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If The Truth Will Set You Free, What Will the MSM Do?

So to re-cap: a make-believe story from a make-believe newspaper heaped make-believe shame on Mitt Romney in the face of Obama's pretending to abandon his make-believe opposition to gay marriage to instead adopt a make-believe states' rights stand in an interview with a make-believe reporter which in turn led a make-believe news magazine to run a picture of Obama as a make-believe angel which should go well with other MSM pictures of Obama as a make-believe Lincoln, a make-believe FDR and a make-believe friend of Ronald Reagan. One thing you have to admire about the leftist MSM, when it comes to this president: They are supplying us with all the make-believe that's fit to print.

And that's good! Because leftists are good. So if they have to lie or twist or distort the facts to fool the ignorant populace into accepting their programs and ideas, that's a good thing. Because their programs and ideas are good. If they weren't good, they wouldn't lie about them, because then they would just be corrupt, dishonest, morally desiccated purveyors of disinformation who aren't making an honest living but instead go to work each morning intending to mislead an audience they despise. And that's not possible. Because they're good.

Glenn Beck on the other hand — Glenn Beck is bad! In his hide-out among the jagged night-shrouded crags of Nasty Mountain, this Son of Belial has been doing the unforgivable, as is his unforgivable wont. In a pair of video-accompanied articles at The Blaze, the Beck Beast has cataloged lie after lie after lie that Obama has told the public with the MSM's willing assistance. There are lies about the marriage of his parents, lies about his relationship with terrorist William Ayres, lies about his experience in the church of Jeremiah Wright — and that's before he started making campaign promises. "His life," says the evil Beck evilly, "is pure fiction."

But don't worry. The Washington Post and their fellow leftists would never report any of that. Because then they would be telling the truth like Beck and that would be bad because Beck is bad. And the MSM are good, not bad. So they'll just go on lying.

Thumbnail image courtesy shutterstock and labrador33.