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Obama’s Ironic Foreign Policy

December 15th, 2013 - 10:19 pm

The Post-American POTUS

The election of 2008 changed all that. Barack Obama certainly did not see any special relationship with either Britain or Israel in the fashion of past presidents. He grandly announced that, given his Hawaiian roots, he would be our first Pacific president, and promised a pivot of American attention toward Asia. (That pivot impressed the Chinese as much as the vaunted French army of the 1930s deterred Hitler.)

Nor was Obama just talk. He almost immediately declared a total exit from Iraq and withdrawal dates from Afghanistan. In Libya, “leading from behind” outsourced leadership to Britain and France. Benghazi was our thanks for bombing Gadhafi out of power.

In Egypt, Obama seemed to tilt toward Muslim Brotherhood head Mohamed Morsi. Obama certainly seemed far friendlier to Turkish President Recep Erdogan than to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In Syria, the de facto result of Obama flip-flopping was the empowerment of the Tehran-Damascus-Hezbollah axis. Without warning to our allies, Obama promised the Iranians an end to crippling trade sanctions if they paused on nuclear proliferation, without dismantling their nuclear enrichment infrastructure — a move that terrified the Sunni Arab monarchies.

In the Pacific, Japan now takes the lead in confronting Chinese intrusions into its air and sea space. South Korea increasingly and rightly assumes that North Korea is mostly its own problem. Taiwan knows it has to get along with China on Chinese terms. Who would have ever thought that the Philippines would like the return of a U.S. base?

The resentments of Germany, and its own resentment of southern Europeans are entirely a European problem, as is missile defense against a potential Iranian bomb, as is the unwinding of the EU, and as shortly will be the future of the NATO alliance.

Obama was able to recalibrate seven decades of bipartisan foreign policy for a variety of convenient reasons. An unexpected domestic oil and gas bonanza, brought on by new methods of fracking and horizontal drillings (that Obama largely opposed), suddenly made the Middle East less relevant to America.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the bombing of Libya, made Americans tired not just of the costs of war, but even more of the inability of these liberated countries to govern themselves, and of their general ingratitude shown their American liberators. Karzai, Maliki, and the nameless in Libya are not necessarily an attractive bunch.

And$17 trillion in debt and a chronically sluggish economy — at a time of vast expansions in federal entitlements — translates to many Americans that a dollar spent overseas is a dollar lost to food stamp programs. And for the last thirty years, there has been a growing resentment of Americans toward our allies who seem to criticize the U.S. the more they are guaranteed American security.

Add all this up, and American foreign policy has become ironic. Obama was largely welcomed abroad as a pleasant change from the unpopular interventionist and internationalist George W. Bush, whose freedom agenda and guarantees of security for an array of allies were often resented by those they sought to serve. In contrast, Europeans, Middle Easterners, and Asians all claimed they wanted a new direction in U.S. foreign policy. With Obama, they’ve finally obtained their hopes for change (be careful what you wish for) — and now must deal with a newly assertive China, Iran, and Russia largely on their own.

As long as we do not call Obamism “isolationism,” the American people seem to have no problem with the new retrenchment, either because they do not like the costs of engagement or they do not much like the thought of helping those who resent our help.

So far this is mostly ironic. But from now on out it will begin to get a bit dangerous as outlaw nations like Iran, Russia, and China begin to carve out regional hegemonies. At some point, our former allies will seek U.S. help, and at some point, if history is any guide, Americans will reluctantly offer it to them — but a far greater price than needed to be paid.

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If we assume that a man is raised in Marxism, tutored in Islamist "oppression" propaganda, and spends his entire adult life surrounded by Radical Marxists and radical Islamists...given the levers of power...will marry the two.

Obama as a boy, had a radical mother, a radical grandfather, a radical Frank Marshall Davis mentor.

In college and law school, he had radical professors, radical friends, Don Warden and the Socialist Scholars.

In Chicago he had the radical Bill Ayers, the radical Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, the radical ACORN/SEIU, the radical UNO, the radical New Party, the radical Rashid Khalidi, the radical Midwest Academy, the radical Maoist Carl Davidson.

He was gifted the seat of the radical Alice Palmer and entered radical politics, with the backing of the radical Danny Davis.

