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June 29th, 2014 - 9:30 pm

Then there is same old, same old perpetrator as victim trope. Mr. Ban allegedly had a .15 blood alcohol level, but, of course, he is otherwise blameless. We hear nothing of detail of the lives of those he hit and killed while drunk (Belkys Rodriguez Quezada, Lisandro Enriquez Rodriguez, Danny Enriquez Rodriguez), or who were killed in his own car (Sinoeun Uong), but a great deal about why we should empathize with the drunk driver.

From the the Fresno Bee story:

“He’s a good person,” Peggy Corona, 53, said of Ban. “I feel sorry for everyone.”

Tuy, 29, said she is worried about her stepfather because he has had open-heart surgery and needs daily doses of medicine. Tuy said Ban also still feels the effects of being shot in the back. He was among three innocent victims of a September 1996 shooting at a southeast Fresno party, police said then.

Of course, the victim is said in part to be blameworthy, as if the perpetrator’s driving drunk did not really precipitate the deaths:

Tuy and Oeum, who is recovering from injuries he suffered in the crash, said the public shouldn’t pass judgment on Ban until all the facts are known. They say passengers in a car that was in front of the victims’ Kia could help the CHP know what really happened, “We feel sorry for the victims’ family,” Tuy said. “But we want the truth to come out.”

And the truth would be that Mr. Ban did not really drive with a .15 blood alcohol level?

Or that he only killed four people while drunk, but some others are blameworthy as well?

Cf. the Bee account:

Ban, whose injuries were moderate, is being held on $618,000 bail, facing four felony charges of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. His blood-alcohol has not been revealed by the CHP, but the criminal complaint says it was .15 or higher. The legal limit to drive is below .08 blood-alcohol.

Prosecutors say Ban has three prior drunken-driving convictions, but court records only list two of them. His last DUI conviction came in 2006.

Oeum said he, Uong and Ban had been drinking Sunday, but Ban had no trouble driving. Oeum said he and Uong were drinking in the car when the crash happened.

“I’m not going to lie. He drank beer while we were fishing, but not while he was driving,” Oeum said.

We feel relieved that the drunken Mr. Ban got intoxicated right before driving, but had the good sense not to drink while he was actually driving. In our society, that is now a plus.

Enough said — until next time. A lot of us — like the dead of this story and last week’s —  have a rendezvous on the road with the Bains and Vazquezes of California, and we know only two certainties of our meeting with them: the state will care more about them than us the deceased, and our killers will have had a long record of drunk driving without many consequences. In the case of Ms. Vazquez, her lawyer implied that society was supposed to find solace that she only rear-ended her victim off a cliff, rather than T-boned him or hit him head-on. In the case of Mr. Bain, we are told that he drank beer, fished for crayfish, and could drive well after drinking, and that was not really culpable while driving a car with a .15 alcohol blood level.

If we did not have these cases, we would have to invent them, given the state of our sick society.

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I realize your invitation was not to me. However being in a similar situation to Dr. H, I have thought about the possibility of a move and have investigated options. In addition to CA being a hard place to leave, there are two main problems:

First, as with most free people, it is not in our nature to give up and be chased off of our land - even when it might make sense to do so.

Second, is there any place to hide really from domination of life by this "Progressive" movement? Eventually your schools will become fully indoctrinated and your State government will bend to the will of the Federal overlords and public service unions. Eventually the Departments of Energy and Education, the EPA, the DOJ, the BLM, the NLRB, etc will get around to meddling in those wonderful back roads.

I would like to see any State forsake all federal aid, determine their own educational, environmental and business policies, decline the "services" of all of those agencies and push back on every legal challenge and every show of force by the Federal government. When that starts to happen, I will move there.
35 weeks ago
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Maliki may have pined for the US, but he didn't pine long, VDH.

He turned to Putin for fighter jets and to Iran for guard dog services.

Obama's Woodstock Jihad has him leading from behind himself. Sort of like the old song "I'm My Own Grandpa" as a foreign policy...Obama has managed to create a policy that circles back and surrounds itself.

Quite a feat, frankly. Smart diplomacy made of equal parts faculty lounge sedition, utopian fantasy and double-crossing real allies.

Woodstock Jihad is a lawless garden that cutlivates weeds. Locally, it encourages disrespect for the law by its deputized posse of "oppressed victims", while simultaneously handcuffing every single member of the "oppressor class".

The reason you witness and experience the effects of victim class anomie in California, Detroit, Chicago is because those are One Party Anomie Capitals. Victim Class Crime advances the Woodstock cause, it doesn't harm it.

Open borders brings Democrats, VA waiting death lists attritions out patriots.

IRS and EPA weaponized agency warfare, turning over donor info to the FBI, prosecutions against D'Souza and Mickelson and none against Lerner or the New Black Panthers...Woodstock Jihad is at war, VDH.

But not with ISIS.

