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President Obama’s New American Vocabulary

July 14th, 2013 - 11:07 pm

“Make No Mistake About It”: Something neither “perfectly clear” nor “in point of fact.”

Media: The Ministry of Truth.

Money: You have made enough of it already.

Muslim Brotherhood: Secular, at least largely.

Muslims: Those who also worship Jesus but without the bothersome bible thumping.

NSA: Add another A and it would be an Islamic outreach agency.

Nuclear Option: To be outlawed, except in the Senate.

ObamaCare: Sort of read, sort of passed, sort of enacted, sort of ended.

One-percenter: Obama fundraisers.

Police: Act stupidly.

Profile: Typical white person.

Profit: Not the time to.

Race: Cowards never talk about it.

Recess Appointments: Hardly “damaged goods.”

Renditions: Valuable anti-terrorism protocols once George Bush left office.

Reset: Turning neutrals into enemies.

Revolving Door: Abuses ended by those like Peter Orszag.

Sequesters: Forced on fiscally sober presidents by uncaring, callous opponents.

Spiking the Ball: You avoid that by mentioning a dead Osama bin Laden ad nauseam.

Spread the Wealth: Tuition at Sidwell Friends.

Spying: OK on friends, suspicious when on others.

Taxes: Never were raised on those who pay more of them.

Tea Party: Presidentially referenced sex act.

Terrorism: Endemic among returning Iraqi veterans and Christian fundamentalists.

Transparent: Say it enough and it happens.

Typical White Person: Jorge Meza Zimmerman.

Undocumented Workers: Never had documents and not all have worked.

Unemployment Rate: It depends on why you want to know.

White Hispanic: Not to be confused with white African-American.

Wind and Solar: Like farm subsidies without the farm.

Workplace Violence: Murdering 13 soldiers while yelling “Allahu Akbar.”

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Our President has been a total disgrace to EVERYTHING the United States of America has stood for. President Obama is inarguably the most arrogant racist our country has ever had in a leadership position. When he doesn't get his way he uses "executive decision" to by-pass congress and our constitution to make laws the majority of our citizens do not agree with or support. I have the utmost respect for the office of The President, but I have no respect for the man who holds that office. Why would The President EVER incite division of his countries citizens unless his main purpose is to destroy the country. When are the citizens of the United States going to wake up? Obama has done sooo many impeachable things, yet our congress and senate refuse to act. I am not embarrassed to be an American but I am embarrassed of my President and his actions! President Obama is the worst President our nation has ever had!
1 year ago
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Linguistic mumbo jumbo is a centerpiece bludgeon utilized by the left to bludgeon patriots/conservatives. In fact, without their doublespeak it would be impossible to talk 'PC English'!
But it must be stressed, sans the left's infiltration/penetration of academia, none of this would be possible. Not only that, but 'J Schools' wouldn't be producing advocacy 'journalism' if not for the left's hegemony within.
So, if the onus is to be placed anywhere, let us start with Alinsky's taught 'Rules for Radicals' (Obama's/Hill's & surrogates) and go from there -

An American tragedy. Western civilization's too.

Adina Kutnicki, Israel

1 year ago
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This new vocabulary dovetails nicely with the results of a multi-decade assault on education in general, making for a toxic citizenry consisting of low information fools incapable of the critical thinking necessary to laugh charlatans like Obama and his ilk out of office.
Kruschev was right. They did bury us from within.
1 year ago
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All Comments   (27)
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Little Bro & Big Sis(until She resigned) are Watching: IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH; Carney as Chief Spokes boy of The Ministry of "TRUTH": He(BHO) is "Their WAY; The Lie and The Darkness: Lay-down your Cross-- on others --and 'Go follow him'"...
1 year ago
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Lies...Damn Lies...Statistics...PC...Orwellian New Speak/Duck Speak....Obama Speak~ Son of the Father of Lies( Pope Francis); Master of Mendacity/ KETMAN (Czeslaw Milosz)
1 year ago
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You think Obuttboy is a bad president...wait until Hitlary becomes our first gay female president. Then you'll see some change'n around here. Men will problem have to sit down to piss or something...
1 year ago
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LOVED this one: “Make No Mistake About It”:
Something neither “perfectly clear” nor “in point of fact.”

Unfortunately, we've known forever that when His Hiney-ness O. says "perfectly clear", it's a HUGE clue (much like a brilliant strobe light) that means "I'm LYING, I'm LYING - and I KNOW I'm lying!"
1 year ago
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"Common man who cares for me": hang out with .1 percenters in Hollywood and Silicon Valley

"Vacation" -- staying at rich friends' mansions on Martha's Vineyard or taking separate tax-provided planes to Europe or Hawaii. And never to Chicago, where the house is, all while claiming Bush took more vacations -- to his own ranch, in Texas, that the media hated.

"Ending domestic surveillance" : increasing domestic surveillance ten fold

"Marriage" : a term 10,000 years old is what five robed judges say it means.

1 year ago
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American person - Replaces the old fashion terms "American citizen" and "illeagal immigrant." Be born here or enter the country any way you can and you automatically become an American person.
1 year ago
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1 year ago
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He forgot
"President":an intellectually lazy prevaricating racialist whose attempts to destroy this country thru balkanization will come to an end January of 2017. If we make it that far.
1 year ago
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Nice touch including the clip of the movie "1984" taking about "New Speak." Obozo is a tyrant just as the leader of Oceania!
1 year ago
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You forgot "man-caused disaster" formally known as terrorism.

New words are constantly replacing old words to cause confusion. The new word can be given a slightly different meaning.

I was just giving examples of all the words we used in high school that can now be considered offensive, all the while nothing about the situation has changed one bit. For example "cripple" has become a bad word. "Mentally retarded" -- bad word. It's best to do a word search before writing anything to find out if any of the words you regularly use has become a bad word since the last time you used it.
1 year ago
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