After a lackluster state political "present" tenure, he was gifted a US senate seat held by the radical Carole Moseley Braun.

After a radical voting record there, he ran for President with a staff who had Che posters and ties to the Nation of Islam, were declared communists and rabid anti-free market agitators, One World Socialists.

Sam Graham Felsen, Cynthia McKinney, ...they shut off the credit card security system, so that "foreign" money could flow in unabated.

George Soros took an influential role and organized "media" tactics.

Ali Abunimah declared that, appearances of centrism aside, Obama was really going to help. Wright, who wanted God to damn America...while he feted his dear friend, Farrakhan...said the same. That "his people" should know that Obama would have to give the appearance of centrism, but it was a front.

Today, we sit and ponder Obama's "bizarre" and seemingly lurching foreign policies. His abandonment of "white Bible countries" and democracies...for Muslim Brotherhood thugocracies and Communist powers.

And...we scratch our heads. Hmmm. Who could have seen THIS coming?

Muslims and Marxists get every benefit. Our former allies get the back of his hand.

We, here at home...get spied on, have the IRS used as an attack dog against us, have our Bible-based religious tenets stripped, have our representatives neutered, have our free will trampled, have our Constitution shattered and have our checks and balances disemboweled.

Our freedoms and liberties strangled.

We are forced to pay homage, tribute and treasure to the STATE.

Domestic policy is based on debasing and denigrating and declawing the people. It is payback for their "oppressive" sins.

Obama's apology tour was presaged by his flag pin "wrong kind of patriotism" and his wife's "never being proud" assertions.

And, we ponder his "clumsy" and "stumbling" policies, with their "unintended consequences".

Yet, how different would ANY of these outcomes be...if Cloward-Piven/Ayers/Davis/Warden/Soros/Khalidi/Farrakahan/Davidson had designed them?

Obama and the "peaceniks" aren't anti-war. We just got duped, because we were always the enemy they rooted against. They didn't dislike drone war gaming...they preferred we weren't powerful.

So, they weakened us. They made Iran, Russia and China and the Muslim Brotherhood stronger.

All, while hiding as soft-hearted, compassionate "liberals" and "progressives". They aren't.

They are hardened and brutal warriors for radical leftism and Farrakhan's/Khalid's Islam.

And, we cogitate...and slumber.
1 year ago
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"Nor was Obama just talk. He almost immediately declared a total exit from Iraq and withdrawal dates from Afghanistan."

I hoped I was wrong, but I figured you'd get to Iraq and Afcrapistan and in a we-should-stay-there-indefinitely kind of way.

Just how long do you think we should have kept troops in Iraq? We kept troops there for 8 long years with over 4,000 killed and tens of thousands severly and permanently injured - missing limbs - that sort of thing. The Bush/Maliki Status of Forces Agreement called for them to be out just about exactly when they were out. The Iraqis demanded that they be allowed to try our troops in Islamic courts for the "High Privilege and Honor" of keeping our worn out troops in that crap hole.

And Just how long to you think we should keep out troops, being used as Human Sacrifices and Lab Rats to the insane PC crap of COIN/"Winning Muslim Hearts and Minds"/"Partners in Peace"/"Trillion Dollar Bridge To Nowhere" in Afcrapistan? It's now in the 13th year. Do you want another 13?

You also seem to be unaware that Obama did "surge" the number of American troops in Afcrapistan, and he did it twice not once. He inherited around 40,000 American troops there from Bush and LBJ'ed it up to 100,000 and still, last I heard, has more than the number of troops there as when he took office. He got 3 times the number or American troops killed there as Bush did, and in much less time. Isn't that enough of this demented madness of "The Islamic Democracy Project"?