With US us.
35 weeks ago
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VDH wrote: “How weird the result: the anti-American Maliki pining for American arms from the escapist American president who lords his American power over others even as he ankles bites the very foundations of such power...”

The paradox has another dimension it seems to me. We (our firms) are heavily invested in the global economy yet we are resented for our wealth and freewheeling way of life. Thus we are a target, but we don't want to get drawn into an endless series of dirty little wars. Bush thought that one decisive blow could, by demonstrating US power and resolve, establish stability - at least for a time. He didn't count on the treasonous Dems. Now Obama is simultaneously weakening us while dramatically destabilizing the world. I won't repeat my conviction that this is being done deliberately, because it's pointless. Nor is there any point in pointing out that large regional wars could break out just as our economy is bordering on collapse. There's not much we can do to avert that with Obama in power. Even if we retake the house and presidency, little will change because our foreign policy agencies and the entire federal government has been permanently distorted by an entrenched bureaucracy, crony capitalists and leftwing ideological fanatics. Until we confront this fundamental problem we will not be able to implement rational policies at any level.

That is why I support a convention of the states as provided for in the Constitution (and as outlined by Mark Levin in the Liberty Amendments), so that we can can bolster our safeguards against this type of corruption, and begin reversing course. It is a superb option, a kind of magic bullet if you were, so I'm surprised more people aren't considering it. Any thoughts VDH? We need to do something soon folks because were are on a runaway freight train right now headed straight for a cliff.
35 weeks ago
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President Obama's policies are after the fact. Barack Obama has yet to say "God Bless America, " in the sense that he continues to pay roulette with the Russians. Russia appears to be building up an army and looking more and more like Hilter's Nazi Regime. The paradox of the current administration is that American might is after the fact and should not be enforced. Obama regime is in denial. Why Obama will not take lessons from Nixon and his policy of "Vietnamization," and apply it to a strong foreign policy in the Middle East and in the Ukraine shows that history will not be kind to a President that thinks he is Michael Jordan/Tiger Woods of celebrity status. Weak leadership may lead to a major world war....
c.f.p.i. leading the way in book publishing and media
31 weeks ago
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Something must be done with Mexico and its Cartels.....
In revisiting Mexifornia, Obama and California Governor Jerry Brown are Do Nothings. I am still on the poverty line thanks to be a job less teacher, writer without a column due to illegals who have taken high paying jobs from educated teachers like myself.
Illegal Immigration Reform in Obama’s Socialist Reich

J.W. Carter (Jared William Carter)
(C.F.P. I)
© 2014

Obama cannot stop the Crisis in Race Relations in the United States. This being the Red summer of Obama’s Reich and a time of trial for Americans who are forced to deal with the postwar intolerance of illegal immigration reform.

This has been the worst outbreak of racial conflict seen by any President. Causes lay in postwar social conditions and lack of America to use its military might to keep illegals out of America. Under President Obama illegal immigration is at an all time high.
During President G.W. Bush’s term and during the Second Iraq War immigration was being to come under control for the first time since 1914. Obama fails to realize that a sharp decline in immigration and immigration reform will only exist if more legal Americans are given jobs before illegal ones.
The availability of jobs, especially once the United States entered the war in 1917, initiated a development of long-term importance, the first large-scale migration of African-Americans from the southern countryside to the northern, and Mid-western; industrial centers of the United States.

When Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated in 1913, Mexico was in the same chaotic state that has been occurring since Obama’s election. Wilson like President Obama began a policy of not visiting Mexico. Wilson found that when Huerta rejected Wilson’s offer of visitation and mediation policy of “watchful waiting,” began. A similarly useless show is continuing on the southern border. In the socialist Obama agenda, Obama’s decision not to visit, the U.S. political culture that vastly over-prioritizes show over substance could be in reaction to the full-fledged dictatorship of the Cartels that are hitting the States of America hard, especially California (Mexifornia).

The recent Sunday morning show, of politicians and pundits wrung their hands over Obama’s whereabouts until they had squeezed out every last drop of trumped-up concern. The issue: The president fails to stop by Texas’s southern border when he flew through last week. This making Americas Socialist Muslim President the largest do nothing President of our times.

