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The New American Enemies List

June 17th, 2013 - 12:14 am


The vast majority of the annual shooting homicides are committed by inner-city and minority youths below the age of 30. Handguns are involved in 80% of all murders. Rifles and shotguns account for less than 10% of homicides.

No matter; the National Rifle Association is now blamed for generic gun violence, especially the mass shootings at schools, even though usually no one knows of any proposed gun law — barring outright confiscation of previously purchased firearms, bullets, and clips — that would have prevented the shooters at Sandy Hook and Columbine. Gun merchants are blamed by the president while in Mexico for selling lethal semi-automatic weapons to drug cartels. But so far, the only identifiable purveyor of illegal weaponry is the president’s own attorney general, whose subordinates in the Fast and Furious operation sold hundreds of guns illegally to Mexican drug lords.

Suggestions to encourage greater incarceration of the mentally unstable, to jawbone Hollywood about its profitable (and gratuitous) gun violence, to regulate extremely violent — and extremely well-selling — video games usually fall on deaf liberal ears. In short, the stereotyped camouflaged, weekend gun enthusiast is not the problem that leads to Columbine, or the nearly 532 murders last year in Chicago. But because we can’t or won’t address the causes of the latter, we go after the former. He is not the unhinged sort that shoots a Gabby Giffords or innocents in an Aurora, Colorado, theater; but somehow is the supposed red-neck yokel that a journalist like ABC’s Brian Ross assumes does.

If the Department of Homeland Security, as is rumored, really did wish to stockpile hundreds of millions of rounds of ammunition, then why did it begin such repository buying right in the middle of a hysterical national debate about limiting access to various rifles and semi-automatic weapons? Was it not to create a climate of fear and panic buying that has emptied America’s shelves of the most popular types of ammunition? If the homicide rate in Philadelphia and Chicago is any indication, murderers still have plenty of access to bullets. Those who want to target practice or shoot a varmint on their property do not.

The CIA and FBI knew of the suspicious activity of the Boston bombers, of Major Hasan, and of Anwar al-Awlaki. And they did nothing to preempt their violence. The FBI is said to be carefully avoiding monitoring mosques, although all of the above terrorists were known by many fellow Muslim worshipers to be either disturbed or extremist or both. In contrast, the NSA monitors, we are told, nearly everyone’s communications rather than focusing on Middle Eastern male Muslims, even though Middle Eastern male Muslims have been involved in the vast majority of post-9/11 terrorist plots. The NSA is the electronic version of the TSA, which feels it is noble and liberal to stop an octogenarian in a wheel chair for special frisking as proper compensation for every focused look at a West Bank resident or Pakistani visitor on his way into the United States.

The words “Tea Party” and “patriot” in a non-profit’s name would more likely earn a negative appraisal from the IRS than would “Islam” or “Muslim.” One wonders how Lois Lerner’s IRS division would treat a hypothetical “Sarah Palin Foundation” versus “The Dr. Zawahiri Charity.”

The IRS is not worried at all about 47% of the nation who pay no federal income taxes. The vast majority of those whom it focuses on are instead the 10% who pay over 70% of all taxes. These are the would-be proverbial “fat cats” who did not build their own businesses. They are reluctant to spread their wealth. They certainly did not know either when to stop making money or when the age of profit altogether had passed. Sometime around 2009 success was deemed failure, and failure success — at least if we collate the president fat-cat rhetoric with the vast expansion in the disability, food-stamp, and unemployment-insurance rolls.

Note that the IRS is not interested in leaking to Democrat senators or former administration official rumors about George Soros’s income or the details of the tax returns of Warren Buffett, Steven Spielberg, or Bill Gates. Instead, the Democratic majority leader in the Senate bragged that he knew (falsely as it turned out) that Mitt Romney paid no income taxes. And former high administration official Austan Goolsbee claimed (also falsely as it turned out) that he too knew that the Koch brothers were shorting the IRS.

Note that only liberal groups like ProPublica leak information about the confidential donor lists of conservative activists, apparently given their familiar arrangement with the IRS. So far IRS chiefs are not looking at prominent Democrat politicians for tax violations, although for a time — cf. Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, Hilda Solis — that might have been a fruitful profile for inquiry. (One encouraging side note: if you are a suspect white, mature, well-off, conservative, heterosexual, Christian male, you can still obtain exemption from federal suspicion by loudly announcing that you also are enthralled by Barack Obama.)