Keeping American troops, especially large numbers of them, in Afcrapistan for 13 years and however much longer you want makes even ObamaCare look uterly brilliant and well thought out by comparison, and that's no easy task.
1 year ago
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Sure - China, Russia and Iran will begin throwing their weight around in earnest.
Sure - South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Phillipines and Indonesia will have to deal with a resurgent and increasingly hegemonistic China, and it could lead to a great increase in nuke-capable nations in the region and even the outbreak of war.
Sure - Pakistan, as the Sunni 'Janissaries' or, more accurately, 'Ghazis' of Saudi Arabia, will square off against Shia Syria and Iran, and war - even with some use of nukes - is a real possibility.
Sure - Germany will break away from the EU to lead a Northern Union, while southern Europe falls into ruin and Spain & Italy fracture into older medieval political entities, while the new German Union alternately deals with and squares off against Russia, with Eastern Europe caught in the middle politically and the Middle East and North Africa becoming a point of economic and, inevitably, political contention between the two, again with the possibility of wars breaking out at least at the regional and peripheral level.
Sure - Latin America will fall into greater chaos than ever before, as waning American influence competes with growing Brazilian and Chinese influence, while the latin countries go thru another jolting cycle of peronista/allende - like socialist utopian idealism bankrupting them into accepting military dictatorships and vice versa in a cycle of stupidity.
And Africa - north, central and south - will be torn asunder, as Europe, Russia, China and India yank countries with needed agricultural or mineral resources in any direction they please, with rampant war, genocide, criminality, corruption, plague and misery reaching mythic proportions as Africa is sucked dry of its remaining material wealth.
In a word - the whole globe is going to go to hell in a handbasket.


The Bakken fields in N Dakota and eastern Montana are already fading out, but at least America will be able to fall back on stunning reserves of Nat Gas, Coal and Shale Oil (expensive, but still usable). Perhaps we will be successful in throttling the screeching childish Greens and their flower children brethren while implementing much safer and cleaner nuke energy thru Thorium, as well as making some technology breakthroughs with graphene, carbon nanotubes or other organic plastics to make much cheaper, easier & cleaner to manufacture & more efficient solar cells.
But we're still going to be in miserable shape. Even if all the rare earth sites in North America are exploited, we'll probably still run short of what's needed, which, based on china's dominance as a source of such materials, will mean that American industry will have to get very creative and invent new manufacturing and design techniques to produce goods that are now dependent on those materials by using other elements instead. This also assumes that America will become well organized enough to be able to reindustrialize - but with the under 45's so committed to Progressive Marxist Fascism, that may be a pipe dream.
We're in horrible trouble as a nation. I very much doubt we'll survive intact. But even if we do, and America becomes a free country with a small government, a sound currency, a severely humbled and reduced Wall Street and finance sector and a mighty technology and industrial base again, it will be imperative that the nation do everything it can to ensure that other countries deal with their OWN self-created problems, and if any faction or nation is stupid enough to create a set of circumstances that force America to become involved, then American involvement should be executed in such a fashion that the inciting party comes to regret its actions in the most severe terms imaginable.
If America actually has a future as an intact nation, it won't come about from re-establishing any kind of cultural, economic and/or political hegemony over the nations of the world. It will come about from BREAKING AWAY from them.
Hell, if it were up to me, the only national effort I'd focus on (besides cutting the government to 1/10th it's current size) is a program done in cooperation with industry and university labs to, within the next 3 decades, use biotechnology and robotics to terraform Mars and then take it over. Let the craven idiots running Russia, China, Iran and every other country squabble over territories and land while reducing the earth to a desert. I want MY ancestors to have a way OUT.
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If I didn't know how truly bad it's going to be for the world, us included, I'd be glad that all those anti-American blabbermouths in Europe and some Asian countries are going to find out what it's going to be like when they have to defend themselves (alone) against "real" tyrants.

And as for irony -- one of President Opposite's "goals" was de-nuclearizing the world, yet everything he's done will wind up nuclearizing it -- and also by many more rogue and truly irresponsible and dangerous nations. So dopey.

51 weeks ago
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I agree that the rest of the world is utterly doomed. I have predicted the rest of the world will be engulfed by massive chemical and nuclear battles for resources led by China and Russia, but as long as the United States stays out of the routine turd storm the rest of the benighted world frequently engulfs itself in, and concentrates on our own amazing technological revolution and developing our own massive oil resources, we will be just fine. Better than fine, actually. The US economy is poised for its biggest economic boom and golden age yet, and as long as we remain studiously irrelevant to the rest of the world, our economy will basically be the only functioning one remaining. Within our own borders, we have everything necessary for a vibrant world-dwarfing economy. It will be just like post-World War 2, only without the unproductive drain of the Marshall Plan and NATO.

