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About "The Daily"

The greatest offender is the advice columnist Coquette, whose embrace-your-inner-slut advice is so bad as to risk being harmful to anyone stupid enough to listen to her. Here's an actual example:

Q: Why do I always feel so guilty after hookups?

A: Because you were raised to believe that hooking up is a moral violation. There's nothing inherently wrong with hooking up, but until you're strong enough to develop a personal morality that is free of sexual shame, you will continue to feel guilty.

What crap. There may not be anything inherently vicious or cruel in hooking up, but of course it's degrading to treat your body as if it were detached from higher human needs and desires like love and respect. It's a recipe for self-hatred and depression, especially in women, who inherently know better and have more to lose. Who prints fashionable garbage like that knowing it could have a hugely destructive effect on impressionable people? Shame.

If Murdoch isn't policing The Daily to root out such nonsense, he ought to start. I'm not looking for conservatism or piety, just balance and simple decency. And toss Coquette in the trash where she belongs.