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CBS Reveals that Stephen Colbert Will Replace Letterman

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

It’s an odd choice, but CBS has made it official: Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as host of The Late Show once Letterman retires.

I say it’s an odd choice because Colbert plays a character on his Comedy Central show. He’s parodying Bill O’Reilly. Does he bring that schtick to a full talk show at CBS, or does he leave it behind and re-invent himself?

The safe bet would be to stick with what brought him success so far, but the safe bet would not have been to bring Colbert to The Late Show in the first place. Craig Ferguson would have made a good replacement, as he already has a talk show on CBS. He just would have had to move forward an hour, and probably polish up a thing or two. His show carries forward with the wackiness that Letterman had, a long time ago.

Colbert…I don’t know.

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Blame Obama: Archie To Be Killed Off

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Nothing is sacred.

Not even Archie Andrews is immortal in the world of comics.

Archie Comics says the famous comic book character will heroically sacrifice himself while saving the life of a friend in a July installment of “Life with Archie.” The comic book series tells the story of grown-up renditions of Archie and his Riverdale gang.

Archie’s final moments will be detailed in “Life with Archie” No. 36, while issue No. 37 will jump forward a year and focus on his friends Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Reggie honoring the legacy of their red-headed pal, who first appeared in comics in 1941.

If they are so determined to bring realism to comic books they should have Archie die while waiting for surgery that he can’t get because it isn’t covered on his Obamacare “Bronze” plan.

For the record: I was always a Veronica guy.

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Letterman Calling It Quits Next Year

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Has Leno called CBS yet?

David Letterman, the longest-running host in the history of late-night television, announced that he will retire from his CBS show next year, the latest shakeup in a rapidly changing late night talk-show lineup.

Mr. Letterman, who has always used his show as the outlet for discussing developments in both his life and his career, revealed his decision during a taping Thursday afternoon in Manhattan.

Mr. Letterman, 66, said he had informed the CBS president, Leslie Moonves, of his intention to step down from “The Late Show” at the end of his current contract, which expires in 2015. Mr. Letterman is considered by many to be the most original voice in the late-night format, and Mr. Moonves has been steadfast in his assurances in recent years that he would never ask Mr. Letterman to retire, saying at one point, “You don’t do that to a television legend.”

His departure will mean that the coveted 11:35 pm time slot will have a largely new lineup of hosts. In January of 2013, Jimmy Kimmel moved his ABC show from midnight to 11:35, and in February Jimmy Fallon replaced Jay Leno on NBC’s “Tonight” show.

Yes, I know that Letterman has been phoning it in for a few years and went off the lefty political deep end during the 2012 election, but for a good chunk of the ’80s and ’90s he knew how to bring it. I’ve been around so long I remember when he was doing stand-up even before he became a regular guest-host on The Tonight Show. The battle between him and Leno to take over Johnny Carson’s spot was some of the best behind the scenes television drama ever (Bill Carter, who wrote the above-linked article, authored a great book about it called The Late Shift).

I was only half kidding about Leno calling CBS. Jay is a noted workaholic and more than likely wasn’t thrilled with having to exit NBC this year.

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VIDEO — Fallon Rips Obama AGAIN, This Time Over Russia — With Sarah Palin at His Side!

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Russian President Vladimir Putin says “I come from strong genes, Obama comes from Mom jeans.”

His opposite in this Jimmy Fallon sketch: Sarah Palin. Showing solid comedic chops.

The Tonight Show audience seems to love her. Take a look.

YouTube Preview Image

h/t Glenn Beck

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WATCH — Jimmy Fallon Mocks Obama’s 7 Million Triumphalism

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

While the mainstream media report the Obama administration’s Obamacare enrollment figure uncriticially, Jimmy Fallon pokes a few holes. Take a look.

Fallon didn’t even slow jam the bad news: “It’s amazing what you can achieve when you make something mandatory, and fine people if they don’t do it, and keep extending the deadline for months. It’s like a Cinderella story.”

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Rachel Ray Turns Her Show Over to Obamacare Propaganda, Tears Up While Pitching Sign-Up Deadline

Monday, March 31st, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

It’s more and more evident that much of the entertainment industry has merged itself with the Obama administration. Following Ellen, Funny or Die and many other entertainment outlets shilling for President Obama’s unpopular law, celebrity chef and talker Rachel Ray has done the same. She had Vice President Joe Biden on to urge Americans to sign up for Obamacare.

YouTube Preview Image

Ray even thanked the Obama administration directly for imposing its unpopular and non-functional law on the American people. Neither Ray nor Biden mentioned any of the Americans who have lost their coverage because of Obamacare, or who have faced terrible problems because of it. Effectively, they don’t exist — just like Harry Reid said.

h/t NRO

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MSNBC’s Golden Boy Loses to Re-Run of Golden Girls, May Be Canned

Monday, March 31st, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

MSNBC’s decision to hang its future on 28-year-old TV rookie Ronan Farrow never made a lot of sense. He has famous parents and lots of Twitter followers, but no TV experience and no background that suggests he’s anything other than a predictable Hollywood liberal bloviator.

