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How Hard Will We Be on the Post-Obama President?

March 3rd, 2014 - 5:57 pm

When a close friend was stopped by campus security, Brewster again sounded off on law enforcement: “They act stupidly. They stereotype. What I think we know — separate and apart from this incident — is that there is a recent history in this country of white males being bothered disproportionately on campus and wrongly charged, from Duke to Dartmouth, and that’s just a fact.”  The provocative Brewster went down to the Arizona border and reminded ranchers worried about illegal immigration that at the next election they had to “punish” their shared “enemies.” Many were bothered that Ted Nugent was a frequent White House guest, and that Brewster thought Tammy Wynette was a good role model for his daughter.

Brewster seemed perpetually angry at those on food stamps, and state and federal welfare programs: “We have fat cats, but you guys are skinny cats.”  And: “At some point, I think you better decide to start making some money.” And: “It is past time for you guys to profit.” And: “Why do these Medicaid scams always seem to involve lopped limbs and yanked-out tonsils?” And: “You didn’t build anything for that retirement check, you had help.”  And: “We need more trickle down to spread the wealth.” And: “The public sector is doing just fine.”

Bucky Brewster had a hard time communicating sometimes. He called the Marines “zombie-men,” and seemed to think there were 57 states. “I just got back from Canada and spoke Canadian really well.”  Fortunately, ex-Rodeo man, Rocky Granite, serves as Brewster’s body man, keeping him going day-to-day:  “We played 15 hands of canasta all during that Bashar Assad raid; Bucky is a cool boss.”

Critics also complained that President Brewster had gone to 160 NASCAR races, and seemed to vacation only in tony places like Jackson Hole. His wife, Bunny Brewster, was chastised for flying to Nashville with a two-jet entourage of over 100 helpers. “It’s a downright nice country, and I’ve never been more proud of it,” Bunny laughed.

What would PBS say?


President Brewster also got himself into a lot of jams. His NSA was caught spying on foreign leaders like French President Hollande, as well as gathering data on everyday Americans. His administration even monitored the phone records of reporters like Chris Matthews — and his parents, no less!

Why did UN Ambassador John Bolton insist five times on national television shows that the recently planned al-Qaeda attack on the American embassy in Tunis was due to a far-left video that made fun of Arab gay-bashing? Why was the leftwing filmmaker jailed for a year? And why was Bolton then made national security advisor? Then it was learned that Republican crony insiders of a new start-up company, Coalyndra, promising to use new technology to reduce oil imports, have defaulted on a $500 million Department of Energy loan designed to promote coal liquefaction.

Will Time magazine say: “Enough with this bunch already”?


President Brewster promised to cut the deficits in half, but suddenly they exploded and are back over $1 trillion a year. He pleads with the media: “We didn’t expect a tsunami in Japan. There was an earthquake, remember, in Washington. Do you have any idea of the effect ATM machines are having on the economy? Who knew oil prices would spike due to world tensions? The Democratic House has repeatedly shot down every deficit reduction plan I’ve offered. It is not as if I inherited a balanced budget. Have you forgotten that Barack Obama ran up more red ink than all previous administrations combined?”

What would the New Republic write?

2017 should be interesting.

(Artwork created using multiple images.)

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Of course the press will be hard on the next GOP president. No one likes to be told that their vacation is over.
41 weeks ago
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Bucky has a few signature programs.

1) Bucky Bucks, cash for clingers. Gun owners can turn in any firearm that is no longer working properly and receive cash and a brand new firearm of their choice.

2) Exceptionalism Tour. Bucky flies to countries all over the world and expounds on the virtues of America, with thinly veiled references to how the past administration mucked up the world with its backward policies toward the Middle East, Russia, China, Venezuela and all manner of communist creep farms. He tells Greece that their problems are that they became lazy and unmotivated . Says Poland is a model of hard work and solidarity. And asks for Winston's bust back.

