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Trying to Beat Someone With No One

The painful truth is that my native optimism is currently not a very good guide to our political realities. The Republican Party has, at this hour, absolutely no (0) good candidate with whom to oppose Obama. This realization comes on the heels of a presidential State of the Union message so empty, so dishonest, so partisan, so low in tone, aspiration, understanding and philosophy that allowing this guy to get re-elected due to pure oppositional incompetence strikes me as an act of political malfeasance.

Really, are people like Obama, Romney, and Gingrich the best leaders this country can produce? And if so, are we — and our founders and the basic tenets of our free form of government — getting exactly the screwing we deserve? How hard is it to pitch individual liberty, limited government, and economic freedom — stuff that not only works but is morally right? Where are the better spokesmen for our age-old ideals?

As I say, depressing. Obama's failures are well documented. He really is a disaster for this country — the poor and the middle class especially. But like the old political saying goes, you can't beat someone with no one. It seems right now that the GOP is going to fail us in putting up a candidate who can unseat him. But possibly, we've already failed ourselves.