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Grayson: I’m Sort of the Trump of the Left, Except My Supporters Aren’t ‘Nuts’

Friday, August 28th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.), vying for the Senate seat being vacated by presidential candidate Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), said he gets why people call him the Donald Trump of the Left — except, he insists, his supporters aren’t “nuts.” Grayson infamously said during the Obamacare debate that Republicans wanted sick people to “die quickly,” and recently […]

When Will ABC News Release the Full Vester Flanagan Manifesto?

Friday, August 28th, 2015 - by J. Christian Adams

Two days ago, ABC News reported that Vester Flanagan, the murderer of two WDBJ employees, sent a 23-page faxed manifesto to ABC News.  ABC reported bits and pieces of the manifesto. Yet we still haven’t seen the full document.  ABC hasn’t made it available. Why? John Nolte and others have been busy hammering away at […]

Judge Blocks EPA Water Rule for 13 States Hours Before Implementation

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

A judge blocked a controversial Environmental Protection Agency rule to “clarify” the definition of protected waters hours before it was set to go into effect Friday. The EPA Waters of the United States rule covers “most” seasonal and rain-dependent streams, which account for about 60 percent of stream miles in the country, arguing they have […]

Defense Secretary Tells Marines They’ll Be Protected from ‘Few Troubled Losers Who Are on the Internet Too Much’

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Asked at a Camp Pendleton event today how servicemembers can be adequately protected, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said the Pentagon has “taken some measures since Chattanooga” and is “going to take some additional ones.” “Well, force protection is Job One for all of us. And that’s not just — not just abroad, but here at […]

IAEA Says Iran Built Extension to Parchin Base

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Rick Moran

The International Atomic Energy Agency says that Iran has apparently built an extension on its controversial military base at Parchin. The base has been a much discussed issue recently as it is part of one of the side deals Iran made with the IAEA in the nuclear agreement. The news raises more questions about just […]

NLRB Declares War on Franchises

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Rick Moran

The National Labor Relations Board issued a ruling that revised its “joint employer” standard, making the parent company of independently owned franchises responsible for many labor practices. The case at issue involved a California Teamsters local who asked the NLRB to declare Browning-Ferris and a staffing agency “joint employers.” The staffing firm, Leadpoint Business Services […]

Clinton on Anti-Abortion GOPs: ‘We Expect That from Some of the Terrorist Groups’

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Republicans are reacting furiously to Hillary Clinton linking terrorists and anti-abortion GOPs in a Cleveland speech today. Clinton referenced Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich in saying that Republicans would ban abortion without exceptions. “Now extreme views about women, we expect that from some of the terrorist groups, […]

Report: John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz a ‘Jackass’ at Fundraiser

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Debra Heine

According to the Daily Caller, Speaker Boehner broke Reagan’s 11th Commandment big time at a GOP fundraiser in Colorado Wednesday evening: At a Steamboat Springs event for GOP Rep. Scott Tipton, the Ohio Republican quipped that he likes how Cruz’s presidential campaign keeps “that jackass” out of Washington, and from telling Boehner how to do his job. That remark rubbed […]

ISIS’ British ‘Cyber Caliphate’ Leader Reportedly Killed in Airstrike

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The head of ISIS’ “cyber caliphate” has been killed in an airstrike, a Syrian monitoring group said. Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, a grassroots ISIS opposition group that has reporters within the Islamic State, broke the news about Brit Junaid Hussain. ISIS accounts on Twitter have had mixed acknowledgment and denial of the Birmingham man’s […]

Yes, Really: 141 Counties Have More Registered Voters Than People Alive

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by David Steinberg

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, of which PJ Media’s J. Christian Adams is president, has done admirable work in convincing the country that voter fraud is a widespread problem and an embarrassment to the country. We need clean voter rolls and Voter ID now, and an end to this cavalier attitude towards securing our fundamental […]

Jarrett on Gun-Control Push: ‘Everyone Should Be Able to Live in Our Country’

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

White House senior advisor Valerie Jarrett said the administration is renewing its call for gun control because while Wednesday’s journalist murders in Virginia “may not have been a mass shooting… it felt like a mass shooting.” Killer Vester Flanagan, who murdered reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward and wounded Chamber of Commerce official Vicki […]