So I find myself now agreeing with Obama's foreign policy, albeit for the opposite reasons that he does. Syria convulsed in a civil war featuring chemical weapons and unrestrained mayhem against civilians? That's actually a GOOD thing, insofar as it keeps this toxic regional troublemaker tied in knots. Iran developing nuclear weapons, the most likely target being Saudi Arabia? Give me one good reason I should be opposed to that, after watching the smoking ruins of 9-11? Iraq once again engulfed in massive slaughter of civilians? What is so different about that compared with the previous 100's of years of Iraq history? I am supposed to get worked up because the media finally elected to cover it in breathless detail? Where was the media during the long grinding air war of the No Fly Zone/Oil for Fraud years? They ignored it, so I am supposed to get all lathered up now since someone made an editorial decision to cover Iraq in earnest, once the 2003 land invasion went forward?

Oops. I lost the remote to my TV in 1998, and have been unable to watch it.

And if the Muslims can't resolve their long-simmering religious feud by genocidal civil war? I am supposed to get involved over whose inbred third cousin of Mohammed incestuously procreated with Mohommed’s sister or some other equally ridiculous obscurity that happened in 1300? China has the world's largest land army able to forcibly seize and occupy those ghastly hellholes, the will to make atheism the official religion, and use poison gas to terrorize those terrorists. And give them something to occupy themselves besides being toxic religious sewers. Like mass enslavement complete with gas masks and horse whips to roll gigantic blocks of granite on logs from one side of the Middle East to the other.

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51 weeks ago
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Professor Hanson's scholarly skill and thoroughness in his posts is always excellent, as well as reinvigorating for many of us.
In his *books*, he goes into how great men did what they did in the circumstances.
"What they did" has the lesson now of *what to do now* about the tragedy that has befallen our nation. Discussion is fine, but do we then become as much the faculty lounge and campus coffee house dilettantes that we might rightfully disdain and distrust as much as the RINOs & LIVs?? Do we not rightfully and righteously disdain others' hypocrisy and snobbery?
What to do now? - I have repeatedly proposed some supportive action or donation for any win capable conservative for the U.S. Senate as a viable *start* on salvaging our country and what is worthy in Western Civilization. No more dirty harry reid? An enough for impeachment fantasy?
Other pragmatic ideas? George Washington borrowed from the Latin to "Deeds Not Words" to his Continental Army in dire times. This does NOT mean tell us about your ammo stores and recd weapons and more about Manchurian, madrassases, ad nauseum. How to break the criminal stonewall on Benghazi and more? How to assure eventual victory in our Second Civil War best and peacefully?
52 weeks ago
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First and foremost, thank you for your service, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Secondly, I agree and have stated many times that Bush really screwed up on 9-12 with all the politically-correct nonsense about the "religion of peace" and other noxious horsesh!t, and immediately took Iran and Saudi Arabia (especially) off the target list. Telling people to go shopping is a good way of announcing ahead of time that you have no intention of winning the war. And in America, people expect a decisive and unambiguous win, or the War becomes unpopular very fast. That apparently is something the Military needs to start teaching again in military school: Why was and is World War 2 so popular? Cuz Germany immediately surrendered unconditionally after Hitler offed himself, and the cringing Japanese signed the unilateral demands of Unconditional Surrender on the fore deck of the Missouri, while in the background Tokyo continued smoldering in its new role as a gigantic, non-nuclear barbecue.

We have replaced moral, well-thought out ideas like "unconditional surrender" and "winning the war" with unpalatable and unpopular technocratic horsesh!t like "cease fire" and "demilitarized zones" "low-level conflicts" and "calibrated response" and "counter-insurgency doctrine."

Notice how there weren't any "insurgents" to "counter" in Germany and Japan?

