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New Obama Scandal: ‘Cash & Curious’

January 10, 2012 - 5:24 am - by Howard Nemerov
Howard Nemerov
2012-01-10 07:54:14

March, since you are acting in the capacity of DEA Public Relations, you have publicly confirmed that the DEA lacks the competency to handle, as you put it, “complex organized crime investigations” without losing track of drug cartel money they were supposed to track.

Perhaps you could answer these questions:

1. When a private business messes up due to incompetence and loses their client’s money, they have to make good on it. Is the DEA going to refund taxpayers for the personnel, office, and field operating expenses wasted by their incompetence during this investigation?

2. When employees mess up and cost a private company millions of dollars, they usually are fired and perhaps brought up on embezzlement charges. What is the DEA’s plan to bring the incompetent agents to justice?