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Happy Dependence Day!

As we approach the celebration of our independence, the administration of Barack Obama is working overtime to bring dependence back by this other way. The Daily Caller reports that not only has spending on food stamps doubled under Obama, but his Department of Agriculture is actually producing promotional campaigns to encourage more eligible Americans to get on the gravy train. "Throw a Great Party," says one sparkly USDA pamphlet. "Host social events where people mix and mingle. Make it fun by having activities, games, food and entertainment, and provide information about SNAP (welfare)." The government actually measures the success of entitlement programs by how many people use them — as opposed to how many people can stop using them — which pretty much tells you everything you need to know:  dependency is not the reason for the programs, dependency is the purpose of them.

And now, of course, we have Obamacare which, as Chief Justice John Roberts has explained to us, grants the government the right to tax us for not buying what it wants us to buy. Once again, in the guise of a great gift, the government takes from us yet another immense chunk of the only thing that really matters, our liberty. In delivering his deciding and nonsensical opinion in favor of the law, Justice Roberts, it appears to me, was too weak to withstand the White House's Chicago-style bullying. In trying to keep the court from being branded political, he fell for the leftist canard that holds all disagreement with the left is "partisan," while only obedience and conformity with leftism serve the broad-minded good of all.

But never mind. If the people have become corrupted in their hearts, if they have lost the will for self-governance, if they have abandoned their traditions of liberty and turned their backs on the sacrifices of their dead, not even nine principled judges can ultimately save them from the poisoned pill of government "generosity."

The government's natural relationship to power is much the same as a man's natural relationship to sex and therefore only two things can keep it within proper bounds: moral principles and fear of consequences. And frankly, I'm not too sure about moral principles.

Socialists like Obama, corrupt opportunists like Harry Reid, and blithering leftist idiots like Nancy Pelosi have to be made to face the only thing that frightens them: the loss of power. In the end, that's the job of the electorate.

Thumbnail and image illustration made from elements courtesy shutterstock / Loke Yek Mang