't help feeling our young hero may be onto something. At the very least, I can say that the older I get, the more I feel an insouciant sex-is-just-sex attitude to sex is vastly more destructive to both the individual and society than our elite thinkers are willing to admit. And there is no question we have allowed these elites to teach us to place the value of being non-judgmental over the value of having values. Surely, even without any hard and fast rules, teaching our young that their bodies are meant to be vehicles for their spirits and not the other way around, might improve a world ravaged by depression, illegitimacy and loneliness.

In any case, drop in on Crowder's @scrowder twitter feed and give the whippersnapper a hard time. It's the internet equivalent of shivaree.


Cross-posted at PJ Lifestyle