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Why Are We Star Struck on Drone Strikes?

Friday, May 1st, 2015 - by James Jay Carafano

Recent polling finds a plurality in support of continuing the policy of hunting down our enemies with drones.  The results are intriguing. They come in the wake of the US government acknowledging one of the most high profile screw-ups ever in the controversial drone program. Last month, the president admitted that hostages, including a US citizen, […]

Kerry on ‘Acceleration’ of Global Zero, Pledge to Cut Nuclear Arsenal ‘Even Further’

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Secretary of State John Kerry told the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons Review Conference at the United Nations in New York on Monday that as the U.S. negotiates with Iran to rein in its nuclear program, the administration is stepping up dismantlement of the nuclear arsenal at home. “We have and we will continue to scale […]

Ferguson-Palestine Seed Bearing Fruit in Baltimore Riots

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Youth throw stones after murders of Mohammed #AbuKhdeir and #FreddieGray – #BaltimoreRiots #Baltimore2Palestine pic.twitter.com/hmCFAvuK08 — Max Blumenthal (@MaxBlumenthal) April 27, 2015 From Legal Insurrection: This is becoming a recurring theme. When there is a riot or other protest in the U.S., particularly if involving minority communities, “pro-Palestinian” activists try to hijack it and turn it […]

‘Are You Afraid of Turkey?’: Harf Gets Owned on Armenian Genocide Questions

Friday, April 24th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Reporters tried to get the G-word out of the administration today on the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, but both the White House and State Department went through every verbal dance possible to not anger Turkey. President Obama edited the word Ankara hates out of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, issuing a lengthy statement marking […]

Earn College Credit for Bashing Jews!

Friday, April 24th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Shalom Life reports: Outraged students and pro-Israel groups are up in arms over a new course being taught at the University of California Riverside. The class, called “Palestine & Israel: Settler-Colonialism and Apartheid,” labels Jewish citizens of Israel as “occupiers,” and tries to discredit their claims to their homeland. The class is being taught by […]

Obama Literally Edits Out the Genocide, Marks ‘Armenian Remembrance Day’

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The White House moments ago issued President Obama’s annual statement to mark Friday’s Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, and as promised there is no genocide to be found. In fact, the White House press release just called it “Armenian Remembrance Day.” “This year we mark the centennial of the Meds Yeghern, the first mass atrocity of […]

Rand Paul: I’m the One Who’s Standing Up to Obama on Foreign Policy — Not His ‘Lapdogs’ McCain and Graham (Video)

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 - by Debra Heine

Oh suh-nap! Senator Rand Paul hit back hard at Senators McCain and Graham Monday after they criticized his foreign policy chops, calling them “lapdogs” for the president’s foreign policy agenda. In an interview on Fox News, Bill Hemmer quoted the two highly critical comments made by the Republican senators, asking the Kentucky senator for his […]

U.S. Analyst Admits: ‘Moderate’ Syrian Rebels Have Been Working With Al-Qaeda All Along

Thursday, April 16th, 2015 - by Patrick Poole

One of the most closely guarded secrets in Washington, D.C. about U.S. involvement in the Syrian war is that the “moderate” rebels whom the Obama administration (and many Republicans) backed were closely aligned with al-Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra. They were also, at times, aligned with the Islamic State. For regular PJ Media […]

BOMBSHELL: Afghan Colonel Was Paid $250,000 to Kill U.S. Air Force Personnel, Pentagon Cover-Up Ensued

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015 - by Patrick Poole

A bombshell revelation has emerged about the incident responsible for the greatest U.S. Air Force loss of life during the War on Terror, the deadliest “green-on-blue” attack during U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. On April 27, 2011, Afghan Air Force Colonel Ahmad Gul gunned down eight U.S. Air Force personnel and a civilian contractor inside the […]

Daniel Pipes Explains the ‘Obama Doctrine’ in One Sentence

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 - by Kathy Shaidle

Actually, this interview is more than 18 minutes long, but that once sentence is easy to remember: “Snarl at your friends, smile at your enemies.” Dr. Pipes tells TheRebel.media’s Ezra Levant (who he was pretty impressed with…) that “doctrine” is a slight exaggeration since much of what’s been happening around the world can be explained […]

Egyptian TV Host Begs Netanyahu to Bomb Iran

Monday, April 13th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Via IMRA: “Our dear friend Netanyahu. Please – Iran faces you and the Bushehr reactor faces you. Put your trust in God and bomb it. We are with you. And if you need fuel for the jets we will give it to you.” Those were the words of Egyptian television presenter Tawfik Okasha, owner of the private […]