The NYDN reports that Farrow’s show is performing poorly — very poorly — and may go away soon.

Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC talk show is facing cancellation amid poor ratings, sources exclusively tell Confidenti@l.

Farrow, 28 — the opinionated, blue-eyed son of actress Mia Farrow and either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra (even Farrow’s not sure which) — has been a disaster for MSNBC. The channel took the frequent cable-show guest and handed him his own program, “Ronan Farrow Daily,” which premiered in late February.

“He sort of stinks on TV,” an MSNBC source told Confidenti@l. “He hasn’t turned out to be the superstar they were hoping for.”

The golden boy can’t even beat the 1990s comedy Golden Girls:

Even worse: Wednesday’s show was 708th among all programming ranked by Nielsen, in both total viewers and the 18-to-49 age group advertisers covet. The midnight airing of “Baggage” on the Game Show Network came in ahead of it, at No. 707, and the 8 a.m. “Golden Girls” on the Hallmark Channel (No. 700) crushed it.

It’s shocking, really, that Farrow’s story about Bronies — while war looms in Europe — didn’t turn his fortunes around.

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Two Awesome Takes on the Noah Movie

Friday, March 28th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

I’ll get the disclosure out of the way: I haven’t seen Darron Aronofsky’s Gladiator meets Prometheus version of the Biblical account of Noah and the flood. I don’t really intend to see it, at least while it’s in the theaters.

But I have read Erick Erickson’s review of the film, which is so good I’ll probably end up catching Noah once it’s at Redbox and I want to have a laugh. Having a bad day? Watch Noah!  The days of the ancients and the foundations of our culture as a big-screen laugh-fest — what an idea! Mel Brooks did it first, but whatever. Erickson sees Noah as a feel-good romping comedy with sci-fi touches. His review is certainly more entertaining than Kathleen Parker’s dour take on evangelical reaction to it. But she’s kind of a Beltway clown anyway. Adam and Eve as space aliens? Rock monsters? Magical snake skins? Unicorn genocide? Whatever. The Biblical account is strange enough. Did Hollywood really need to give the Ancient Aliens guys the biggest big-screen shout-out they’ve had since X-Files went away?

On the other hand, Sarah Rumpf sees something else in Noah. Not only is it nothing like Genesis, it’s not even original. It’s a crafty rehash of another recent successful film. Click over to her blog to see which one. She makes a pretty good case.

But here’s a thought. The entertainment-industrial complex usually goes out of its way to offend and put off a huge market — evangelicals, Catholics and other traditional believers (except Muslims — mustn’t lose our heads!). Apparently they don’t really want our money that bad, perhaps we should stop giving it to them. Hollywood is now so far gone that even when they do get around to making something that might appeal to those audiences, they manage to mock those audiences anyway. When you believe in nothing, nothing is sacred, and the only group whose ox you won’t gore is the one that credibly threatens to kill you if you do.

Ages ago, Bill Cosby did a riff on Noah that was hilarious while also being respectful. “What’s an ark?!?” But then again, unlike most of today’s entertainment titans, Cosby had talent that went beyond making explosions and tying everything to the latest political fads.

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Guess Who this Duck Dynasty Star Wants to Take Hunting

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Duck Commander CEO Willie Robertson appeared on the Laura Ingraham Show Monday. Ingraham asked the Duck Dynasty star who he would like to take out to the sticks for a duck hunt. Robertson gave a surprising answer: He’d like to take Obama.

“I’d like to talk and debate and find out what’s going on in his brain a little more,” Robertson said to explain his choice. He said that he likes to debate people he disagrees with. The Robertsons are outspoken Christians who pray together as a family at the end of each Duck Dynasty show. They have also become outspoken conservatives. They helped conservative businessman Vance McAllister win a special election in Louisiana in 2013.

Robertson said he would like to chat with Obama to see if he can change his thinking. There would certainly be a lot to talk about. The president’s signature legislation, Obamacare, forces businesses to conform to the president’s mandates. Robertson said he has met Obama a couple of times, and would like to “sit out there and talk” while duck hunting. “There’s been many a debate over politics and religion” during Robertson duck hunts, he said, allowing that this past season provided lots of time to debate “the state of the world.”

If the presidential hunt happened, the greater likelihood is that Barack Obama, who has never run a business or held a serious non-political job prior to the presidency, would use the time to lecture the multimillionaire CEO on how to run his successful family business.

h/t Mediaite

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Open Thread: Best Wheel Of Fortune Guess EVER (VIDEO)

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Even the control room was stunned and took a few seconds to acknowledge that he’d gotten it right away.

