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The Ten Hardest Movies To Turn Off Once You Start Watching Them

8. Road House

Shut up, it's a great movie! One night when my wife was out of town, I started watching this over dinner and watched the whole thing.  Next night, it was on again — I watched it again. Thank heavens my wife came back, or I'd still be sitting there, a skeleton staring at Patrick Swayze ripping bad guys' throats out. And great writing: "Pain don't hurt." "Be nice — until it's time to not be nice." One quotable line after another.

9. The Great Escape

A great escape — back from the days when star-studded meant studded with stars. Steve McQueen, James Garner, Richard Attenborough versus the Nazis. How can you turn it off? The British complain that the film Americanizes what was essentially a British operation. Tough luck, Brits. Next time, don't raise the tax on tea and you'll be able to make your own great movies.

10. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

More than thirty years ago, my wife phoned me while I was watching this to tell me someone had stolen her purse and she was upset and would I come pick her up? I went — but I still bring it up in a sulky, accusatory tone of voice from time to time. She interrupted Liberty Valance. I mean, when you know I'm watching this, keep your eye on your purse, all right?