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A Few Words Before I Go-Go: Macho Films

Well, you have to have a John Wayne film in there, for one thing. That's a law. I'd pick The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance which, as a historical aside, includes the line, "When the legend becomes fact, print the legend," which went on to become the business model of the New York Times. But I'd also settle for The Quiet Man, for concluding with one of the longest fistfights in screen history (though I think the one in The Spoilers is longer). Then there's Road House, if only for the line: "Pain don't hurt," and the scene where Swayze rips a guy's esophagus out with his bare hand. And finally, I would go with Goodfellas, not as great a mob movie as The Godfather, but the only film I can think of that celebrates the joy of being a totally abusive, amoral, violent and corrupt SOB, which is every man's secret fantasy. It's not? Uh oh.


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