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Viva the New American Revolution!

And finally, Rush Limbaugh...  well, look, Rush only has to come to work to make it a great week for the good guys.

On the other side of this truth-telling fusillade was a humiliated MSM in complete disarray.  Desperate to protect the left from any damaging fallout from Weiner's degraded sexual behavior, some major news outlets tried to play down the incident and NBC's Today show even had "experts" lecture America on being too "puritanical" in these matters.

But just in case that sort of dishonesty and decadence weren't shameful enough, the MSM ended the week in utter disgrace by unleashing a swarm of slavering reporters on the gubernatorial emails of Sarah Palin, a woman who currently neither holds nor is running for any public office.  The New York Times, a former newspaper, and Democrat newsletter The Washington Post actually called on readers to help them dig for dirt in the Palin letters!

Like the original minutemen, the current media fighters for liberty are a ragtag and eccentric bunch.  Breitbart's pugnacious, Beck's emotional, Coulter's ferocious and Limbaugh is approximately as brash and unapologetic as an atom bomb.  The MSM -- fronted by anchors as dapper and haughty and "civilized" as the British of 1776 -- have sought to use these character traits to demonize the right's messengers without ever confronting their message.  They have tried to turn the very names of these media revolutionaries into obscenities in order to discourage anyone who might be tempted to give their arguments a chance.

Maybe it will work.  The Mainstream Media's Empire of Lies is still an empire, after all.  They still have most of the money and almost all of the air.  The alternative media is still, as it were, taking potshots at them from behind rocks and trees.

But last week -- man oh man! -- it sure looked like Lexington and Concord to me.