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Obama Is Just Obama

June 9th, 2013 - 11:12 pm

Suddenly, half the country is upset with Obama for the recent flurry of scandals. Even some in the media are perplexed. Why the sudden angst, given that Obama is simply being Obama? We, not he, changed the rules.

Once Barack Obama was elected to the Illinois legislature, his career as a statesman was mostly an afterthought — either voting “present” on controversial legislation (cf. Hillary’s 2008 complaint) or simply showing up to sign off on a straight left-wing agenda. Even his supporters can cite no lasting legislative achievement other than his controversial votes to allow babies born alive from botched abortions to be liquidated. As a political unknown, he got elected and defined his tenure as a legislator into a perpetual effort to find higher office.

Ditto the U.S. Senate.  Obama was noted in his brief career mostly for compiling the most partisan record among a diverse group of 100 senators, while making the argument that he worked “across the aisle” and was a model of “bipartisanship.” Because newly elected Senator Obama swore that he would not run for the presidency, we inferred that he would certainly do just that. (Yes, it is axiomatic that when Obama swears ["make no mistake about it"/"let me be perfectly clear"], then we expect what will follow will prove to be the very opposite.)

In the Senate, there was no signature legislation, no principled opposition, not much of anything, except a vote against Justice Alito and some similarly failed efforts at other filibusters to deny nominees an up-or-down vote.  He spent most of his brief sojourn attacking George W. Bush for the very protocols that he as president would later embrace. The only thing important was getting elected in the first place as a left-wing senator, and Obama accomplished that in brilliant, if not Machiavellian, fashion — with the help of the leaked divorced records of both his primary and general opponents.

The Man Who Never Was

The saga of Obama is marked by the uncanny ability to soar through the academic and government cursus honorum without ever being held too accountable for what followed. Obama’s selection as editor of the Harvard Law Review broke new ground. But to this day, no one cares much that his record was mediocre with no scholarly work to show for his tenure.

For that matter, ditto also his law career at the University of Chicago: an impressive appointment, but no scholarly book as promised, not even an article, and no distinguished record of teaching. Not much of anything. The point of the Nobel Prize was winning it — not doing anything that might have earned it. Just as there was no foreign policy achievement that preceded the prize, so there was naturally none following it. Why expect anything different now?

The Mind of the Liberal Elite

Obama always has a unique insight into a disturbing pathology among wealthy white liberal elites, who often seek, in condescending fashion, to promote particular aspiring minority candidates into positions of power and influence by virtue of their profile rather than past record. Hence the prep-schooled Barry Dunham returned to the more exotic Barack Obama, an authentic enough “other” fresh out of Rev. Wright’s Church, but also the pet of the Ivy League. Had he been born in Chicago to a Daily ward boss, it would have been a bit much to win statewide office. Had Obama been named Reggie Davis I don’t think the liberal resonance would have been there. Had he intoned like Jesse Jackson — all the time — he would have worried big-money liberals. Had his mannerisms been Al Sharpton-like, that would have been a bridge too far. There is something in the liberal mind that ignores the anti-constitutional transgressions of a smooth Eric Holder, but goes berserk over the comparatively minor obfuscations of a twangy Texan Alberto Gonzalez, perhaps along the lines of “how dare he?”  Politics aside, liberal elites would always prefer to hear a Barack Obama fudge than a Clarence Thomas tell the truth.

Obama brilliantly threaded the multicultural, Ivy-League, prep-school, affirmative action, just like us-sorta, yuppie needle. I’ll let you decide whether wealthy liberals practice such racialist paternalism because of feelings of guilt, because of their intrinsic dislike of the NASCAR/Sarah Palin working and middle classes, or as a sort of medieval exemption — the huge “Obama for President” sign on the lawn of the Palo Alto professor means never having to put your kids in schools where some are bused in from East Palo Alto. But what is absolutely non-controversial is that Obama’s prior record as a university undergraduate, a Harvard Law Review editor, a Chicago law lecturer, an Illinois legislator, and a U.S. senator was as undistinguished as his efforts to obtain those posts were absolutely dazzling.

The presidency followed the same earlier script. Obama ran a brilliant campaign both in 2008 and 2012, more inspired even than Richard Nixon’s 1972 CREEP run, or Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America” 1984 touchy-feely pastel effort. In 2008, Obama offered cadences of something known as “hope and change” that were supposed to cure the evils of George Bush — and left everything else to the media. The second time around, he turned a decent Mitt Romney into a veritable greedy ogre from the Utah nuthouse, who did everything from ignoring his African-American garbage man to torturing his poor dog to buying pricey horses for his wife who was found guilty of being an equestrian.

