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Nothing To See Here

In other non-news, Vice President Joe Gaffe did not make any bidens this week, or vice versa. The lack of blithering foolishness from Biden confirmed that those who supported Sarah Palin for vice president remain stupid. If Biden had, for instance, made wildly offensive remarks about black people in a mock southern accent, or indicated he didn't know which state he was in, or ridiculed a woman translating one of his rambling speeches into sign language, then, of course, America's comedians would have been on the job making jokes about him. Instead, our comedians were silent on the matter because they didn't want to imply that Joe Biden is an idiot, since that's impossible because he's not Sarah Palin. Who is obviously an idiot because she don't forget to find out why Sarah Palin is bad and fill in the rest of this sentence later.

Fortunately such relatively minor non-stories as a man not inspired by hateful leftist rhetoric not shooting an unarmed man or Joe Biden not proving that Sarah Palin has more brains in her lipstick canister than he has in his head, were not there to obscure the fact that the Gross Domestic Product has been steadily falling, a major indicator that the Obama economy is an epic fail. Which is not happening either, since the networks went for six months without saying a word about it.

So we can just move along to something more important. Like Paul Ryan's abs. Which, believe me, are happening!

[An extra hat-tip to the always brilliant gang at the Media Research Center, who are all over everything that's not going on!]


Thumbnail image courtesy shutterstock / Deklofenak