We know who was not an administration suspect in the killing of four Americans in Benghazi — hard-core, al Qaeda-related Islamic terrorists. Instead a  supposedly right-wing unhinged video-maker was the object of vitriol from the secretary of state, the UN ambassador, and the president of the United States. He currently sits in jail. The known perpetrators of the murders walk free.  In contrast, Lisa Jackson, the former EPA director, just got a fat inside job from Apple, despite creating not just a fictitious name (e.g., “Richard Windsor”) to avoid scrutiny when she communicated official business, but also an entirely made-up alter ego: “Richard Windsor” became an ideal employee lauded by the unethical EPA for his supposedly “ethical behavior.”

We also know who in the media is not a target. Not the CBS or ABC News presidents who have siblings working in the White House. Not ABC’s Good Morning America, given that one of its stalwarts is married to Press Secretary Jay Carney. Instead, there are two sorts of suspicious reporters that are considered hostile to the administration and worthy of having their communications monitored. One group are those journalists who leak information that the administration wished to preempt and leak first or who refuse to only leak favorable classified information — the bin Laden trove, the cyber war against Iran, the drone targeting protocol — that makes the president look as if he were a competent commander in chief.

The other target, of course, is Fox News, whose staff, in a variety of ways and on a number of occasions, the Obama administration has previously attacked as in some way illegitimate.

Again, who fits these profiles that our current, vastly expanding big government does not like? If you are an operator of a coal plant that creates needed energy at a profit, then beware that the EPA is after you. If you are a shady insider who wants tens of millions of government dollars to subsidize a money-losing wind and solar plant, you hit the jackpot. Ditto the suspect people who build guitars, loan money to Chrysler, or wish to locate a jet airliner plant in South Carolina. Profits create suspicion; failures earn subsidies.

Then there are the clingers, whom the president long ago blasted as religious zealots and gun-toting xenophobes. These are the sorts whom the attorney general calls “cowards”  (not “my people”) — the “enemies” whom the president advises Latino activists to “punish” at the polls, the sorts that the president apologizes for abroad as guilty of sundry sorts of past class, race, and gender oppression.

In contrast, who is not so worried about government surveillance or audit? The New Black Panthers who turned up at a polling station in Philadelphia to intimidate voters; the “farmers” who, according to the New York Times, filed bogus claims to cash in on the government’s ill-advised and poorly administered Pigford settlement; the Secret Service agents who routinely visited prostitutes while on duty protecting high government officials abroad; and the assistant to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who used her office to enhance her private consulting business.

Americans wonder whom would the immigration services more likely wish to deport: the German Romeike family that was “guilty” of homeschooling their children; Obama’s aunt Zeituni, who lied about her immigration status to illegally obtain state and federal subsidies; or Onyango Obama, who likewise is here illegally (for 21 years) and was recently charged with ramming a police car while driving intoxicated? Is the U.S. so short of DUI offenders and frauds that we must deport homeschoolers to make room for them?

There is currently a climate of fear growing throughout the United States. Millions of Americans are terrified of the IRS, the Department of Justice, the EPA, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and even perhaps the FBI, CIA, and State Department.


These government agencies have never been bigger, more powerful, and more ideologically driven. Citizens fear them for understandable reasons: those who do nothing wrong, whether in filing tax forms or trying to buy a rifle, are considered suspect and deserving to be the target of either federal scrutiny or presidential slurs.  But those who do a great deal of wrong, either by illegally entering the country, disrupting polling, trafficking in weapons in Mexico, eavesdropping on American citizens, pulling tax information for partisan purposes, subverting a government agency, or lying to the public about government activity, seem exempt from punishment — and, more chillingly, sense that they are so exempt.

Ask who now is sitting in prison — a shyster video-maker who had nothing to do with the deaths of four Americans, or their five known terrorist killers lounging about in North Africa? Apparently, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, like EPA director Lisa Jackson, was guilty of creating a fake persona. Like Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, he had a lien on his business. Like former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, he had some unpaid taxes. Like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, he had been visited by government investigators. Like Attorney General Eric Holder and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, he lied to federal authorities — although they were not quite as high as those in the U.S. Congress. And unlike all of the above, he was therefore jailed.

Of all the legacies of Barack Obama, the most pernicious will be the creation of a rogue government that has cut off and terrified half the population — and for no other reason than that they seem to represent things that Mr. Obama simply does not seem to understand.