YouTube Preview Image

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Barack Obama Takes Up Ventriloquism. Oh, Wait, that’s Just Really Weird Staging on Ellen’s Show.

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

What the…?

The staging makes Ellen DeGeneres look like a ventriloquist’s puppet, or a chirpy little kid.

“You know I’m a fan, Ellen, but your acting is a little wooden!”



During the segment, the president took a break from keeping his March Madness bracket updated to talk about tattoos, selfies, and his mom jeans. So, it was pretty much like his appearances on the regular network news shows.

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VIDEO — Obama Announces More Sanctions Against Russian Officials, Appears on Ellen

Thursday, March 20th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

President Obama announced today that the United States will levy additional sanctions against Russia for invading and annexing Crimea. Up to today, the president had levied sanctions against 11 Russians, who had laughed those sanctions off.

The president said that the new sanctions will hit more officials and others who provide “material support” for Russia’s government.

The entertainment president concluded his remarks and left. He touts Obamacare on the em>Ellen DeGeneres Show today. Justin Timberlake appears on the same episode as the President of the United States.

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Geraldo to Compete on Celebrity Apprentice Next Season. Obama Rumored to be Prepping for 2017 Season with Dale Carnegie Training.

Friday, March 14th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Fox’s Geraldo Rivera learns to stop hoping for death on the battlefield, looks to get fired in a pretend boardroom.

TMZ reports that Fox News host Geraldo Riverawill compete in the upcoming season of Celebrity Apprentice, the NBC reality series in whichDonald Trump puts on a stern face and coins phrases like “You’re fired” while B-list celebrities run around making fools of themselves for charity or something.

According to TMZ’s “spies,” Rivera and formerCosby Show star Keshia Knight Pulliam are among the show’s newest roster of cast members.

Rivera may also face off against a couple of Real Housewives alums and Kate Gosselin. So, he has no chance of actually winning.

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Jimmy Kimmel Crushes #SXSW’s Insular Universe of Insidery, Self-Love and Smug

Friday, March 14th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

“What do love about DJ Heavy Flo?”

How about Willie Nelson Mandella? “Do you enjoy the band I’m Not Done With the Salad?”

“Which do you like better, Vegan Bikini or DJ Metamucil?”

None of these bands exist. But no one on Kimmel’s Lie Witness News was honest enough to admit that.

YouTube Preview Image

Basically, people never want to look like they’re not in the know when they’re in a crowd that is organized entirely around how much in the know you are.

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Obama Takes His Entertainment Career to New Heights; Defends Wearing Mom Jeans with Ryan Seacrest

Friday, March 14th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Barack Obama may be the President of the United States, and while he’s flopping badly in that role, he is quickly building up a formidable entertainment career. Fresh from appearing on Funny or Die’s “Between Two Ferns,” Obama stepped up a few notches to Ryan Seacrest’s national radio show. Entertainment industry insiders, agents and teenage girls know what a coup it is for any talent to get a few minutes with Seacrest, and Obama made the most of his visit. Take a listen.

YouTube Preview Image

Seacrest, widely regarded as the king of entertainment media these days, complimented Obama for appearing comfortable in the Gap’s women’s wear department. Most men, as Seacrest noted, are uncomfortable any time they venture anywhere near any women’s clothing department, even if they’re just passing through one at Walmart on the way to the sporting goods section. It just feels wrong. To most men, including Seacrest. But not Obama.

Seacrest brought up a sensitive subject: Obama’s penchant for wearing “mom jeans.” Obama vigorously defended his choice of denim wear, stating forcefully that he was “unfairly maligned,” that he “looks sharp,” and that his jeans “fit very well.” Entertainment industry watchers took that as a hint that Obama may move into modeling, and even introduce his own line of skinny jeans at next year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. By then, Obama will have lost Congress and Russia will have swallowed up Eastern Europe and fractured NATO beyond repair. Obama will be in the waning years of his presidency, and looking for a way to connect with the hipster crowd and continue his rise in the world dominated by the Kardashians and Real Housewives fare.

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Open Thread: 17 Equations That Influenced History

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

You remember all of these, right?

stewart 17 equations table corrected

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With His Signature Policy in Deep Trouble, President Obama Naturally Turns to Boy Band Pop Singer Lance Bass for Help

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

In which the American Idol presidency comes to a logical move.

SooperMexican was impressed.

As was Iowa Hawk:

It’s evident that Barack Obama sought the presidency just to launch some sort of entertainment career.

Dana Loesch reports on a parallel developing story.

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These People Know How ‘Game of Thrones’ Will End.

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

You’ll learn a couple of things from this Vanity Fair piece. One, George R. R. Martin really does know what happens to the universe of Game of Thrones and everyone within it. Two, being a Democrat president who talks endlessly about “equality” has its unequal advantages.

