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The MSM Reports: Candidates of Death!

Anchor: A recent CBS poll of Obama supporters shows that Obama's support skyrocketed after the Ryan pick. As you can see on the graphic, almost 90 percent of deceased Chicago residents without driver's licenses say they like the president an awful, awful lot and are frightened by a Romney-Ryan ticket that seems to them like a remake of the shower scene in Psycho. The poll had a margin of error of 3 percent, but those are  still pretty startling numbers. Gloria Borger of CNN, you've talked to a lot of Democrats about what Republicans think — what was in Mitt Romney's mind with this death-dealing death wish?

Borger: Well, the interesting thing to me is how polarizing a figure Ryan is. Many, many Democrats who know the Republicans well say the Republican Party will be torn apart by how polarizing this polarizing figure is. After Polish hero Lech Walesa's endorsement of Romney, there was some hope the GOP might garner votes among Poles but now even the Poles are polarized because of how polarizing a figure this polarizing Ryan is.

Alter: Not to mention the whole death angle. I mean, look, Ryan can try to explain away the attack ad in which an actor played him killing an old woman in a wheelchair, but I think the fact that he giggled wildly when he did it is going to stick in voters' minds.

Anchor: Actually, I think that was Richard Widmark in Kiss of Death.

Alter: Right, but that just brings us back to the whole "death" narrative again. It's like a leitmotif running through this entire candidacy.

Anchor: I see your point. CBS's Bob Schieffer, you used to pretend to be a journalist, what do you think?

Schieffer: Well, it's clear that Ryan's plan to add 1.3 trillion dollars to the federal budget over the next ten years represents a cut of 5 trillion dollars to the federal budget over the next ten years.

Bianna Golodryga, ABC:  That's right, Bob. And many Democrats contend that Ryan's plan to make Medicare and Social Security economically viable will destroy two programs that would be perfectly able to destroy themselves if we just left them alone.

Anchor: Well, there you have it. A range of views from across the mainstream media. It seems clear that the Paul Ryan pick is a polarizing death-wish of polarized death-dealing death.

This is MSM News.