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Glenn Beck and the Long TV Game

I have two words to add to this: Glenn Beck. Glenn, as we know, left Fox News a while back to start his own online subscription network GBTV. Though from all appearances, GBTV is doing great — it's already got a full line of informative and entertaining shows, including Beck's — there's little doubt that the Beckian sphere of influence has decreased with the change. As with Howard Stern, when he left free radio to go to satellite, Beck's opinions used to be water cooler fodder every day but now, addressing his many subscribers, he's preaching to the choir essentially and is out of the mainstream.

However, I've maintained from the start of GBTV (for which I worked briefly and happily), that Glenn is playing a long game. Let's wait one or two more years until every TV offers GBTV as simply another one of various broadcast, streaming, cable and satellite channels. If you can choose with a touch of the remote between Real News from smart and beautiful PJTV alumnus alumna Amy Holmes, or Fake News from CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS, which will you take? Beck's a sharp dude, and has been ahead of the curve again and again. I think he could well re-emerge as a major mainstream force in the not very distant future. This would not only be good in itself, but would represent a major victory for the good guys.

Barack Obama is going to have a lot of help from our network Pravdas in this election. But if we can beat them here, I think we'll have scored a long term victory. TV is going through a revolution. When choice wins, liars lose.