In the April issue of Vanity Fair, on stands March 13, show co-creator David Benioff tells Windolf, “Last year we went out to Santa Fe for a week to sit down with him [Martin] and just talk through where things are going, because we don’t know if we are going to catch up and where exactly that would be. If you know the ending, then you can lay the groundwork for it. And so we want to know how everything ends. We want to be able to set things up. So we just sat down with him and literally went through every character.” Martin tells Windolf, “I can give them the broad strokes of what I intend to write, but the details aren’t there yet. I’m hopeful that I can not let them catch up with me.”

Windolf also asks Benioff and Weiss about the recent rumors that President Obama receives screeners of the show to watch before the general public. In an e-mail, they jointly reply, “One perk of being the most powerful man in the world: yes, you get to see episodes early.”

It’s no secret that if the president was not a celebrity Democrat, GoT’s producers wouldn’t be so friendly. They put the last Republican president’s head on a pike.



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Uh-Oh! Another Movie Is Causing Problems Across the Islamic World…

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Russell Crowe has earned himself a fatwa in three Islamic countries — so far — for his epic film Noah:

One of the world’s most respected Islamic institutions has issued a fatwa against a Hollywood epic about Noah’s Ark because it ‘contradicts the teachings of Islam’.

Russell Crowe’s £75million film Noah has also been banned in three Arab countries after religious leaders complained that it depicted the Biblical figure – who is also a holy messenger in the Koran.

Due to premiere later this month, the blockbuster will not show in Qatar, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates and several other countries are expected to follow suit.

Their beef against Noah is that it depicts a figure deemed to be holy in Islam. That is haram, whether the depiction is flattering or not. Non-Muslims don’t do haram, but these folks would like to force us to.

Crowe’s Noah is apparently just odd, as the Genesis epic reportedly runs off into global warming alarmism. That wasn’t a political or religious issue in Noah’s day. Or, if it was, it had nothing to do with cars and airplanes and the use of internal combustion engines, leaving Al Gore with a massive sad.

Director Darren Aronovsky didn’t even rely heavily on his source material, or respect the Christian audiences most likely to want to see the film.

“Noah is the least biblical biblical film ever made,” Aronofsky is quoted as saying. “I don’t give a fuck about the test scores! My films are outside the scores. Ten men in a room trying to come up with their favourite ice cream are going to agree on vanilla. I’m the rocky road guy.”

Classy. That’s reaching out to your target audience!

Back to the fatwa.

The fatwa – a ruling or injunction under the laws of Islam – was made by the influential Al-Azhar institution in Egypt’s capital Cairo, a centre of Sunni Islam thought which was founded in around AD970 and includes a university and a mosque.

‘Al-Azhar… renews its objection to any act depicting the messengers and prophets of God and the companions of the Prophet (Mohammad), peace be upon him,’ it announced in a statement.

The fatwa added that the depictions ‘provoke the feelings of believers… and are forbidden in Islam and a clear violation of Islamic law’.

Oddly enough, there isn’t yet a fatwa against Son of God.

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You’re In Austin for #SXSW2014. But Where Are You Gonna Eat?

Thursday, March 6th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

A couple hundred thousand inventors, entertainers, musicians, hucksters, hawkers, vendors, earnest young liberals and other assorted types are descending on Austin, Texas even as I write this. I went downtown to get badged for SXSW 2014 over lunchtime and the place is already transforming from its usual zoo-like self into a full-blown zoo. And I’m telling you right now, if you’re one of them, you’re going to get tired of the food in the convention center. It’s good, but you’re in Austin. This is one of the most difficult places in the entire world to find a bad place to eat. Even the taco trucks around here range from good to excellent. So have fun and eat up. Here are a few suggestions on places to go, from someone who lives here.

Iron Works BBQ. This institution is right down the street from the convention center. It’s not outrageously priced, and it is authentic Austin BBQ. The lines are sure to be long this week, but you owe it to yourself to stop in and savor the brisket at Iron Works at least once while you’re here. You won’t even need a car to get there, just some patience this week. 100 Red River Street

Texas Chili Parlor. If you do have a car or other means of transport, the Texas Chili Parlor is worth a visit. It’s a hole in the wall, I’m not gonna lie, but it’s got loads of character. It also has good food, if you like Texas-style chili and Fritos.  1409 Lavaca Street

Piranha Killer Sushi. I’m guilty of being a native Texan, but I’m also guilty of having lived in Japan and of knowing my way around a sushi bar. Austin is home to plenty of great Asian restaurants including everything from Chinese to Korean to Vietnamese and just about everything else. Piranha is among the top sushi spots in town. It has a great menu, nice clean decor, and it’s not a million miles from the convention center. It’s also not cheap, yet not likely to break your bank. 207 San Jacinto Blvd

