We (that’s you-and-me we, not the editorial we) hadn’t looked at Enroll Maven in a while, so let’s see what those crazy kids with their actual numbers are up to today — and look at that, we have nearly two million people enrolled in ♡bamaCare!!! at HealthCare.gov and on the state exchanges. That doesn’t include Oregon, where they still can’t get the website working — but 56 out of 57 ain’t bad.

I’ll admit that the 1.9 million doesn’t look all that hot compared to the administration’s goal of 7,066,000. And I’m going to guess that “enrolled” still includes “put something in their shopping cart without actually buying it.” And then we have those stories about people who think they’re covered, but aren’t. And them there are the lost forms and uncashed checks and all the rest. But still, 1.9 million!

Oh, wait. I almost forgot that nearly five million people have lost their plans. I saw a figure this morning of 6.2 million, but let’s stick with Enroll Maven’s numbers for now. So I guess you could say that ♡bamaCare!!! is really 2.8 million people in the hole. And then there’s that goal of seven million, which now really has to be adjusted up to 9.7 million to make up for all the cancellations, leaving a total of 7.8 million who need to sign up by the end of March, which means signing up 159,017 people a day, every day, between now and midnight on March 31.

This of course assumes that the 4.7 million (actually it’s “greater than” 4.7 million) is correct and the 6.2 million is wrong. It also assumes no more cancellations between now and then. Which, even if that did happen, would still leave 40 million Americans uninsured.

7 out of 47 ain’t good.