Putin Delivers Missile Air Defense Systems to Iran Days After ‘Historic’ Negotiations

Monday, April 13th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Days after the infamous nuclear agreement with Iran, Vladimir Putin has elected to lift the ban on delivering S-300 missile air defense systems to Iran: The Russian president has repealed the ban prohibiting the delivery of S-300 missile air defense systems to Iran, according to the Kremlin’s press service. The ban was introduced by former […]

Rand Paul for Prez Ad Conveniently Leaves Out Important Anti-Israel Fact

Monday, April 13th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Rand Paul pro-Israel ad conveniently leaves out that he wants to cut aid funds… https://t.co/Bio4qntLmg — Lahav Harkov (@LahavHarkov) April 13, 2015 A little reminder for those still intent on believing Rand is nothing like his anti-Semitic daddy: Back in 2011, when Paul was just settling into the Senate, he proposed a budget that was […]

New Islamic State Video Calls for Attacks on the American Homeland, Promises Another 9/11

Saturday, April 11th, 2015 - by Patrick Poole

The Islamic State has released a new 11-minute video called “We Will Burn America” that calls for supporters to attack the American homeland and promises another 9/11. Here’s the full video — WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: At this juncture I would note the New York Times’ front page article on December 29 that described how America’s […]

India Saves 1,000 Non-Indians from 41 Countries in Yemen Evacuations

Friday, April 10th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

India is winding down its evacuations from war-torn Yemen, and the numbers are impressive. After the airports closed and many foreigners, including Americans, were left stranded with no way to leave the country, the Indian government began using military transport and special Air India flights to evacuate people from Sana’a to Djibouti. The State Department […]

Defense Secretary: Asia Rebalance Means Best Military Equipment Goes There

Friday, April 10th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter told U.S. troops in South Korea that President Obama’s Asia rebalance will mean the newest, best equipment will go to the region. Carter said at the Osan Air Base event that the rebalance “means is that a lot of our newer capabilities, the ones that we’re making investments in, are going […]

Administration Will Not Say It Got Yemen Wrong

Thursday, April 9th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken, who used to be President Obama’s deputy national security advisor, said the administration will not concede it got Yemen wrong. “No. In fact, for a number of years Yemen was moving forward,” Blinken told CNN International when asked if policy there missed the mark. “The threat to the United […]

Today in History: 150th Anniversary of the Surrender at Appomattox

Thursday, April 9th, 2015 - by Kathy Shaidle

At TheRebel.media, historian John Robson observes: The series of 150th anniversaries of key Civil War events has received surprisingly little attention especially, it seems, from the White House, curious given the importance of a black president in ending the long racial nightmare. But it deserves our attention, both for what was achieved through forgiveness after […]

When Jews Flee, Christians Become the Target

Saturday, April 4th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Israel National News reports on Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor’s latest speech to the United Nations Security Council regarding the grotesque mistreatment of Christians in the Islamic world: Amb. Prosor began by explaining that these days, as the Jewish Passover approaches, there is a terrible new “exodus” that is plaguing the Middle East, one “driven […]

Michele Bachmann Owes an Apology to Deranged Germanwings Pilots

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 - by Walter Hudson

Michele Bachmann may have retired from Congress last year. But that hasn’t kept her from making headlines. From the Minneapolis Star Tribune: … Bachmann is comparing President Obama to the mentally unstable co-pilot who authorities believe intentionally crashed his German airliner last week in the French Alps and killed everyone onboard. In a posting Tuesday […]

United Arab Army Forms in Wake of Obama’s Iranian Negotiations

Monday, March 30th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

The New York Times reports: The Arab states said on Sunday that they had agreed to form a combined military force to counter both Iranian influence and Islamist extremism, a gesture many analysts attributed in large part to their drive for more independence from Washington. The agreement came as American and other Western diplomats in […]

J Street Speaker Advocates Arab Palestine, Jewish Dhimmitude

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Should it come as any surprise that a J Street speaker would be applauded for proclaiming the myth that the Jews “took” the land of Israel from the Palestinians and are now “imposing” on it? No. Should it come as any surprise that said speaker advocates for the idea of Jews living as a “protected […]

This Week’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ Articles on Middle East, War on Terror

Saturday, March 28th, 2015 - by Patrick Poole

Want to know what’s happened this week in the Middle East and the War on Terror? Here are some articles to keep you up to date: Operation Charlie Foxtrot: Obama admin's strategic incoherence is aiding and abetting Middle East chaos http://t.co/f32EQWrbUn — Patrick Poole (@pspoole) March 28, 2015 Final battle for Tikrit: 'we won’t let […]