Serrano’s. Tex-Mex at or near its best, and it’s not a daylong hike from the convention center. Serrano’s has an extensive margarita menu, the salsa is hot, and if the weather isn’t, you can enjoy yourself out on the patio/amphitheater that overlooks the river. 1111 Red River Street

The Oasis. You’re going to need a car to get to this one, but if you have wheels and time, it’s worth it. I’m not gonna lie, while the food is good it is not the main reason to visit the Oasis. The killer view of Lake Travis is the reason to visit to the Oasis. The hilly area to Austin’s north and west looks a bit like Tuscany (ok, a small bit. I’m not sure that Tuscany has cacti and pickup trucks everywhere). Go to the Oasis around sunset and you’ll thank me later. Directions to the Oasis here.

Bacon. Bacon made last year’s SXSW list of places to eat. It makes this year’s list of places to eat. It will always make the list of Austin places to eat for as long at it exists, because bacon makes everything better. It just does. And Bacon’s menu is based entirely on bacon. The only downside is that the restaurant is about one-tenth the size it needs to be.  10th & Lamar

El Arroyo. More Tex-Mex, but this is Austin so what did you expect? El Arroyo (“the ditch”) is another local institution. Get the shrimp diablo. Always get the shrimp diablo. Trust me on this. 1624 W 5th

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On Ronan Farrow: Why Are Liberals so Gullible, Hypocritical and Dumb?

Thursday, March 6th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Three days into his broadcasting career at MSNBC, Ronan Farrow was given the Cronkite Award for journalism. Yet that’s not even the most ridiculous thing about Ronan Farrow.

To be sure, an anchor who works at a network that gave up on journalism a long time ago winning an award for journalism is ridiculous. MSNBC does not do journalism, it “leans forward.” That Farrow won that award just three days into his career is astounding. That he accepted it is laughable, almost as laughable as Barack Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize.

The most ridiculous thing about Ronan Farrow is that his own mother doesn’t even know who his father is. It’s either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra. That’s quite a range to work with.

The second most ridiculous thing about Farrow is that he has a job on the air at MSNBC at all and is expected, by that network, to turn its ratings around. That would be a big ask for a seasoned broadcaster. Seasoned broadcaster and leftwing crazyman Keith Olbermann failed at it. Less seasoned broadcaster Rachel Maddow has also failed at it. Ronan Farrow, though, is no seasoned broadcaster. He’s not even a broadcaster at all. Up to his appointment at MSNBC, he has no career to speak of.

What Ronan Farrow is, more than anything else, is a beneficiary of things that the left that loves him claims to hate. Namely, he is a beneficiary of genetic accidents, family connections, money, and upper class privilege. Farrow would not have the gig he has if not for his family connections, he would not have had his “apprenticeship” with Richard Holbrooke, and MSNBC would have tossed the resume reel that he never even had to submit onto a pile of other resume reels that actual broadcasters did submit, if he was not a son of Hollywood elites, good looking, young and rich. He’s one of the right people because he was born that way.

His ascension to hosting a show at MSNBC is blatantly unfair to the thousands of other young, earnest liberals out there who are plying their trade as broadcasters in places like Wichita and Peoria and elsewhere. Farrow leapfrogged all of them, to pull down a salary said to be in the “low millions,” because of accidents of birth and wealth, not hard work, talent, or paying his dues.

Farrow isn’t NBC’s only privilege hire. The network that once had an all-white lineup on cable hired former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton a few years back to host soft-focus human interest feature stories. What she really does is read a few lines written for her by producers, and pretend to conduct interviews for the camers. Those stories she has taken part in are unwatchable and amateurish. The younger Clinton has no charisma on camera or off. She has no broadcasting chops. But NBC keeps her on the payroll for an undisclosed sum all the same, which crowds out other potential hires.

Clinton’s mother is also a beneficiary of privilege and wealth. At their winter meeting, Democrats who say they’re “ready for Hillary” to be president couldn’t even name any worthwhile thing she had done. They support her because of who she married, or because of who picked her to be in government, or because of her abortion stand or something else — not for anything she has actually accomplished herself. After decades in public life and even stints in the Senate and as Secretary of State, Clinton’s resume isn’t much deeper than Ronan Farrow’s. She certainly didn’t “reset” US relations with Russia. An ambassador was killed by terrorists on her watch.

Yet liberals love the Ronan Farrows, Chelsea Clintons, Hillary Clintons and Unnamed Kennedys of the world. Think the world of them. Can’t get enough of them. Never seeing their hypocrisy. Liberals hating on the controversial Cadillac ad because it espouses hard work, and who want to use government to enforce their narrow definition of “fairness,” don’t blink at the fact that their own heroes tend to rise to positions of power not because of hard work or even talent, but because of the inherent unfairness of life. If life was actually forced to be fair, Hillary Clinton would be less than an afterthought in the presidential sweepstakes, and Ronan Farrow would still be an unknown non-broadcaster not having his thoughts aired on a cable network. But they’re all Kennedys by another name.