But Obama’s record as president? There is pretty much nothing other than ramming through an unpopular takeover of health care, leveraged by political bribes and deemed unworkable even before it is enacted. A “train wreck” is how its author in the Senate dubbed his own legislative offspring.  Otherwise it was golf, down time, and free rein for zealous subordinates to “fundamentally transform America” by any means necessary, usually through administrative fiat and subversions of the vast and always growing bureaucracy.

Obama is now somewhat shocked that a few in the media hold him responsible for lots of bad things that his administration did: destroyed the reputation of the IRS; had a rogue EPA director invent a phony persona; let the HHS secretary shake down PR money from corporations to sell Obamacare; turned the Justice Department into a veritable Stasi enterprise going after the phone records of reporters; reduced the State Department into an arm of the 2012 Obama reelection effort; and helped erode the reputations of both Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, who advanced campaign narratives about Benghazi that were not just untrue, but were demonstrably false the moment they were presented.

So What?

So where’s the beef? Obama, who was given a pass from Rev. Wright to Tony Rezko, is justifiably confused: who now changed the rules? Why should he suddenly be held accountable in a way he never was prior? He signed up to be a transformational president who was above politics, not someone subject to the vagaries of Washington scandals.

The result of the serial dishonesty is that Obama almost immediately reverted to his natural campaign mode, the soaring rhetoric and non-traditional persona that won him everything on the guarantee that there would be no audit, no assessment, no final appraisal. In other words, Obama never really became president of the United States. He simply kept running for the office against “them” even when he is now “them” holding the highest office. So Pavlovian was his campaign mode that he never quite stopped to wonder why he was running against himself — now damning the very abuses of power that he committed, upset only that someone might be disturbed about a record in a manner that they never were at Harvard, in the Senate, or during his first term.

Quo Vadimus?

Where do the scandals lead? To about three more months of Washington inaction. At some point soon, the Democrats will accept that the novelty of Obama in opposition to the First, Second, and Fourth Amendments has worn off. Who cares to hound out our first black president, our first northern liberal commander in chief in a half-century? Likewise the media will strut a bit to show it is not entirely reptilian, but then will revert to the usual hagiography. Why endanger Obamacare, or “lead from behind,” or the apology tours, or the new 50 million on food stamps by cannibalizing your own?

There are lots of metaphors for Obama. Some cite King Henry II, who dreams out loud for advantageous things to follow, only to shed alligator tears when toadies reify his deadly desires (Becket dead? That was a bit much, wasn’t it?). Others cite the clueless Jimmy Carter, whose agendas proved unworkable and ended up as caricatures of a presidency. I still prefer Chauncey Gardiner of Being There. In January 2012, I wrote the following on these pages:

What got Obama to the presidency was being a man without a past or present, Chauncey Gardiner of Being There — without a college record, a medical record, a scholarly record, or much of a legislative record, the “smartest” president in history without having to say or do anything smart, who “busted hump” his entire life without any proof that he ever did any such thing, who proclaimed himself a greater president than all but three, but left nothing great in his wake, now or in the past. Obama had forgotten that winning non-persona for a time, and so after 2009 fooled himself into thinking out loud that at times he would play a real Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Kennedy, or Reagan.

But now Obama accepts what he was and always will be — Chauncey Gardiner.

And just being there is apparently the way to being president a bit longer.

Nothing has changed in the last 18 months, and the Obama presidency remains what it has been since 2009:  a path-breaking candidate who was elected America’s first African-American president; a gifted teleprompted speaker who is as accomplished from a script as he flounders ex tempore; and an opportunist haunted by George Bush and the post-2010 Republican House that are supposed to be responsible for most of what he gets caught for.

Otherwise there is not a lot there—mostly a carnival of McCarthyite (AttackWatch, JournoList, IRS) henchmen and left-wing extremists trying to push through an agenda by any means necessary that the majority of America probably does not welcome.

Obama is perturbed that we question any of this malfeasance. I think he is right to be angry. In his case, we made up the Obama rules that symbolism (not performance) and amnesty (not accountability) count. So why break our covenant with him, and now start asking for concrete and honest accomplishment when the teleprompter was always enough? In 2008, did we ask for the specifics of “the audacity of hope,” or ponder how someone who did not miss a service at Trinity Church (“Yep. Every week. 11 o’clock service”) somehow missed Rev. Wright’s serial racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-American rants? That we now want to know the president’s role in Benghazi, or in the IRS, AP, and Fox scandals is something that was just not part of the smartest-president-in-history bargain—as if once upon a time America ever demanded, “What the hell is your hope and change?”

