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Racism or Silence? What's Wrong With This Picture?

This is what the left teaches us. It's not the actual facts that are a problem — it's speaking your observations out loud, that's where the real difficulty lies. This guy may not have the whole story. He may be misinterpreting his observations. We all do that sometimes. But if he isn't allowed to report honestly what he sees and express his opinions about it, how is anyone ever going to find out what's happening?  This interviewer is essentially suggesting the man shut up and stop answering his questions. He wants his own interviewee to stop relaying his point of view! Maybe instead, this intrepid reporter should — oh, just for instance — listen to the man! And then maybe check out whether or not his opinion is widespread and whether or not it has any basis in truth.

I personally believe that poor black (and many poor white) Americans have had their lives degraded by leftist policies and ideas that discourage the formation of complete families, relieve people of the need for industry and self-care, teach them that they are hated and helpless victims of society and undermine their faith in God. It would not surprise me at all to find that the results of that degradation showed up in this guy's life in ways that made him hold these opinions.

I fear for this guy. I fear he'll suffer retribution at work and in other ways for speaking directly — I daresay manfully. But the problem is not with him speaking out loud that which, as he says, many others believe, the problem is with a leftist media regime that has schooled even those who don't agree with them that they are not to say what they see lest they be branded evil.

Well, of course. If people start relaying what's right in front of their eyes, leftism is doomed.