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VDH wrote “...and for no other reason than that they seem to represent things that Mr. Obama simply does not seem to understand.”
He does understand, but he wants to destroy. What the the leftist-globalist-statists want is a docile yet productive society. Productive in the sense of high economic output, but limited economic (and therefore political) freedom. They want permanently unchallenged control of the economic high ground and to steer the development of new technologies; which they will then use to control us, by controlling our access to them. This applies in particular to medical and communication technologies, but also food, water, fuel, power etc.
You see they want to gradually cull us undesirables. For some of them (like Rev. Wright), this means reducing the number of white people. For the radical feminists it means reducing the number of resourceful, risk-taking men. For the environmental fanatics it means a return to a pre-industrial lifestyle. For Communists like Bill Ayers it means killing off the exploitative middle-class. For the ideologues it means silencing the free-thinkers... Because once they are done, there will be no-one to interfere with their creation of a global, feudal aristocracy, with high-tech toys. (Or so they tell themselves. Of course the next stage will actually be a bloody battle between their own factions for ultimate control. The smart ones already have their attack profiles ready.”

The core brain trust within and behind this administration is composed of fanatical revolutionaries who have subsumed their violent instincts, and channelled them towards infiltration, subversion and techniques of mass-control. If they ever sense that a significant mass of leftist / anarchist supporters are prepared for violent attacks against the conservative middle-class they will go for it. ( This has been their fantasy) for decade. Plus it would allow them to declare martial law and accelerate the rise of the police state they seek.

They have floated many balloons but so far no large revolutionary mass movement has arisen to help them sweep away our resistance. The State House sit-in in Wisconsin, and the Occupy movement made a lot of noise but didn't resonate with enough people. The leftist controllers don't seem to realize that their “supporters” are really apathetic bubble-heads with no real passion for anything. They are the products of leftist indoctrination today. Not revolutionaries, just spoiled brats and boutique socialists (to use VDH's phrase).

Obama's revolutionaries are in a strange sense, risk averse. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say that they while they are prepared to take risks, they will not do so unless they feel that the odds are sufficiently stacked in their favor. One of Alinksy's methods is to push 100%, but if you only get 10%, take the win, consolidate it, and then use it as your new normal and keep pushing for another 100%. Incrementally, over time, you will get everything you want and more.

Besides, with Obama in power they've been able to accelerate their program dramatically, but they know they are on thin ice. They don't want to do anything that will jeopardize their gains at this stage. On the other hand if they begin to feel seriously threatened, they are fully capable of any extreme you can imagine, in order to avoid the lifelong prison sentences that await them when we regain control of the country.

We are literally at war with half the country right now. But the majority on both sides is not aware of it. The Dem leaders are the only ones who truly understand it (and a few voices in the wilderness on the right). Therefore the left has all the initiative. It knows what it wants and is developing and implementing strategies to attain it, and the useful idiots participate in their own enslavement. It is hitting us faster than our ability to react, and has infiltrated the GOP to make effective resistance all but impossible at the legislative level.

We on the other hand are divided, confused, leaderless and uncommitted. Once that changes we will crush these leftist bastards. But it's going to take effective leadership and the Dems are doing all they can to prevent that from emerging. They are audacious, there's no doubt about it. But they may learn that no matter how carefully they study and plan, the world remains unpredictable.
1 year ago
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What your seeing is the result of political correctness being fully established within our bureaucracies. PC has an enemy, due to 5,000 years and more of unrelenting success. Today, many Americans choose to strongly identify with anyone seen as shunted aside throughout history. If you have the right identity, law means nothing in the face of the hated foe.

That means success itself is an enemy and that largely means men and white men even more so. Those who are either jealous or vengeful exist entirely on the Left: ultra-feminists and radicalized non-whites, both of whom think the world has been and is gunning for them. These entities have many allies, mainly men who've been Oprah-ized.

It's no coincidence the Left chokes on saying they love America or having not a single good thing to say about men or whites, even while they can't shut up about men and whites, devoting millions of words to the subject on blogs every day; mostly about what pr-cks they are.

So, what is worshiped? Failure. And that failure is sloughed onto, who else? White men; the genocidal, sexist, colonialist, racists of the world.