So as they say here in Selma, “Get over it”.

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The emperor not only has no clothes, his media has made a fashion statement out of it.

We didn't create the "Obama Rules", VDH. A propaganda machine worthy of the Daley Machine in Chicago, refused to let a sliver of light filter out of the darkness of complicit mendacity.

Obama not only wasn't vetted, his true background was covered up, boots licked clean of mud and polished to a fine sheen. I'm much less interested in where Obama the baby was born...than I am in where Obama's ideas and loyalties were borne.

Stanley Kurtz' "Radical in Chief" exposed much, but the Agenda Media, Agenda Hollywood and Agenda Academia circled Obama like millions of little white blood cells..emphasis on white.

The original sin of being born white cannot be granted absolution without the baptism of leftist cult attachment. Red diaper babies are handed down this absolution in a form of Scion-tology...the cult of being a traitor to one's country..and wearing it as a badge of honor...instead of dishonor.

Obama is a symbol of the descending stairway to hell. We will give up every freedom, we will disgrace every honor, we will abandon every liberty...for the peer pressured comfort of being "accepted" by the "cool kids". Because treason is cool. The Revolution and the Overthrow are cool. We know this...because our information stream tells us so.

And we will continue to chase "cool"...until we are cold.

And dead.
1 year ago
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Not everyone bought into the false narrative.. but those of us who knew what we were getting were shouted down by a blind hyper partisan left wing media.. were maligned as Nazi's by Pelosi and Reid.. were ignored by the GOP establishment, and ignored as well by the "youth vote" voting for the "cool" candidate, fixated on the novelty of voting for the first black president.. showing just how shallow some voters are in picking his race over his character.

Some of us saw something like this coming.

Because we knew his red diaper back ground, his bent for Marxist friends and professors.. there was zero chance his presidency would end well.. His fondness for rabidly left subordinates, and lack of attention to anything but his own high living pleasure, almost guaranteed a disaster.

He may be angry that suddenly the media has called him out as a liar and thug..

But America should be far far angrier he got an unvetted run by the media who worked double overtime burying his real self.

The rank and file voter, just takes the neqws at face value, never checks other sources, the media's drive to get him elected exploited that .. I don't blame Americans nearly as much as a hyper partisan press, owned by the left wing party, and openly campaigning for their "favored" candidate.. you'd need a billion dollars to counter all the free campaign commercials doubling as news reports he received. not sure anyone could have stopped him, with that kind of a propaganda arm working for him
1 year ago
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The affirmative-action President, who's been handed every job he's ever had, over better-qualified candidates, simply because he is half-black.
1 year ago
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All Comments   (86)
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One thing Obama's elections have accomplished is to give the uninformed voters an influence they do not deserve. Only now is someone declaring "the emperor isn't wearing any clothes" and O. will coast to the end of his reign, perhaps hurting this country irretrievably. The US has lost it's status in the world, we are inundated with debt and scandals; our government is as corrupt as any banana republic. What a disgusting mess.
1 year ago
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1 year ago
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Mark, I was a confident bleeding heart who voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary and would have voted for the Democrat who won the nomination, but Rev Wright entered the picture. Thus my 180 on my longheld beliefs; I felt like shaking everybody and saying how can you support a person who has listened to "GD America" for twenty years? I have voted straight Republican since except for last May's primary election where I voted for a few judges that I like and voted for anybody, but Obama. I continue to stay in disbelief that Democrats with a voice have not stood up for this country and our citizens. And this is so much more than political parties, but does expose those who will never be Americans first such as Rubio, McCain, Holder, Obama and too many more who stand with illegal aliens before Americans
1 year ago
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Obama's reign is one of violation. Will the violence be far behind?
1 year ago
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"a gifted teleprompted speaker who is as accomplished from a script as he flounders ex tempore;"

I have to disagree on this point. I think I am not alone when I say that even when reading from a teleprompter Obama seemed much like an elementary school student reading in front of the class.
1 year ago
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I can't believe it tkes a professor to state the obvious. But I'm grateful for it, nonetheless.
1 year ago
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Yes, he uses the “push the envelope” method you describe, but his real goal is to trigger a genuine, revolutionary mass movement, using techniques derived from the observations of Eric Hoffer and others on how to kindle mass consciousness. But these efforts have been in vain because he cannot verbalize the real goals of his administration without revealing his deep hatred of Americans. Instead the leftists try to trigger their revolution indirectly, with oblique signals in film and other media. But the fact remains that despite his legislative successes, few of Obama's policies have any real support among the population. It's just smoke and mirrors designed to blunt the economic dynamism of the middle class.