But the Bush2 failures weren't the start of this problem. That happened when Bush1 failed - under the influence of Colin Powell's absurd Pottery Barn theory of "You Break it, you own it" - to let the tanks roll on into Baghdad. We didn't want to p!ss Syria off, since they provided 5,000 or so soldiers in the "Coalition" effort (which means they were bystanders who merely held our coats while we kicked Saddam's a$$) Saddam was able, in the psychotic mindset of the Arab world, to declare "victory," cuz he was still alive, right? And then caused trouble for the next 12 years as a low-level indecisive air war daily ground on and on (To enforce the imaginary "cease fire." Yeah right, like the "fire" actually "ceased" for more than a day. Which the media never covered, leaving everyone to pretend that Bush2 abruptly started the "War of Choice" in 2003 as though he conjured the idea out of nothing).

Enough of that history. So we go into Iraq with the stated purpose of removing Saddam. That was a clear, unambiguous goal, with a clear and unambiguous end point. Bush2 on the even of the ground invasion (I refuse to buy into the popular delusional nonsense that the 2003 ground invasion was the "start" of the "elective" war. That would would cheapen the sacrifice and bravery of my many fighter pilot friends, in addition to it being a bald-faced lie), called on Saddam and his sons to get out of Iraq. They didn't, and so the ground invasion started and sure enough Saddam and his sons assumed room temperature no later than December 2003, just 8 months or so after the first M-1 Abrams nosed its gigantic throbbing erectile tissues into Iraq.

What the heck was the US still doing in Iraq after the stated goals of the ground invasion were achieved in December, 2003? Oh, THAT was because the Muslims chose to reignite a century's-old religious feud and bloodbath? Why exactly did everyone agree that was OUR problem? I mean, here psychotic and blood drunk Muslims were behaving exactly like murderously-psychotic Muslims have always behaved, and suddenly we we adopt the Counter-Insurgency nonsense that soldiers should be turned into heavily-armed social workers! REALLY? Mere "Counter-Insurgency doctrine" can cure a festering thousand year old religious feud? REALLY?

At that point in time, we should have graciously invited in the UN blue helmets comprised of $300 dollar a month Pakistani and Bangladesh-stani and Somalistani and Nigeriastani Peace Keepers in their ill-fitting itchy wool leftover uniforms from World War 1 and their 70 year old armored personal carriers led incompetently by a drunken Quebecois general who speaks no English; or even better yet just let the Muslims slaughter each other for awhile and eventually offer a heartfelt televised apology, like Bill Clinton did for Rwanda.

Almost ANY other tactic would have done less damage to the US's standing than the route we chose, which was a slow, indecisive bleed for 8 more years. And we still can't figure out why to this day the Iraq Ground Invasion became so unpopular with the American Public.

Now we turn to Afghanistan. Afghanistan was a festering impacted zit on the butt cheek of the world after the Soviet Union turned tail - wisely in my opinion - and ran, leaving the Muslims to devour each other in a fratricidal frenzy. And we ran too, after heavily-arming psychotic Muslims with advanced weaponry to carry on their ancient tribal feuds. What could have possibly gone wrong with that?

After 9-11, we quickly drove the Taliban and Al Quaeda out of Afghanistan, and refused to use any where near an app
1 year ago
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Re: Your "Thank you for your service" to Robman - - -
It might be less awkward and less embarrassing to the DD214ers who on a "tour " walked in the woods and chewed the mud and those now more recently who "deployed" to play in the sandbox (often time after time) to say:

"Well done on your service".
52 weeks ago
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This is all good, but by now I am tired of articles that catalogue the Obama administration's sins against the country and the constitution. I am dying to read an article that says something like "Today President Obama has been removed from office ..." Unless we get some action, we will go down still writing and talking about how bad it is, and our grandchildren will curse us for our inaction - just as we curse the Germans for not removing Hitler when they had the chance. At this point I don't care how it is done - just do it.
1 year ago
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What do you propose?
1 year ago
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Anything that preserves our republic.
52 weeks ago
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We have been carrying everyone else's heavy water since 1945 and since 1950, this policy has cost us over 100,000 dead and around 500,000 wounded. From the Korean War to the present day, our allies have been allowed to build their economies but not have to make the human investment that we have made. How much longer should American parents expect to raise their children in order to send them off to war to defend "US Interests" that are often of an ambiguous or even esoteric substance?
1 year ago
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1945? Try 1917. That was our first attempt at carrying everyone else's heavy water.

What exactly did we get out of World War 1? What business was that of ours? Oh yeah, gee, to save France the first time, right? And we earned their gratitude.


