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If Only Our Foreign Enemies Were Republicans

June 25th, 2013 - 12:00 am

Turning to more concrete action, the IRS has global reach. Could it not turn on Hezbollah the way it has gone after the Tea Party?

Instead of inflammatory language like “patriots” and “tea party,” might the agency fixate on “terrorism” and “jihad”? And just as the FBI did not detain Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Major Hasan, or Anwar al-Awlaki after these suspects came to their attention, could it not finally let go of the poor video-maker Mark Basseley Youssef, innocent of inciting the al-Qaeda related terrorists in Benghazi?

For that matter, if controversial films are supposedly catalysts to hate-filled violence, could not the exasperated Obama condemn his powerful friend Recep Erdogan for airing on Turkish state television the anti-Semitic and anti-American Valley of the Wolves? Was not the multimillion-dollar slick Turkish production that played throughout the Islamic world more detrimental to U.S. interests than Youssef’s cheap video farce?

The Associated Press and James Rosen are small-fry leakers in comparison to the things al Jazeera says about America. Why not monitor that new agency’s phone banks, or perhaps even the parents of al Jazeera reporters? If Obama goes after Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News by name, cannot he conjure up at least something like his earlier slur “teabaggers” for the anti-American Islamist media?

Is al Jazeera all that less subversive than Fox News? If EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson can use a fake name and adopt a phony alter ego to evade accountability from her domestic critics, can’t our own government operatives do that abroad to confuse Islamists? Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius shook down American companies to pony up money to promote Obamacare; can’t she similarly coerce our allies to help pay more for the joint venture in Afghanistan?


American politics is historically a rough-and-tumble business, characterized by invective and slurs. What is different with the Obama administration is not that it goes after its critics, but rather that it does so in an extreme fashion that it does not employ for those abroad who oppose the United States at almost every turn. Diplomacy is one thing, but being far harsher with domestic than foreign critics is a peculiarity we have not seen since the Nixon era, when an “enemies list” did not reference Red China or Leonid Brezhnev’s Russia as much as those who worked for the Washington Post.

Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize, not for anything concrete that he did, but in the eyes of the award committee for his rhetorical efforts to bring the world together. Obviously, the Nobel judges did not think that included half of Obama’s fellow Americans. For Obama, the problem is not so much foreign radicals, revolutionaries, authoritarians, and dictators who hate the United States as it is those within America who, he thinks, cause such odious folk abroad to justifiably despise us.

In other words, if not for our conservatives, the NRA, the pro-lifers, the traditional marriage bunch, the one-percenters, the crazy House Republicans, and the Tea Party/Sarah Palin sorts, our enemies abroad might have become our friends.

And that depressing ideology explains why the president of the United States saves his best invective for his own.

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In my country for all of my now nearly 60 years, I stood ready to line up shoulder to shoulder with my defend US...from THEM.

Today, I stand in the same place, having not moved an inch...and woke up one morning to find that "THEM" is defined as those I am standing with...and US, defined as those I have been standing against.

A Supreme Court justice has announced that our Constitution is not one anyone should model theirs after. Our head of United Nations openly lies about invasions and murders of our foreign dignitaries and their protectors. Our NSA and IRS invade our privacy and liberties, our Homeland Security scoffs at the need to protect our borders and one of our major parties boos God and assaults the dignity of Jerusalem and the country that contains the Holy City...and has been our staunchest ally.

We return Winston Churchill's bust and bow to despots and dictators.

My feet have remain planted and my shoulders touch a patriot on each side...but the Pledge of Allegiance must have been changed behind my back when I was distracted. Because my allegiance...and that solemn pledge...carry no echo in the halls of my government.
1 year ago
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I live in Chicago and have always considered Obama to be an idiot and incapable of independent thought. When his stardom began, I wondered who was getting all the glowing attention--that guy who wrote the two autobiographies? That lame back-bencher who never utters a word? He swims in his own personal sea in his own personal universe and the rest of us suffer for it.
1 year ago
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“And that depressing ideology explains why the president of the United States saves his best invective for his own.”

It's also because he doesn't view the American people as being “his own”. So, living amidst what he saw as aliens, it's not surprising, then, he got bitter. He clung to authoritarianism or Liberation Theology or antipathy to people who love freedom, or unsecured borders or anti-capitalism as a way to explain his own failings.

It's too bad. He has a lot of innate talent, but he doesn't apply it a way that communicates a genuine love of America, so eventually the shine wears off. He could have gone down in history as one of the truly great Presidents, instead of the first one to be tried for high treason.
1 year ago
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Great idea on the top 100 books, especially regarding our suggestions. I started my "liberty shelf" a couple of years ago, and it's small but growing.

So far:
Wealth of Nations - Smith
Democracy in America -Tocqueville
The Law - Bastiat
Basic Economics - Sowell
Road to Serfdom - Hayek
Capitalism and Freedom - Friedman

And in the "Know thine enemy" category:
Rules for Radicals - Alinsky

I'd love to hear other suggestions.
1 year ago
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Guys I have seen this same tired argument for years, if not decades. Republicans vote on principles. The leftist vote on whims. One requires thought, the other does not. The Republicans will eat their own in short order if they go one iota off base about 80% of the time. Which explains Mc Cain, Rubio, and now (God Forbid) Ryan.