Bad politics and optics aren’t the only problem nor are they the solution to the humanitarian emergency at the border. They aren’t even the part of the solution. The president can use his prominence to elevate issues the press and the public wouldn’t otherwise consider. Yet the current state of the border does not lack for attention. The president also needs to get out of the Oval Office bubble of isolation much more. Given his failure as President with poor leadership the president’s encounter is that of an intellectual not a physical leader or commander and chief. Anyone who had been stuck waiting for a passing motorcade and a Presidential hero’s welcome knows, that presidential travel is an unwelcome ordeal, especially in Dallas, Texas. Many Southern California liberals are car-bound in Los angles thanks to the loaf of presidential visits, because they snarl at traffic.
President George W. Bush got out more and put himself in harms way. Although he never put his boots on the ground in New Orleans thanks to Hurricane Katrina it was not because he did want to but rather it was unsafe to do so. It was a poor measure of his concern, if it was a measure at all. Presidents aren’t the only ones who must endure criticism for not being hard on immigration and illegal immigration reform but at this time, the problem has come to festering boil.
Why President Obama will not show more leadership seems to show that his policies are of a do nothing socialist nature. There needs to be a cultivation of serous initiatives. True, Republicans continue to fight over what to do. Republicans and the voting America want to know why he doesn’t have a coherent approach to Syria? His agenda is that of global warming in his second term, but he has publicly opposed the anti-carbon policies that would be the most effective. The gasoline tax in America is terrible and immigration, during his Presidency has been terrible. He will not secure the borders along the Rio Grande or push Governor Jerry Brown to stop immigrants from going in and out of “Mexifornia,” by transporting, produce, drugs and other goods.
Mexico loves to play with President Obama like a tall Rag Doll. Mexico likes to provoke Obama and his weak illegal immigration reform. Meanwhile illegal immigrants and members of Mexico’s cartel families continue to push across the borders o
33 weeks ago
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I grant most of the wierd B*llshit ascribed to Obama and the left, but a problem (just one of them) is when we get a GWB and a VDH, who choose to flex American muscle and get us into even deeper doo-doo over the long haul. Our political world is such that GWB could not bring all the troops and missile loaded ships back home, just because the inspectors had not yet found anything. He would probably have been a one-term President and been compared to Jimmy Carter. Instead, he rolled the dice, did the manly, courageous thing and ended up punching the tar-baby. As always, it is so clear how the other side is screwing up, but unfortunately, the wisdom as to how to proceed when the ball is back in the "good" guy's court, ain't there either. It is a nasty complicated world out there and neither side of our political divide has shown much to convince us that they know how to handle things.
35 weeks ago
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Their cultures failed them, but to admit that would be to admit fault, and to surrender their pride.
35 weeks ago
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Teaching our teachers how to teach new perspectives on history. How to raise a child to hate the good ole USA 101
35 weeks ago
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Now that is frightening!
35 weeks ago
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RE: Mexico; the answer is obvious and simple. Take over Mexico. Now all the citizens are American citizens; they will have a functioning government; we get the resources and beaches (at last we get something in return for years of largesse).
35 weeks ago
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A silly answer. Good government is only possible with a good people. Mexico is filled with dishonest, corrupt people.

That said, they are simply ahead of us on the downward spiral.

"America is great, because America is good. If America ceases to be good, she shall cease to be great." - Alexis de Tocqueville
35 weeks ago
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We had the chance to do exactly that in 1848, after we had won the war, and our leaders of that time VERY WISELY said "oh HELL no! Who wants to try to run THAT mess???"

And the place has only gone downhill since then.
35 weeks ago
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Another global war of religio-ethnic cleansing in on the near horizon. The Marxists have been working on instigating that one for decades. They are about to reap what they have sewn.
35 weeks ago
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I keep scanning the newswires in vain for someone to remark about this or that notorious figure, or monster du jour, "He was a horrible SOB, and whatever he's got coming to him will not be a terrible enough punishment."

Nowadays, everybody's a nice guy, even while they're busy hacking up the family or shooting up a crowd of people.

35 weeks ago
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For way too long a while now, Muslim gratitude has reminded me of a Missouri-Warhol River; a verbal mile wide, an actual inch deep, and flowing for about 15 minutes.

Islam is the millstone, It is nothing more than the globalization of 7th Century Arab tribal culture under a thin veneer of religion. If your plan doesn't include constraining, undermining, or eradicating Islam, you don't have a plan. What you have is a hope.
35 weeks ago
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Many, many years ago when back in 2003
We were wedded to a country that was friendly as could be
This country had a people escaping rape rooms and being gassed dead
Our country fell in love with them and to freedom they too were wed

This made my enemy my friend and really changed my life
For now my war against their neighbors was focusing on strife
And to complicate the matter, even though it brought me joy
We soon became the fatwa of a bouncing regime ploy

Our friend in Egypt was disposed, he made the people mad
And so Muslim Brotherhood took his place, though it made me very sad
For if they were my brother, then my inside Iraq
Would be threatened from Damascus, while Libya was blocked

Al Qaeda had an offshoot who kept them on the run
And they became our clients, for Benghazi wasn't done
My prisoners at GITMO set free to mastermind
The death and the destruction, of any allies they can find

Now if my enemy is my ally, when taking on Assad
And every time I think of it, it nearly drives me wild
'Cause now I have become the strangest 'case you ever saw
As I lead my self in circles, I am my own jihad

I'm my own jihad, I'm my own jihad
It sounds funny, I know but it really is so
I'm my own jihad

35 weeks ago
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To the tune of I"m My Own Grandpa and with apologies to Ray Stevens.
35 weeks ago
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