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The Ten Hardest Movies To Turn Off Once You Start Watching Them

5. Goodfellas

Once you start watching, it robs you of your time at gunpoint, then knocks your teeth out and kicks you downstairs, drops on top of you and jabs a fountain pen in your eye. The only movie I can think of that captures the sheer joy of being a violent sociopathic scumbag. Riveting.

6. Lawrence of Arabia

Probably the most intelligent entertaining movie ever made. Great acting, great cinematography, great storytelling, and a look into a man's soul through big, sweeping action. You can almost turn it off during some of the long traveling-through-the-desert sequences... but not quite. And then you're stuck.

7. Singin' in the Rain

There's just too much joy to turn it off. It's like taking an anti-depressant. True hearts triumphing over the movie business — made by the movie business when the movie business actually was the movie business.