You can bet they weren't discussing "yoga routines" or Chelsea's wedding.
Non-observant Muslims who commit terror are seeking redemption.
He's citing that as a personal victory.
Writing fiction about other cultures is now offensive. This week, at least.
"I thought Donald had the strongest debate performance he’s had in this election cycle."
Liberal filmmaker concedes Donald Trump won the first debate.
Who's fleeing to their safe space?
Mayor calls Holt "an enormously ignorant, completely misinformed fact checker.”
This is what a Republican candidate for president ought to sound like.
Candy Crowley in a suit.
Says Marco Rubio would have been a better candidate to back.
Pop the cork on a bottle or ten of Trump rosé and enjoy the "fun" tonight.
Donald Trump should do it if he is up to the task, rather than waiting on help from Lester Holt.
Trump has previously called the NBC anchor a Democrat.
The American people have spoken on Facebook and Twitter.
Hillary and her backers, stereotyping you like there's no tomorrow.
$1B wasted each day, worldwide. Cancel all funding now.
The "blue wall" evaporates, and November is a coin toss.
It didn't stand for "cookie"...
Hillary Clinton praises a blogger for saying herpes is "stigmatized" and "harmless."
The ground's already been set for the Hillary-Donald match.