If, instead of simply seeing yourself as a human, how galling must it be to strongly identify with failure and then sit on an airplane or at a computer and realize not a single goddam thing has anything to do with your legacy, and so invent stories about female warriors and who REALLY built the pyramids to puff yourself up so you can stand next to something you have no business standing next to.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just given you the most un-PC and yet real view of the world I can, as seen from a Leftist slant. It's one I myself don't even really think about, but I'm speaking in Leftist lingo. Leftists absolutely despise and hate reality, and anything that represents that reality is the enemy.

1 year ago
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There is currently a climate of fear growing throughout the United States. Millions of Americans are terrified of the IRS, the Department of Justice, the EPA, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and even perhaps the FBI, CIA, and State Department.

Dr. Hanson may wish to characterize it as fear - I would characterize it as a red hot glowing rage.

There can be no mistaking the plain fact that Mr. Obama has no intention whatsoever of being president of all of the people of the United States, or even in executing the duties of that office for that matter.

He is the Destroyer, the man that the founders were so afraid would show up long after their deaths to undo that which they had toiled and bled to create.

Mr. Obama and his fellow traitors will come to rue the day that they set their sights upon destroying this Republic - this nation, despite its faults and its shortcomings, was not in need of a fundamental transformation and certainly not by someone the likes of Obama, a man who is diametrically opposed to our founding charter.

1 year ago
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I agree with Hanson and most of you here, but the fact remains is, what good will all the handwringing and gnashing of laptop keys be when 30 million are granted amnesty by the end of the year? At that point, they will win the demographic war by 2014 and not 2043, as reported recently in the media. We will be the slaves, working 40-hour-plus weeks to support all of them.
1 year ago
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If it gets bad enough I'm ready to cash in and grab from the trough like the others, at least until they run out of ink down at Engraving and Printing...
1 year ago
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Sung to the tune of 'Tin Soldiers and Nixon's Coming:"

ATF and Holder’s coming
They think that we don’t know
How tragic to see the slaughter
Dozens dead in Mex-i-co
Gotta get down to it
Drug Thugs are gunning ‘em down
Their lives are filled with such woe
What if you knew them and found ‘em dead on the ground
How can we run when we know?
1 year ago
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It took Nixon to go to China. It took Obama to destroy civil liberties. He knows exactly what he's doing, and he's not working alone.
1 year ago
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It took Nixon to go to China. It took Obama to destroy civil liberties. He knows exactly what he's doing, and he's not working alone.

1 year ago
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How much information is required to boot Obama out of office? When over 50% of the citizens of the country he's leading to destruction know it to be happening, why is nothing being done to remove him? Arrest him? What is Congress doing to counter his actions? Why does the Supreme Court do nothing? What are the tax-payers thinking when writing a check they know will support still another vacation, a golf game in Hawaii, a failing "green" company?
Or is it fun just to continue kicking a stinking dead horse?
1 year ago
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Sadly, we have become a surveillance state. The NSA, the FBI and the IRS
are proof positive of that fact. We are going the way of so many other
countries that made the mistake of embracing socialism, communism,
and the destructive power of "political correctness".
We are no longer a privacy-free democratic republic, and worst of all
"We The People" has no apparent impact anymore.
Good luck, America. Good luck.
And so we allow this president to spy on everyone, including Capitol Hill,
and a lot of Americans think that this is O.K. But it's not it?
Good luck, America.
1 year ago
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Everything the Obama administration is in trouble for has the hallmarks of war preparations. Surveillance and intel, propagandizing, recruiting and training new troops, equipping new troops. Newer agencies and newer still, the scandals encompass all the above. He is preparing for war, right here on our land. Whom does he expect war against? Read this article and find out.
1 year ago
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I think the White House should have the same standards when monitoring people as the politically correct TSA people at airports.
1 year ago
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There is nothing liberal about a totalitarian.

There is nothing compassionate about tyranny.

There is nothing political about dishonor.

This administration is not liberal, compassionate or about "politics" is way past that. The sooner we come to grips with those facts, the sooner we can cease assisting their cover. Unless and until we stop giving credibility to their masks....we trade our liberties for our laziness, we trade our freedoms for our fantasy...that these are just "liberals" opposing conservatives.

They are not.

They are revolutionaries opposing patriots.
1 year ago
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If I am to be productive; I will not be docile and allow the government to take from me and give to those who are grifters like the Obama family.Obama and wife are the ultimate revenge of affirmative action. I taught during the tumultuous 60's and observed first-hand what a bunch of nasty, insolent scum the radicals and their children were and are. No rules and laws apply to them. They are many like me who are seething.
1 year ago
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