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Obama Is Wrong, Not Evil

Economically, it hampers the effectiveness of the markets by robbing money from the production of what people want in order to funnel it to what experts think they ought to want.  This fails because, for all people's individual errors, the wisdom of crowds is almost always wiser than the experts. Stealing money from the markets for government schemes destroys jobs, punishes creators, and hamstrings businesses -- and all because people with too much education and too little experience think they know better than those on the economic front lines.

But more important, such wealth redistribution is morally wrong, because it takes away our individual freedom of choice.  It gives the government the power (though it never has the right) to say to us, "No, you can't spend the money you earn on a new TV, we want to use it to create green jobs or pay for other people's children's education or make sure one race gets as much work as another. We are the compassionate and wise and we know best." This may seem appealing in the moment but it is viciously destructive over the long run. The moral heart of a nation, of the world, is individual choice. Fashioned, though it often is, in the crucible of foolishness and failure, it is still ultimately the only true path to decency and right action. Without free individual choice, without that crucible, a culture becomes flaccid, passive, unproductive, violent, and morally dead, a place-marker waiting to be conquered by the next group inspired by a moral vision. Welcome to Europe. Careful not to step in the sharia.

Obama is the president, and as such he should not be exempt from the usual attacks both personal and political that leaders have to suffer. But as far as possible, we need to stick to what matters. We need to explain to one another in detail why his ideas are wrong, why they're failing, why they'll fail again the next time someone gets the bright idea to elect one of these leftist clowns to high office.

We should not waste this important moment on childish slanders.

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