GOP Senators: Obama’s ‘Obsession’ with ‘Placating’ Iran Led to ‘Mideast on Fire’

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Decrying that President Obama’s policies have pushed the Middle East to a “tipping point,” Republican senators accused the commander in chief of not acting against Iran’s aggression in Yemen and other places because of his “obsession” with placating the Islamic Republic during nuclear talks. “Operation Decisive Storm,” launched at midnight Saudi Arabia time, bombarded Yemen’s […]

The ISIS Tax: Budget Amendment Would ‘Temporarily’ Hike Taxes to Fight Islamic State

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The Senate is plowing through a slew of amendments today expected to last until midnight, dubbed the “vote-a-rama” that precedes the budget vote. One of those amendments would create an ISIS tax. Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), backed by Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), proposed a “temporary surtax” to help cover the cost […]

Graham: ‘No Military Member…Should Expect Our Country to Release Hardened Terrorists to Secure Their Release’

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who is a colonel in the Air Forces Reserves focusing on military law, was opposed to the trade of five high-ranking members of the Taliban for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the moment it happened last May. But he’s also opposed to the administration reasoning that, after Bergdahl’s five years in captivity, […]

Leaked Report Reveals EU’s 40-Point Plan to Force Israel’s Hand

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

Israeli newspaper Yediot got their hands on the European Union’s 40-point plan to “pressure Israel into negotiations” in the wake of Netanyahu’s re-election. An EU diplomatic source told Ynet that there was a definite chance that the recommendations in the report, which the member states have yet to approve, were more likely to be implemented […]

Issa on Yemen: Obama ‘Must Acknowledge’ Any ‘Real Settlement with Iran is Impossible’

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The “Operation Decisive Storm” coalition that bombarded Yemen overnight now has full control of the country’s airspace, said Saudi officials, who unleashed 100 fighters jets, 150,000 soldiers and naval units in the operation. The only regional country that stayed out of the fight was Yemen’s neighbor Oman. The United Arab Emirates pitched in 30 fighter […]

Saudis Unleash Strikes on Yemen After White House Promotes UN-Led Negotiations

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Saudi Arabia launched airstrikes into Yemen a short time ago, with the Saudi ambassador in Washington telling reporters that the aim is to “to protect the people of Yemen and its legitimate government from a takeover by the Houthis.” “The Gulf Cooperation Council countries tried to facilitate a peaceful transition of government in Yemen, but […]

Bergdahl Charged with Desertion, Misbehavior Before the Enemy

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl could face life behind bars for walking away from his unit and into the hands of the Taliban, the Army announced today. Bergdahl, who has been pulling desk duty at Fort Sam Houston since last summer, was charged with counts of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. Taken in 2009, Bergdahl was […]

Ghani Tells Congress Afghanistan Seeks Self-Reliance, Not to be ‘Lazy Uncle Joe’

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

In a warmly received address to a joint session of Congress today, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani reassured lawmakers that his country wants nothing more than to be safe and self-reliant, and will not “be the lazy Uncle Joe” who won’t get a job. “We owe a profound debt to the 2,350 servicemen and -women killed […]

Surprise! Taliban Opposed to U.S. Troops Remaining in Afghanistan

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Wonder why. A Taliban spokesman says the U.S. decision to delay the reduction of troops in Afghanistan will badly undermine the chances for peace. Meeting with Aghan President Ashraf Ghani at the White House on March 24, President Barack Obama said the United States would leave 9,800 troops in Afghanistan though the end of 2015 […]

Canadian PM Harper Vows to Fight ISIS ‘as Long as It Is There’

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Well that’s different. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday that Canada intends to fight the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham for as long as the militant group poses a threat. The government introduced a motion to extend the current six-month mission in Iraq for up to a year, ending in March 2016. But the […]

Video Shows Al-Qaeda’s Jabhat al-Nusra Using U.S.-Provided TOW Anti-Tank Missiles in Syria

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Patrick Poole

Earlier this month I reported here at PJ Media that U.S.-backed Syrian rebel group Harakat al-Hazm had disbanded, and their U.S.-provided TOW anti-tank missiles had ended up in the hands of Jabhat al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria. Today a video posted on YouTube by al-Nusra shows their operatives using the U.S. TOW missiles to […]

Israeli Official Spills: We Knew Obama Wanted ‘Revenge’

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015 - by Susan L.M. Goldberg

The Times of Israel got it straight from an anonymous “senior Jerusalem official”: Obama wanted “revenge” in the wake of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told The Times of Israel that “it’s no secret” that the Obama administration had attempted to influence the outcome of the election… …“The White House […]