For a ‘Silenced’ Journalist, Jorge Ramos Sure Is Getting a Lot of Air Time

Thursday, August 27th, 2015 - by Walter Hudson

I must confess. A couple of days ago, I had no idea who Jorge Ramos was. I imagine many others were likewise unfamiliar with the Univision newscaster before Donald Trump made him famous by kicking him out of a press conference. Among several media appearances since the confrontation with Trump on Tuesday, Ramos was on […]

Vester Flanagan July Road Rage Caught on Video

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by J. Christian Adams

A YouTube video seems to capture race-war-craving Vester Flanagan confronting a driver after a road-rage incident over a month ago.  “B Foster” posted the video.  He says: I posted this because i believe it may be Vester Lee Flanagan a.k.a. Bryce Williams, suspected of murdering Alison Parker and Adam Ward, and seriously injuring Vicki Gardner […]

White House, Clinton Make Gun-Control Push Hours After Virginia Journalist Murders

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The Obama administration and Hillary Clinton sounded off on gun control hours after two journalists were killed by a disgruntled former colleague near Roanoke, Va. At the daily briefing, press secretary Josh Earnest told reporters he “did not have the opportunity to speak to the president about the tragic shooting that occurred earlier today in […]

Virginia Shooter Wanted to Ignite a ‘Race War’

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by Rick Moran

The man who killed two journalists on live television in Virginia sent a suicide note to ABC News claiming the killings were in response to the shootings at a Charleston, SC, church that killed 9 people in June. Bryce Williams, AKA Vester Lee Flanagan, contacted ABC News several times over the last several weeks saying […]

Shock: Media Matters Accuses Breitbart of ‘Race Baiting’ #WDBJ

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by J. Christian Adams

Here’s a shocker: Media Matters has accused Breitbart of “race baiting” coverage of the shooting of Alison Parker and two others by Vester Lee Flanagan.   A Media Matters press release: Breitbart News reacted to reports that two Virginia journalists were shot to death on-air by a disgruntled former co-worker by publishing an article with the […]

Colorado’s Social Order Intact 18 Months After Legal Marijuana

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by Walter Hudson

A year and a half after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana, society continues to function. That’s the observation presented by Reason TV in the above report. Christian Sederberg, an attorney who actively promoted the change in policy, reflects on the fallout — or lack thereof. “[Critics] set a very specific expectation in a lot of people’s minds […]

Clinton Campaign Going After Sanders on Gun Rights

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Campaigning for Hillary Clinton this week in New Hampshire, Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy went into inevitable territory as Bernie Sanders leads polls in the first-in-the-nation state: he attacked the Vermont senator’s gun-rights stance. “It’s an anathema to my own,” Malloy said of Sanders’ platform during a meeting with Clinton organizers in Manchester, according to the […]

Cruz Becomes the Second GOP Candidate to Attack Megyn Kelly

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by Rick Moran

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz criticized Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for asking a question about deporting illegal immigrants that “every mainstream media liberal journalist wants to ask.” The Hill: “If you have a husband and wife who are illegal immigrants, and they have two children here who are American citizens — would you deport all of […]

Trump Leads in N.H. While Kasich, Fiorina Make Gains; Sanders Trumping Clinton

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

A new poll out of New Hampshire shows a commanding lead for Donald Trump and two candidates making big surges. The Public Policy Polling survey shows Trump at 35 percent in the first-in-the-nation primary state, while Ohio Gov. John Kasich is second with 11 percent and Carly Fiorina has 10 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) […]

Black Lives Matter Finally Publishes a Policy Agenda

Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 - by Walter Hudson

To my black libertarian mind, the greatest tragedy of the Black Lives Matter movement has been a missed opportunity to foster constructive change in public policy. The year since the shooting death of Michael Brown has seen plenty of rabble-rousing about alleged problems and little to no meaningful discussion of proposed solutions. For many observers, […]

Did a Local News Station Just Come Out Against Donald Trump? UPDATE: A Station Employee ‘Mistakenly Posted’

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Chris A. Guzman

By now, you may have watched the explosive clip in which GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump shuts down a disruptive Univision reporter. Almost as soon as the incident at Trump’s press conference had ended, national news networks — from ABC News to CNN — pushed the currently hot clip to their social media feeds as […]

Report: Ukrainian, Russian Carbon Credits Increased Emissions by 600 Million Tons

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Rick Moran

A report issued by the Stockholm Environment Institute says that a UN plan to reduce emissions by allowing countries to create carbon credits from activities that actually increased emissions pumped more than 600 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere. BBC: Under the UN scheme, called Joint Implementation, they then were able to sell those […]