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Inconvenient Facts About What The Oscar Movies Actually Earned At The Box Office in 2013

Monday, March 3rd, 2014 - by Myra Adams
Academy Awards show

Credit: Academy Awards


Here are some financial facts showing the disconnect between Hollywood and “the rest of us.” (Facts are so inconvenient.)

Question: Of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture, how many ranked among the top-ten highest grossing movies of 2013 at the domestic box office?

Answer: Just one, Gravity which ranked sixth highest, hauling in $270,465,000 according to  Box Office Mojo.

Now to be fair, Frozen was the third highest grosser with $388,736,000 and that won Best Animated Feature Film but was not nominated for Best Picture.

Here are the remaining eight movies nominated for Best Picture and their 2013 domestic rankings at the box office.

  • 12 Years a Slave: Winner of Best Picture  Rank 69 — earned $50,260,000
  • American Hustle: Rank 17 — earned $146,710,000
  • Captain Phillips:  Rank 32 — earned $106,957,071
  • Dallas Buyers Club: Rank 99 — earned $25,318,000
  • Her: Rank 101 –earned $24,604,000
  • Nebraska: Rank 120 – earned $17,133,000
  • Philomena: Rank 83 — earned $34,629,000
  • The Wolf of Wall Street: Rank 29 – earned $114,579,000

For comparison, here are the domestic Top Ten Grossing Movies in 2013:

  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:  $423,914,000
  2. Iron Man 3: $409,013,994
  3. Frozen: $368,736,000
  4. Despicable Me: $368,061,265
  5. Man of Steel: $291,045,518
  6. Gravity: $270,465,000
  7. Monsters University: $268,492,764
  8. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug $256,952,000
  9. Fast and Furious 6: $238,679,850
  10. Oz The Great and Powerful: $234,911,825

After seeing these rankings, please comment about whether you think Hollywood is out of touch with “the folks.”  And while you are commenting, how about answering this question: “Should success at the box office impact whether a movie deserves to be nominated or to win Best Picture?”

Furthermore, it is my humble opinion that a complete snubbing of Lone Survivor (Rank 24: Gross $123,357,000) sums up everything we need to know about Hollywood culture and values in 2014.  In case you missed it, here was what PJM’s Roger Simon wrote about that snub back when the nominations were announced  in January.

Finally, what Donald Trump thought about the Oscars was mentioned today in Politico’s Morning Score:

“Was President Obama in charge of this years [sic] Academy Awards – they remind me of the ObamaCare website!  -   Donald Trump tweeted during the Oscars last night.

Well, at least First Lady Michelle Obama stayed away from the awards show this year because we all know there is no connection between Hollywood and Washington.



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As War Builds in Europe, Obama Sends Out a Silly Selfie

Saturday, March 1st, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

It’s domestic politics and business as usual for the Obama White House, even as Putin’s Russia makes preparations for a full invasion of Ukraine. The official White House email list sent out the following presidential selfie, to celebrate a film festival. The president is flanked by Bill Nye the Science Guy and astronomer Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


The event took place Friday, February 28 — the same day that Russian troops swept into Crimea. The White House email made no mention at all of the escalating crisis with Russia. It does mention the president “hanging” with comedians Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers.

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Ted Cruz Makes Shocking Admission: I’m an Addict

Thursday, February 27th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

MSNBC host Chris Matthews launched another over-the-top smear on Texas Sen. Ted Cruz this week, comparing him to a ballistic missile aimed at the US capitol. He’s calling Texas’ junior senator a terrorist without using that word.

Matthews may have to rethink his attacks, though, as Cruz may now qualify for more sensitive treatment. He admits to being an addict to something that also plagues millions of other Americans. Take a look.

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Obama: ‘We Questioned Authority’ After Watching Ramis Films

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014 - by Bridget Johnson

President Obama said in a statement this morning that he was mourning the loss of actor, writer, producer and director Harold Ramis as his films made him “question authority.”

Ramis died Monday from vasculitis at age 69.

“Michelle and I were saddened to hear of the passing of Harold Ramis, one of America’s greatest satirists, and like so many other comedic geniuses, a proud product of Chicago’s Second City,” Obama said.

“When we watched his movies – from Animal House and Caddyshack to Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day – we didn’t just laugh until it hurt. We questioned authority. We identified with the outsider. We rooted for the underdog,” the president continued. “And through it all, we never lost our faith in happy endings.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Harold’s wife, Erica, his children and grandchildren, and all those who loved him, who quote his work with abandon, and who hope that he received total consciousness.”