3) Bucky goes to Jerusalem and makes his first speech in office, declaring that America is a Judeo-Christian nation, that this administration cheers the mention of Jerusalem and that he can name the capital of Israel without stuttering. He also says sends a messenger to meet secretly with Mossad. It is the son of parents who were kicked out of Germany for printing a newspaper about the annihilation of Holocaust deniers and the countries they run.

4) Bucky wears a cross and a flag pin the size of an orange on his person at all times, declaring that this is the right kind of patriotism. His secretary of defense says that he is going to expand the military to five times it's greatest size ever, because "this last group of clown car drivers made China, Russia and Iran menaces to our very existence".

5) Various administration "CEO's" are given autonomy to infuse secret pro-capitalism programs into their various departments without any oversight, circumventing the Democratic Party at will. "We are going to let you live", one of them is quoted as saying.

6) Bucky declares war on communist dictators without bothering to ask Congress and takes them out. "I'm going to lead from ahead". He drops a few drones into the laps of traitors while they are on vacation in Havana and kills their families too. "Collateral damage, tough luck", he explains.

7) Bucky declares that all science is now settled, that delta smelt cause cancer and windmills cause hurricanes both are to be eliminated. California and Maryland are seized in a federal eminent domain program and given over to the Future Farmers of America for "transformation and reconstruction"

8) The Duke 88 are seized in a raid against intentional slander, jailed and perp walked for creating a false and hateful meme that was aimed at a victim class...white, heterosexual, Southern Judeo-Christian males.

9) Bucky is reelected in a landslide, after 4 years...he imposes the Fairness Doctrine. Any news outlet that says a single dissenting word or exposes any overreach is immediately disinvited to press release functions, which are held by invitation only. He also shuts down the security check system on credit cards into his campaign, so those who speak Baltic can contribute freely at their whim.

10) Beer, BBQ and bootstraps. "Pull yours up, America", is Bucky's motto.

And they add his face to Mt Rushmore.
41 weeks ago
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Wow, how does someone miss the entire (blatant) point of the article?

Every single sentence was a counterpart to something Obama has already done; just the right-wing version. Ted Nugent = Jay Z; Tammy Wynette (is she still alive?) = Beyonce, etc.

41 weeks ago
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33 weeks ago
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No blame will go to Obama for all the problems his administration is responsible for. My guess is Obama's shoe shiners, pants creasers and pedestal makers in the media will balme Valerie Jarrett for tarnishing the reputation of their demi-god Obama. Jarrett as Rasputin.
40 weeks ago
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Doc, how about a review of the 300 sequel?
41 weeks ago
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Allow me to prophesy here a little bit. It is not totally out of the question that the man will declare a big war on someone (i.e. Iran or Russia etc.) just to prop up his numbers. When a pushover goes macho he usually does not know what he's doing and the results are unpredictable. I am praying that I am absolutely wrong but I think this guy is a small Napoleon looking for his Waterloo. The problem is that Waterloos come only planet-size these days. I will be happy if there IS a next president at all.
41 weeks ago
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Spot. On.
41 weeks ago
41 weeks ago Link To Comment
The GOSPEL(Good News) according to Victor Davis Hanson...
(The TRUTH will set you free!)
41 weeks ago
41 weeks ago Link To Comment
I think Obama will be just fine................................ in Kenya.
41 weeks ago
41 weeks ago Link To Comment
Of course the leftist media will claim that the above article is the agenda of the Republican candidate(s) and do everything in their power to make it sound horrible and unprecedented. Especially unprecedented!

On the same path, let's remember that the Senate Democrats used the "nuclear option" for all nominees except the Supreme Court (a concession that will disappear in a heartbeat, that is, lack of one of the nine), but will cry foul if the Senate does the same under Republican control (since of course the Senate rules will reinstate the 60-vote requirement on some January 4th).
41 weeks ago
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The Democrat-Media complex will do everything possible to make sure there is never another non-RINO Republican president again.
41 weeks ago
41 weeks ago Link To Comment
This is exactly what I'm talking about. Do you really think we have control over who our next president is?
41 weeks ago
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