Good lord, but Richard Fernandez packed a lot of punch into three small paragraphs:

People who need health care despite unhealthy life styles or sheer poverty can’t be viewed through the framework of insurance, for their risk tables will never work out. Such individuals should get treatment as part of a conscious decision by society to provide welfare. Thus the drunk who keeps drinking should get a liver transplant if it’s available or a who already has AIDs should receive medicine, or the indigent: not because they are insurable but because society as a whole cares enough to allocate charity or tax money to treat them regardless. But no should imagine they are receiving treatment because they’ve paid an Obamacare premium.

It’s not insurance. It’s a conscious act of public policy charity. There is nothing wrong with either, but they are not the same.

The fundamental problem with Obamacare is that it delivers welfare through the IRS and the insurance system, making institutions designed to do something different accomplish what they were never meant to do. It might work of a fashion, but only in the way a Ferrari can be used to pull a plow attachment through a field. Not very well.

A commenter here in the last week or so mentioned they’d witnessed people accommodating themselves to the diminished expectations created by the ♡bamaCare!!! fiasco. That is the death of this Republic, not the horrible law the Democrats foisted upon us.

Change it back.