Obama knows that he is stirring a hornets' nest with his serial lies, unprecedented larceny and relentless attacks on the Constitution. But he also knows that we lack a unifying narrative, and that limits our ability to oppose him. So he dares much, driven by the need to control that you've highlighted. Sooner or later he will go too far. His kind always do. Perhaps he already has.
1 year ago
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Don't be so sure he doesn't have the support of the population. Remember: it was the under-45 bracket (comprising two different generations) that put him into office TWICE. The most common excuse I've heard from them is "He really isn't living up to my expectations; I think it's because he really does want to do the right thing, but Washington is preventing him." The psychotic rejection of reality is rather obvious to anyone but them; nevertheless, it is the under-45 generations that are now taking the reins of power in the country, and they will advance their dreamy idiocy of a perfect world until it destroys us all. Mark my words: things are going to get much, MUCH worse, and nothing that happens in the 2014 or 2016 elections will make the slightest difference.
1 year ago
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Chicago on the Potomac tallied a totally corrupted electoral vote.

Get real.

This is the tyrant who pulled the US Census -- an astounding database -- into the PINK HOUSE. It was not an innocent move.

This is the player that made Google executives "Dollar Men." He had teams of Google software engineers taking a 'rest' gaming his re-selection -- and then bragging on such in Atlantic magazine.

This is the crew that learned inner city skills -- to the point of getting 100% error free voting for the prince; something never before achieved.

On and on it goes.

Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, even North Carolina -- the votes were corrupted. It was one statistical freak show after another.

But the MSM is happy. Their boy stayed in the wheelhouse.

And in other news, the MSM is shedding jobs like crazy. Newsweak needs another sugar daddy.
1 year ago
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Is he? Any proof of that? I think he's arab.
1 year ago
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Random comments.
1. (also posted elsewhere). A hidden effect of Affirmative Action is that, once selection/promotion/admittance etc. are no longer merit based, but instead are 'Judgement' based by an administrator with an official agenda, we become subject to that person's unofficial being sure all government hirings, university admissions etc. include ideological purity. (Or in Universities, the likelyhood of creating idealogical purity)
2. The media (press) gets one of the very few non-government specific mentions in the Constitution, in fact gets and entire amendment. As such, shouldn't some smart lawyer be able to file, if not a criminal suite, a civil suit for derelition of responsibility? (Don't get cute here, the real words and charges will be of Legal Art, but it is as reasonable as 'hate speech' etc.) This could include failure to report the entire argument, selective reporting (lie by ommission) and other such.
3. The NSA and DOD have been taping transatlantic cables and telephone microwaves for years and the FBI tapping phones. We were somewhat protected in that it took a team of people to listen and record each conversation plus another team to analyse the information...a very analog situation. This means that it takes more people to listen to us than there are of us...definitly deminishing returns. Now, with everything, including telephone voice data digital a computer can listen, record and data mine. No more safety by hiding in the volume of data.
4. Somewhere a press guy will figure out that there is a fortune in being contrary to popular MSM thought. It will take courage and the rare talent of telling the tale.
1 year ago
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Campaigns Obama waged over the last six years have left sores on the American psyches that were initially thought to be painless. His model of divide and conquer was fashioned after the Saul Alinski “Rules for Radicals” book which that author dedicated to Satan. The fact that his appointments, advisors, and staff are some of the lowest dregs of the radical left has been documented, and it is worth noting that most are from Chicago. The Occupy White House cult that Obama has assembled in our capital is now criminally aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and their goal for Sharia law in our country. Our Constitution and Rights are on a course to become a burning bridge on the Potomac as the Tyrant fulfills a vow to his dead father. Scandals that now pop up like rashes on Obama’s “skin game” are the symptoms of a far greater disease. Poisoned legislation bearing the tyrant’s name, swollen with the "mucous" of his agenda, dictates the spread of this disease through “progressive stages” we have yet to see. OBAMA-SYPH is the syphilis that Socialism is transmitting through the “placenta” of the political abortion that is Chicago.
1 year ago
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