And the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations......those worked out real swell too, I hear. Darned Yanks, always thinking the world can be fixed.

We saved Europe from its most toxic, basest, most murderous instincts three times in less than 100 years, and after stationing troops there for almost 50 years, at no charge. Europe at heart is only incrementally more civilized that the Islamic world. And the average Obedience-schooled American Dachshund or feral alley cat has more empathy, more logic, more understanding of the rudiments of civilization and the minimal standard of civilized behavior, than does the average Mohammedan.

Europe is simply a basket case. Oh yeah, there are parts of it that have the thin veneer of civilization (only with persistent American domination) - France, Britain, Germany (the latter only when it is properly leashed) - but it is brittle and superficial veneer, at best. Behind those sophisticated and worldly accents lies the thinking that justified putting Jews into the ovens. France actively assisted Germany in this project. Britain barely fought off Nazi Germany's aggression (against the will of many British Nazi sympathizers), and even then, only with boatloads of American support (prior to Pearl Harbor).

Rarely ever do Americans really grasp how sickeningly terrible and truly awful most of the rest of the world is, and for at least 100 years, the only force for good has basically been America.
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1 year ago
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Well, the Brits were carrying the load from about 1800 to 1940 something.
1 year ago
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World War 1 trench warfare was a humanitarian catastrophe and a stalemate before the US arrived in 1917, thank you very much.

And Britain in 1940 was utterly and completely dependent on free boat loads of supplies from America. Otherwise Brits, instead of today being obnoxiously-drunk pantless soccer yobs puking on parked cars wearing only a Union Jack T-shirt; would be taking their school lessons in German, growing toothbrush mustaches, and drinking cold German beer.
1 year ago
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Yeah, the irony, Mandala is dead, but apartheid still lives: it's just called affirmative action racial set asides peddled by the likes of Sharpton and the President. Hell, they can't even get someone who knows how to do sign language anymore for the President, much less speak English. When it comes to the border, Mi case es su casa, as long as you stay out of my Rancho Santa Fe to pee on the sidewalks in down town San Diego.
1 year ago
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Hmmm, the author forgot to mention Kissinger's carefully crafted handling of the Yom Kippur War to make Egypt leave their Soviet masters and become dependent on the US. Also, to put the "arrogant" Israelis under the US thumb for some chance to test out/show the superiority of US arms, in the Arab/Israeli conflict. The present administration just carelessly tossed away that decades old influence to the Soviets because his party, Moslem Brotherhood got thrown out. Yet for all his "isolationism" and failures thru out the world, one area has not lost his interest, forcing a withdrawal to indefensible borders for the Israelis. Reminds me of some dictator who made his last effort against the same people, not too long ago. Trouble is for today's dictator, these people now have "home team advantage."(G-d willing.
1 year ago
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It is complicated if you review where he gets his talking points from.

JANUARY 15, 1998 Zbigniew Brzezinski: How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen by Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair

Brzezinski And The Mujahideen 1979
1 year ago
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Agreed.....for WHAT? indeed.

I'm the one who keeps carping on our total withdrawal of all our ground forces form all Muslim controlled territory, and bringing them home. Then, a watchful quarantine on the order of our Soviet containment of the Cold War. And, lets hear none of this leaving a "vacuum" baloney. These noxiously fluid Muslims fill every crevice, every shifting crevice as a matter of centuries' long strategy.

The longer we stay and these troublesome Muslims bleed us [and also our cash] the longer we remain in the butchering crossfire of their infighting tribes and sects.

Just another reason to cease all of this USAID and limit ourselves to selective assistance after natural disasters such as Asian earthquakes and typhoons.

Enough of this "hearts and minds" tragedy of sacrificing our youth in Asia. None of these ungrateful temporary "allies" will ever come to our aid.

....."you're welcome, World."
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
And Obama was supposed to intervene, as per Saudi Arabia's threats and posturing, in the Syrian Civil War, on behalf of Al Quaida's local affiliate?

What could possibly go wrong?