1 year ago
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Dr. Hanson:

I have resigned myself to go into research mode for the rest of my natural life. There is not a person I more respect in intellectual matters save maybe Bolten than you. This said I have a request:

Could you please prioritize and rank the 100 most important books necessary to function as a normal human being in this day and age?

Pretty sure I have most of them collecting dust in the library. But this would be a column on a slow day, and one hell of a benefit to those who seek understanding of just what is exactly is happening to the USA.

It would be cool if all the opinion writers at PJM could play along.

Again, this would be extremely cool.

I have spent almost 40 years studying the communist, it is time I relearned the flip side that compelled me to do such.

Really curious where the Bible, the Federalist Papers, and the 5000 year leap factors in with the paid contributors here at PJM.

1 year ago
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It's been pretty obvious that from Jan 20, 2009, Obama's main concern has been to cripple the Republican party, if not destroy it. Val and 'Chelle must have counseled him that Republicans were home-grown terrorists capable of using weapons of mass destruction. If blacks ever do become educated ast to which party exactly tormented them for 90 years+ and which party always stood for full citizenship for blacks.
1 year ago
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When Reagan's UN representative Jeane Kirkpatrick, said that the left was the "blame America first" party... she already sensed what Obama's brand of leftist is.

Something I've felt for decades too..

The democrat's hard left, treats opposing views on the right in America with far MORE open hostility than ANY foreign enemy we've ever had. They can openly hate us, smear us, call us every racist and vile name they can think of, then have the unmitigated gall to tell us,... We need to be "respectful" to Iran. North Korea.. the Islamic terror cults like the Muslim Brotherhood..

The American left, like Obama himself, would rather enthusiastically hate fellow Americans, than the folks who planned 911...

and they wonder in wide eyed amazement, why the idea that conservatives AREN'T the greatest threat to mankind, is not universally rejected.. To a committed leftist..

all enemies are domestic.. never foreign..

That kind of bassackwards logic is what ends up defeating them, time after time..
1 year ago
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Dr Hanson, you write as though President Obama actually knows of what he speaks. I don't think so. I think all he really knows is what idiotic ideologues whisper in his ear. Do you think he writes his own speeches? I don't. Do you think he cares more about his job than he does about the perks? I don't. Do you think he wrote his own book? I do -- but it's the one that's bad, not the good one. What we have here is a president who's not present, a president living in the past who's only aware of tired, worn-out ideas from the 1930s. A president who doesn't have an original idea in his head. Yes, he's great at trash-talking Republicans. Yes, he's great at campaigning. Yes, he's great at fundraising -- but that's it. He'll say anything and mean nothing. Remember, how Barry wanted to put the US in the forefront of technology by building a high-speed train in CA? WOW! France did that, what, 40 years ago. Know-
nothing Obama and his know-nothing advisers know nothing about technology. (Think Japanese maglev trains). They also know nothing about foreign relations -- which is why they can't bad mouth it. You have to understand something to attack it. You're right that Obama is a good attack dog, but only when he's able to use other people's words. His 'other people', like Valerie Jarret, are global morons. Their leftist fantasy world does not work in the real world. So, it's not surprising that Obama can't talk face-to- face with Putin or anyone else for that matter. They see right through him. Maybe, that makes him our first Invisible President, but that also makes him incapable of foreign policy, incapable of governing and incapable of doing what's right. He can only think 'left' -- if he thinks at all.
1 year ago
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Obama is still the community agitator, maow-maowing the flak-catchers and race-baiting the paler citizens. That's all he knows about being President, other than bashing his enemies and rewarding his home-boys with goodies from the public trough.
1 year ago
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Anyone with relatively good vision would know that the Emperor has no clothes. If you think that all perception is relative, you will admire the thin golden clothing that does not actually exist.
1 year ago
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$100 sez that 20 years from now, today's MSNBC broadcast reels will show up in comedy spoofs.
1 year ago
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Classical liberals are enemy #1 of the Left, whether they may be.
1 year ago
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Obama is simply reflecting his roots. Thus, it is best to examine his roots to understand why he hates America so.
His mother, father and one of his mentors were radical communists from the 60's who saw everything America had become under the GI generation as a profound evil. Though not a commie, Wright shares the same sentiments.
For them - children of the 60's - the postwar world as set up by the returning GI's HAD TO BE UTTERLY DESTROYED. They were convinced they had the moral high ground and intellectual superiority to determine that and make it happen.
Now, the hippie generation is fundamentally in charge, in both the political and economic spheres. Some of them wised up along the way, but enough of them haven't. They've also raised their kids to believe the same things and made sure their educational indoctrination reflected this worldview.
Hence, the majority of America sees most of what Obama does as logical and just.
Nothing will change this perception until the inevitable end-result explodes in their faces. Even then, a core minority will stick to their 'principles', in the same way Pol Pot kept a hardened core of Khmer Rouge loyalists around him after he was deposed.
We who grew up under the dissolution of the old order initiated and carried thru by the hippies in the 60's and 70's, and now brought to it's apex in the first part of the 21st century, can do nothing to stop or reverse this. All we can do is prepare ourselves and our kids for the disasters to come, and to find the means to pick up the pieces once the fires have burned out.
1 year ago
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