That’s a reference to one of Bill Murray’s lines in Caddyshack: “So we finish the eighteenth and he’s gonna stiff me. And I say, ‘Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.’ And he says, ‘Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.’ So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice.”

Here’s a fine Ramis clip from later in his career, as the pro-life dad of Seth Rogen in Knocked Up:

YouTube Preview Image

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Al Gore Unmasks Himself as an Anti-Space Alien Xenophobe. Or Something.

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

NakedDC has, um, this.


It’s AlGore’s handout at the 2014 International UFO Congress and Film Festival. The handout highlights the hot conditions on Venus to warn us earthlings. Gore may not be aware that there is no life on Venus. Not indigenous. As far as our probes and Russia’s probes have determined, it hasn’t been colonized by space aliens either. It’s a hot rock.

So, the “reality” in Gore’s “ClimateRealityProject” may not be appropriate.

Plus, how does Gore know that the aliens aren’t coming from a cold place out in space? Why is he a warming chauvinist?

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Is Sochi the Last Olympics for NHL Players?

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

On Saturday morning U.S. time, the U.S. Olympic hockey team faced off against the Russians on ice in Sochi. The match wasn’t quite the 1980 Miracle on Ice, but it wasn’t far off. Both sides left it all on the ice. The Americans and Russians battled to a thrilling 2-2 draw, kept a stalemate through the 5-minute overtime, and went to a dramatic shootout. The St. Louis Blues’ T.J. Oshie took most of the shots for the Americans, and scored the winning shot to end the game. USA 3-Russia 2. The victory set Team USA up to win their group, which they did, sending them straight to the quarterfinals. The Russians have had to win their final group game and an extra playoff match against Norway (which Russia won 4-0) to get to the knockout stage. For the remainder of the Sochi Olympics, and maybe for the rest of his life, Oshie will have a new nickname — T.J. Sochi.

Team USA took 25 players to the Sochi games, all of them National Hockey League players. Team Canada’s 25-man roster is plucked entirely from the NHL. Team Russia also hails mostly from the NHL — 16 of its 25-man roster ply their trade in the USA, with the rest coming from different professional leagues around the world. Pavel Datsyuk, arguably the best player in the Russian kit, is a forward for the Detroit Red Wings. Twenty-four of Sweden’s 25-man roster are NHL players, 16 of Finland’s player are NHL players, 17 of the Czech players, 14 of Slovakia’s, 8 of Switzerland’s…you get the idea. This year’s tournament wouldn’t be the same competition at all if NHL players were not representing their countries on the ice in Sochi.

Prior to 1998′s games in Nagano, Japan, the NHL did not participate and its players did not play in the Olympics. That’s part of what made Team USA’s 1980 gold medal victory in Lake Placid, NY, so special. The Americans fielded a team of amateurs to take on the pros from behind the Iron Curtain including the Soviet Union’s Big Red Machine, and America’s plucky amateurs shocked the world on home ice.

While the amateurs-versus-the-world storyline was romantic, the fact is, it did not showcase the best hockey players in the world. The NHL is the world’s top hockey league and its players sat the Olympics out until 1998. Since the Nagano games, Olympic hockey’s inclusion of professional players has turned its tournament into a kind of hockey World Cup, a competition that hockey has not held since 2004, but which never rose to the profile of either soccer’s World Cup or the Olympic competition.

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OPEN THREAD: 10 Year Old Norwegian Kid Takes Parents’ Car, Gives Brilliant Excuse To Cops When Caught

Friday, February 14th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

I’m a dwarf. I forgot my license.”

Yeah, the kid needs a talking to but I want to hire him for something when he gets out of school.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Seinfeld Actress Celebrates Valentines as Only an Obamabot Would

Friday, February 14th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been bought.

Here she is at the Obama state dinner earlier this week.

And here she is, selling her Twitter feed promoting a disastrous law.

Not funny.

Update: Even less funny.


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‘Pa Walton’ Ralph Waite Dies At 85

Thursday, February 13th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Rough week for the classics.

Ralph Waite, a hard-working actor best known for his role as the father on CBS’ hit drama “The Waltons” during the 1970s but more recently seen in recurring roles on “NCIS” and “Days of Our Lives,” has died. He was 85.

Waite was nominated for two Emmys, one for his role as John Walton Sr. on “The Waltons” in 1978 and another for his role in the miniseries “Roots” the previous year.

The actor appeared on “The Waltons” during its entire run from 1972-81 as well as in a number of “Waltons” telepics that followed. He also directed 16 episodes of the series.

Waite also appeared in a number of feature films, including classics “Cool Hand Luke” in 1967 and “Five Easy Pieces” in 1970, as well as several in the early 1970s including “Chato’s Land,” “The Magnificent Seven Ride!” and “The Stone Killer” before settling in with “The Waltons.” More recently he appeared in Kevin Costner-Whitney Houston vehicle “The Bodyguard” in 1992, Sylvester Stallone vehicle “Cliffhanger” in 1993, “Sioux City” in 1994 and John Sayles’ “Sunshine State” in 2002 and “Silver City” in 2004.

