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Mr. Obama, Build Up That Wall!

I mean, the Communists did this in Berlin, right? That worked well! Did you think the reds just slapped that sucker up because they were evil? Did you think they just did it for the joy of shooting their own citizens? Of course not. The Communists were smart people, logical people. They knew that when the state encroached on human freedom by taking the fruit of people's labor, by demanding power over people's productivity and creativity, those people would naturally, sensibly come to understand that the contract between citizen and state had been violated, and they'd take off. And you just can't have a socialist state if all the creativity and productivity and other people's money leave.  So the Communists built a wall. It made perfect sense.

And so we should build a wall! And keep job-and-wealth-creating people like Eduardo Saverin from leaving! What other solution could there possibly be? I mean, if smart guys like Senators Schumer and Casey can't think of one, I sure can't.

So this is the country you made, President Obama — and in only three short years too. So don't you wait. Don't hesitate. Don't bother with punitive taxes or big speeches or any of that stuff.

Mr. Obama, finish the job! Make this the America you want it to be.

Mr. Obama, build up that wall!