Klavan On The Culture

Killing bin Laden

Again, I’m writing this in an Amtrak station on an iPad so forgive me for not providing links and so forth. I’ve been following this story about Kathryn Bigelow making a movie about the killing of bin Laden to be released just before the next presidential election. They’re probably already writing the scene in which Obama rappels down the side of a mountain in the Kush to take out his target. I can’t help comparing this with the embargo that has been put on “The Road to 9/11,” which Bill Clinton didn’t like and which has therefore not been released on DVD, or more recently the trouble given to the mini-series about The Kennedys. And of course there will never be a film celebrating George W. Bush’s truly gutsy call in surging to win the war in Iraq. The left works overtime to keep its stranglehold on the narrative. They are vicious and dishonest in the fight. They censor and they blacklist. But in the end, I have to ask, where are the conservative billionaires committed to the culture, committed to fighting back, truth against lies? Where are the funding and political support and protection for films with a conservative bent? The left knows the culture counts over time. We don’t.