I really didn’t watch a lot of television when I was a kid but this was one of the few shows I would see regularly. There’s an almost 1950s sort of innocence to it even though it was a hit two decades after that.

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Meet the Genius/Whackjob/Artist Behind ‘Dumb Starbucks’

Thursday, February 13th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

I could write another post about how lawless Obama’s constant re-writing of law without regard for the text of said law is. It is lawless, and it does threaten the foundations of the republic — Charles Krauthammer and Jonathan Turley, one conservative, the other liberal, agree on that. It sets a horrible precedent for future presidents to rule by fiat. It is a violation of the spirit and purpose of the Constitution. Barack Obama is getting away with it because, as I’ve written before, he has hacked the Constitution. I’m not alone in understanding that Obama has hacked the Constitution — conservative Rush Limbaugh and liberal Daniel Ellsberg agree on that.

I could write about all that again. I could write about it until the FCC moves in to crush political speech — they were studying how to do that until their study became public. I could write about that until the IRS comes down on all dissenters against the Democrats like a ton of auditors.

Or I could post a video from Jimmy Kimmel interviewing Nathan Fielder. He’s the guy behind “Dumb Starbucks,” the art gallery/coffee shop that will probably get him landed in a jail cell next to Ray Nagin, the mayor without a political party.

YouTube Preview Image

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Which Product was More Dishonestly Marketed: Amazing Live Sea Monkeys, or Barack Obama?

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

Kids of a certain age remember ads for Amazing Live Sea Monkeys. They ran in the backs of comic books. The ads promised that Amazing Live Sea Monkeys would hatch, grow, and become your friends.



Amazing Live Sea Monkeys were supposed to be so amazing that they even had their own Saturday morning show.

YouTube Preview Image

And a video game.


When Barack Obama burst into American politics, he promised to be a different kind of politician. He promised Hope. And Change.


The media were smitten.



Hollywood couldn’t get enough of him.



Despite their skepticism of the young, inexperienced senator, many Americans fell in love too.




And he was elected President of the United States. Twice.



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Open Thread: The Biker Chicks Of Marrakesh

Monday, February 10th, 2014 - by Stephen Kruiser

Well that’s…different.

You’ve probably never seen a biker gang quite like this. In photographer Hassan Hajjaj’s latest series, “Kesh Angels,” the lady motorcyclists of Marrakesh, Morocco wear polka-dot abaya and Nike-branded djellaba, posing on their bikes against brightly-painted walls. The juxtaposition of traditional Islamic dress with biker-tough posturing and Western branding upends stereotypes of Muslim women as anti-modern and ultra-conservative. They have a superhero quality on these motorcycles, mugging and posing like urban Power Rangers.


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CNN Headline News to Rebrand Itself as No Longer About Headlines Or News

Monday, February 10th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

CNN execs will soon learn that most Americans learn about social media somewhere other than cable TV stations. Namely, on social media.

HLN plans to rebrand itself as a TV gathering place for the social-media generation.

The network says it will reformat its programming to curate news, trending topics and other viral content from all media platforms.

In doing so, it will depart from its recent identity as more of a traditional talk-TV channel.

HLN executive vice president Albie Hecht says other networks may report on the conversation, but “HLN will be part of it.”

No it won’t.


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What’s This? No More Flappy Bird?

Monday, February 10th, 2014 - by Bryan Preston

The creator of the mega-hit mobile app Flappy Bird has pulled it from both the iTunes and Google Play universes.

The game’s creator kept his word and pulled down the mobile hit on Sunday, ending a short but incredible climb up the charts on Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

The game’s official pages on both stores have been pulled, and any sight of Flappy Bird on the top Games charts has been scrubbed.

Fans of Flappy Bird who still have the game on their smartphone or tablet can still play. Others who later deleted the game should be able to download the game again by accessing their purchase history on either iTunes or Google Play.

The removal of the game followed a tweet by Nguyen on Saturday, saying he planned to yank the popular game from app stores. “I cannot take this anymore,” he wrote.

The free game shot to the top of both iTunes and Google Play stores over the past week, hitting number one. The developer said last week he was making $50,000 per day on ads displayed in the game. But all the attention it was bringing him was ruining his life.

So now it’s gone from both stores, but if you have it installed you can still play it. If you installed it but deleted it, you can still get it from your download history. But new players are out of luck, at least for now.

Phones and tablets with the life-destroying Flappy Bird app installed are asking insane prices on eBay.

Just so folks know, I have a nearly new Android phone with Flappy Bird installed. Make me an offer…

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