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Why Racism and Conservatism Don't Mix

Conservatives believe in personal responsibility. For ages, leftists have told us that poverty causes crime and we have answered, no, people rich and poor are responsible for their own actions. We are certainly right about this. If poverty caused crime, there wouldn't be so many criminals on Wall Street. But we can't both believe that people are responsible for their actions AND that their actions are genetically determined. We have to choose one.

Conservatives believe in the free market. The very foundation of that belief is belief in the individual, belief that he will solve problems and achieve goals in ways that could never have been predicted by the intellectual idiot who thinks he can determine mass outcomes and control the economy from above (see "Obama, B."). If we could predict outcomes for large numbers of people, our belief in the free market would be misguided. But if we can't predict mass outcomes, how can we predict outcomes for whole races? We can't. Free markets and racism can't co-exist in the same philosophy.

Conservatives understand that everything the government touches turns to crap. In his book We Are Doomed, Derbyshire wisely states that "most of what governments do is wicked, when not merely pointless and counterproductive." Yet he has come to believe that differences between blacks and whites are genetic "given the great effort we have invested in erasing those differences, with such meager results.” This makes no sense. After fifty years of the government going out of its way to help black people, conservatives should not be surprised by black dysfunction, they should be awestruck that any black people have survived at all!

Finally, conservatives believe in God. I know, some conservatives are much, much too intelligent to believe in God. They just believe that we were endowed by our Creator (Sam the, uh, Creator Guy) with unalienable rights, and that our conscience refers to some difficult-to-define but nonetheless extant morality. Whatever. Let's just say a convenient shorthand for the underpinnings of everything conservatives believe is that there is a God and Man was made in His image. You can't get to racism from there.

Listen, I suppose it's theoretically possible that after the last ounce of devastation wreaked on black communities by leftism has been repaired, there might still be a strangely large number of Jewish doctors and black jazz musicians. It's possible — but who cares? What good's a doctor anyway in a world without jazz? The point is if you believe in free markets, personal responsibility, small government and God, you can't also believe that a person's race determines the outcome of his life. Because then you'd be an idiot. Or a leftist.

But I repeat myself.