America simply has been sh!t on long enough in those primitive third world sh!thole basket cases. We "liberate" Iraq (where China and France now have all the oil much for "No Blood for Oil") wasting our best and brightest, and STILL they cannot formulate a civilized, consensual humane government after the US spent ten years there! We go into Somali in history's first purely humanitarian invasion - solely to provide food for the starved - and it ends up with Khat-crazed lunatics killing our soldiers and dragging their naked bodies through the street - to the wild and enthusiastic cheering of the entire populace. We save Saudi Arabia from Saddam Hussein in 1991, and they show their gratitude by whelping and financing 18 mutants from hell that caused 9-11, and build thousands of madrasses in Pakistan that are nothing more than hate-spewing toxic sewers. We liberate France (which accurately was temporarily a German substate) twice in one century, and it is now the most vocally anti-American country in Europe.

Enough is Enough. I remember the summer I spent in Greece in a foreign student school in Athens. Even then, the anti-American hostility from the French, the Germans and the British was palatable, which was right after we saved their bacon - yet once again - from the Soviet Union. In fact, I was treated far better by our "enemies," the ethnic Russians from the Soviet Union, than by anyone there from Western Europe. Our "enemies," the poor enslaved Soviet citizens, were the most vocally pro-American people in Europe.

This pervasive Anti-Americanism is just a social inferiority complex. We didn't cause it, nor can we fix it. Why would we want to?

It just amazes me how far behind even advanced Anglosphere countries are in comparison to the US. I go to Canada and New Zealand rather frequently, and their deficits vis-a-vis the US are just jaw-dropping. I was in Canada this weekend, and an oil geologist from Calgary - the epicenter of Canadian oil - confided that Canada can't frack, can't refine oil, and didn't know about the huge shale oil discovery in Australia. Blackberry, the crown jewel of Canadian high tech pretensions, is down for the nine count, hoping to sell off pieces of itself at a 1/100th of its highest value. Canada Netflix is a puny shadow of American Netflix, the Canadian TV industry is also on the ropes, unable to compete with the addictive Breaking Bad and Sopranos. Amazon barely operates there. Their health care system is at least 50 years behind the widely-reviled American system, technology wise. At least every weekend, there is a big Anti-America demonstration downtown.

The US and most of its better allies are slowly drifting apart on a sea of revolutionary technological change. It is time for the messy divorce.
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1 year ago
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Technological superiority? Do me a favour. You have carefully left out the USA's truly appalling communications infrastructure and the electric power grid that shuts down whenever the weather gets a little bit bad; in both cases, the reason is short-termism by the suppliers. Florida is subject to hurricanes, the British weather is benign; guess which place has a buried power grid (locally, anyway) and which one hangs its power lines out in the wind?

And as for American-made cars...
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Seriously, you think America (home of the free and the first land with 4G) has an "appalling communications infrastructure?" In Canada, the ancient telephone system is ran as an arm of the Post Office. Other than in big cities, 4G by and large does not exist there. New Zealand STILL does not have 4G, and neither does most of Europe.

As far as American-made cars, have you read or seen anything about the C7 Corvette? It just won Road and Track's sports car of the year, beating Porsches and Ferraris that cost six times as much.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Well said, and of course it's perfectly and appropriately veddy veddy politically incorrect.
Thank you......this need to be said more and more. People nowadays are fixated on 140 character blips and ignore the bloodshed of their fellow Americans in their gnat-like attention spans. They simply don't deserve the sacrifices made on their behalf. They're oblivious.
This is confirmed, of course, by the amateurs a-clickin'-a-clickin' away inside our White House....actually elected in Obama's case.
Read Klavan's article, "What does it take?"
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
It was Obama's red line, after all.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
Well then, it is a GOOD thing that he is a liar and a coward.
1 year ago
1 year ago Link To Comment
WADR to scholarly efforts of VDH and so many others, is not the _____-in-WH already proven and predictable to do his and the worst in everything?
Do we need more "whats", "whys", "trace the patterns" ad nauseum?
Now: What to do, what to do, what to do?
LIV, MSM, DNC, RNC, OWS, MTV, AI, et al are going to remain as they are period.
Impeachments, resignations, bursts of insight, epiphanies and life defining conscience moments, internal "reformation" in Islam ... - No.
Again: Support the election of a/any better U.S. Senate candidate next year. Other proposals for discussion?
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