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Captain America Versus the Unmentionable Enemy!

Well, one reason, of course, is fear. Islamists kill people who oppose them and if you’re sitting fat and happy in a mansion in Beverly Hills, you might not immediately understand why you should risk your life to encourage and glorify some other fellow’s son who’s off fighting jihadis in a lonely outpost beneath the Hindu Kush.

Another reason may well be delicacy. Even beyond any PC horse manure about “Islamophobia” (and you gotta be kidding me with that malarkey!), a popular artist may feel a reasonable concern about offending peaceful and freedom-supporting Muslims.

But I think we all know there is a far deeper problem than this. Our friends on the left, in their distorting obsession with identity politics, have talked themselves out of the habit of distinguishing between good and evil actions and beliefs. This is moral insanity. The Nazis (as Captain America takes pains to tell us) were not bad guys because they were Germans. Or because they were white. Or because they smoked their cigarettes with their hands upside-down, although that last is a killing offense. They were bad guys because their philosophy was vile and they were willing to slaughter and conquer to impose it on the world.

Likewise the Islamists. They are not bad guys because they are Arabs—they are not all Arabs, in fact. And no matter what one may think of Islam as a religion in general, there is no question that it can be and is practiced charitably and inoffensively by many.

No, the jihadis are bad guys because their version of Islam is an offense to humanity and they are willing to slaughter and conquer to enslave the world under shariah law, itself an atrocity against freedom. The American soldiers, spies and other lawmen fighting against them in defense of liberty are our real life Captain Americas. They should be celebrated in movies, songs and stories just as much, and just as often, as their fathers before them.


A postscript advertisement for myself:  The Final Hour – shown above with Amazon link – and the four book Homelanders series which it concludes may indeed be the only adventure stories for Young Adults currently celebrating the battle against Islamo-fascism. They’re good books too. Read them. Now.