EPA Misses Deadline to Turn Over Documents About Nasty Mine Spill

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The Environmental Protection Agency missed a congressional deadline to turn over documents related to its spill of toxic sludge into a southwest Colorado River. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee sent a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy on Aug. 10 requesting documents and materials relating to the work that caused the Aug. 5 […]

Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep’s Pals Courting Big Dem Donors

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Stephen Kruiser

Is Grandpa really coming after Grandma? As Joe Biden continues to weigh a third presidential bid, a cadre of close advisers is trying to lay the groundwork to overcome his biggest potential weakness: fundraising. Wooing mega-donors has never been the vice president’s strong suit, and he’s already months behind Hillary Clinton, who has a lock […]

Trump Calls Megyn Kelly a ‘Bimbo’ and Fox News Goes to War

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Rick Moran

Donald Trump reignited his war with Megyn Kelly and Fox News last night when he fired off a series of tweets that made it clear he wasn’t about to forget what he believes was rough treatment by Kelly at the GOP debate 19 days ago. Kelly returned from an 11 day vacation last night and, […]

Branded Non-Terrorists by U.S., Taliban Murder Mother and Son for Refusing to Feed Fighters

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The White House stopped calling the Taliban terrorists this year — “The Taliban is an armed insurgency; ISIL is a terrorist group,” said spokesman Eric Schultz — for a couple of reasons. First, they wanted to make the case that they didn’t actually negotiate with terrorists and trade five terrorists for the release of Sgt. […]

Love: CDC Should Be Investigating Planned Parenthood’s High Percentage of Minority Abortions

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah) says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention should be taking Planned Parenthood to task for its high percentage of abortions on minority women. “We’re accepting the fact that black Americans make 12 — make up 12 percent of the population yet Planned Parenthood aborts 78 percent of minorities in this […]

Obama: Reid and I ‘Figuring Out How We’re Going to Deal with the Crazies’

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

At a Nevada State Democratic Party fundraiser last night, President Obama lamented having to deal with “the crazies” as he pushed his agenda on Capitol Hill. A little over 100 people attended the event at a private home in Henderson, Nev., which raised more than $300,000 for the Senate campaign of former Nevada attorney general […]

Carly Fiorina Pushing Anti-Privacy Bill

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 - by Walter Hudson

Still basking in the glow of a favorable debate performance, which arguably benefited her more than any other candidate, Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina has been making the talk show rounds. On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” she called upon Congress to pass the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act. The bill would immunize companies like Google from […]

U.S. Convenes First UN Security Council Meeting on Gay Rights

Monday, August 24th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The Obama administration lauded as “historic” Monday’s first-of-its-kind meeting at the UN Security Council on gay rights, organized by the U.S. Missions at the UN and Chile. Much of the meeting focused on the murder of homosexuals by ISIS, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and other groups in the region including the Al-Nusra Front, but […]

Banners Near College Frat House Elicit ‘Outrage’

Monday, August 24th, 2015 - by Rick Moran

It’s back-to-school time for America’s colleges, which means another tiresome year of enduring the howls of outrage and cries of despair when someone, somewhere, somehow does something that this aggrieved group or another finds fault with. Like night follows day or fall follows summer or Laurel follows Hardy, The Ivory Tower Outrage Brigades are once […]

House Dem: Iran Deal ‘Makes War More Likely’

Monday, August 24th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

Many of the Democrats who have come out against the Iran nuclear deal, such as Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), are veteran lawmakers who have less to fear than young members in terms of repercussions from leadership or the administration for defying the president. But a […]

Joe Biden Meets with Liz Warren as Clinton Campaign Melts Down

Monday, August 24th, 2015 - by Debra Heine

As buzzards circled around Hillary Clinton’s dying campaign over the weekend, Vice President Joe Biden met with left-wing darling Sen. Elizabeth Warren (aka Fauxcahontas) in his residence at the Naval Observatory. CNN reported that Warren and Biden “discussed economic policy during a meeting that lasted about two hours.” A person familiar with the discussion told CNN that […]

There Are No ‘Secret Side Deals’ Between IAEA and Iran, Says Admin, Just ‘Confidential’ Deals

Monday, August 24th, 2015 - by Bridget Johnson

The Obama administration stressed today that there’s nothing secret about the pacts between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency — the documents that Congress isn’t allowed to view and the White House isn’t allowed to posses are simply confidential. The Associated Press last week leaked text of one of the documents it was able […]