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The 'War on Terror' Is All About God

There are those, of course, who believe the problem is religion itself: remove the subject of the argument, they say, and the argument would end. The murder and oppression that defined the atheist empires in communist Russia and China - not to mention the slow, insidious death currently claiming “post-Christian” Europe -- strongly suggest otherwise. Culturally, atheism is a disaster--- although atheists are entitled to express their opinion right up until the moment the Islamists kill them.

For the rest of us -- including those atheists who have the wherewithal to think it through -- we must be willing to stand in open argument, in steadfast defense and, if it’s our calling, in bloody battle for the God our founding principles, in fact, imply. This is the God who can only be found by each heart seeking freely and choosing without restraint; the God who fashioned us complete with rights no system of government or religion may abridge; the God who, to paraphrase the apostle, freed us for freedom.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether we know His name.  The important thing is that He knows ours.  Every single one of them.

(Thumbnail image on homepage modified from a photo from Shutterstock.com and used with permission.)